Yes. TicketPilot is a legit travel agency in Canada and it is duly registered as a member of TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) for over 2 decades with registration number 2976741/R. This company offers real-time online reservations and over-the-phone reservation services at no extra cost.

Note that for each completed booking be it flight, hotel, car rental, vacation package reservations, or even purchase of an insurance policy, you will be directed to a confirmation pay that will outline your flight itinerary such as flight times, the occupancy dates, complete address of your hotel, the pick-up point for your car rental(s), full holiday package information and the insurance policy details.

Once you are done, an acknowledgment of your purchase will be forwarded to you via email. This will include a confirmation number, which is your file reference number that you have to use whenever you want to speak to any of TicketPilot customer service agents.

Your e-ticket will get to you 24 hours later and will feature a 13-digit airline ticket number. These Electronic tickets, better known as e-tickets, are now offered by almost all major airlines in North America.

To ensure that the ticket gets delivered to the address provided, TicketPilot will have the package signed for as proof of delivery. Note that this service is offered free to all customers. In a situation where you are not available at the delivery address provided, a card will be left for you with instructions on how to redeem this package.

Consider waiting for 7 business days to take receipt of your delivery. Should your departure date fall within 7 business days, your ticket(s) will be sent via a courier company and a service charge of C$25.00 will be charged to your credit card. Tickets are only delivered to Canadian addresses.

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Any Lawsuits or Complaints About TicketPilot?

There are currently no lawsuits against Ticketpilot; however, there have been complaints about delays in services and bad customer care. A good number of reviews online note that TicketPilot agents are particularly friendly and accommodating especially when clients are looking to make significant changes to their tickets.

Reports have it that these agents can be of good help when making adjustments and they will also let you know if there is a need for a new schedule. The only issues customers tend to encounter are when they are trying to buy a ticket for someone else.

What Services Do TicketPilot Offer?

Just as was noted above, TicketPilot offers real-time online reservation and over-the-phone reservation services at no extra cost. The services they offer include;

  • Vacation packages
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Rail
  • Cruises
  • Activities
  • Travel Insurance

Is TicketPilot Pricing Fair?

Yes. TicketPilot is known to offer Best Buy, which is a feature that provides the best combinations of the following criteria: fare, travel and connection time, airlines, and/or type of alliance. This company always strives to ensure that its customers purchase the best possible airfare.

Also, note that a good number of the airlines’ fares offered by Ticketpilot are special promotional fares that require instant same-day purchases.

Have it in mind that TicketPilot also guarantees any fare quoted as long as that payment is applied and received by midnight of the same day that the reservation was made. In a situation where your ticket(s) can only be issued the next morning, note that they may not be able to guarantee the price because the fare may have expired.

What is TicketPilot’s Quality of Service?

Although not really 100%, TicketPilot offers a very encouraging level of service to customers. Note that within the time between your flight search and purchase, the airline may have changed the fare or removed the special inventory offered with that fare.

Airfares are known to change throughout the day, depending on the demand for the flight and the airlines’ right to modify them at any time. However, Ticketpilot monitors these changes up close and makes every effort to keep its price displays as current as possible.

When the fare difference is the result of a technical issue, clicking “Select” will display the most up-to-date fare. Also note that Ticketpilot will not reveal your profile to anyone other than travel suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators primarily to complete and confirm your reservation.

Other Things to Know About TicketPilot

Aside from the facts noted above, other things to know about Ticketpilot include;

  1. Payment

Payment for any purchase made via TicketPilot will have to be made with a credit card. Airlines are known to accept and process most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Dinners Club.

Also, note that TicketPilot accepts third-party credit cards; howbeit, have it in mind that for the protection and security of the third-party credit cardholder, TicketPilot reserves the right to ask for additional information from the cardholder whose credit card is being used to make such purchases.

They may also request a copy of both sides of the credit card being used for the purchase to be faxed or emailed with authorization from the third party cardholder to charge his/her card with the respective purchases.

  1. Booking For Someone Else

With TicketPilot, you are allowed to book for someone else. When you are making a booking for another person, you have to verify that the name of the person who is traveling is filled in correctly in the passenger name field. Also, make sure that the name keyed in matches that of the travel document being used for travel.

Note that this will guarantee that the correct name will appear on the ticket. Have it in mind that no name change will be allowed once the ticket has been issued.

  1. Multi-Stop Flight

If you intend to visit or travel through more than one destination, e.g. Toronto>Paris>Rome>London>Toronto; have in mind that you can book using TicketPilot Multi-city facility. You only need to select the Multi-city link on the Homepage or the Multi-city button on the Flight page.

Wait a few seconds for the page to refresh and enter your criteria. Also, note that you can book up to 3 legs of your journey (i.e. Toronto>Paris>Rome>London) and up to 330 days in advance. For journeys that are over 3 legs, please do not hesitate to reach out to TicketPilot to make your reservations.

  1. Travel Documents

To travel outside Canada, you will need a valid Canadian passport. Note that most countries require the passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your return date. Aside from that, based on your passport’s country of issue and the country you are visiting, you may also be required to apply for a visa and/or medical inoculations.

Don’t forget that it falls on you to ensure that you have the correct travel documentation required by the countries you are traveling to and connecting through and for re-entry back into Canada. When traveling with children, you may be asked to present additional documentation.

  1. Unaccompanied Minors

Travel acceptance of unaccompanied minors change with each individual airline; however, a good number of them still accept unaccompanied minors between the ages of 5 (five) and 12 (twelve). Also, note that some do not accept unaccompanied minors at all. However, when looking to book with TicketPilot, here are points to be wary of;

  • All unaccompanied minors pay the full adult fare.
  • The minor will be asked to fill out the documentation that would provide full information about the minor and his/her guardian/relative at the boarding city in addition to the destination city.
  • The minor will have to be escorted and assisted with the check-in by the guardian or relative who has to be at the airport 30 minutes after the flight has taken off.
  • The guardian/relative meeting the minor will have to be at the airport half hour prior to the arrival of the flight.
  • The full address and phone information of the guardian/relative will have to be provided at the time of reservation. Owing to this, it is suggested you speak to one of TicketPilot customer service agents for reservations and ticketing of an unaccompanied minor.


TicketPilot is a legit travel agency in Canada that offers real-time online reservation and over-the-phone reservation services at no extra cost. When you book or make purchases via TicketPilot, it is imperative you keep those confirmation emails, or make a note of each reference number, in case you have any questions about your booking before you set off on your trip.

Also, note that you can reach out to TicketPilot staff by sending them an email at and quoting your confirmation reference number.