Travelocity is well noted as one of the most powerful one-stop travel sites on the Internet that let clients make air, car, hotel, and vacation reservations, coupled with access to a wide database of destination and other travel information.

Travelocity is renowned as the first of its kind to provide a website where consumers can easily compare the prices of tickets for air travel, hotel room rates, rental car fees, and vacation packages. Aside from the fact that they can view and compare rates, also note that they could find more information about rooms, amenities, and reviews of these service providers.

The site also grants visitors the platform to purchase these services quickly and easily from the site. Established in 1996, Travelocity is an online travel agency that offers a wide array of services to travelers. It is owned and managed by the Expedia Group, a leading travel service provider globally.

The Travelocity mobile app helps you browse and manage reservations with ease. It is available for both Android and iOS services. The app will also let you know of your flight status and gate numbers to keep track of delays. You can also reach out to hotels by messaging them directly on the app.

The site provides reservation information for over 700 airlines, more than 50,000 hotels, and more than 50 car rental companies. It also offers over 6,500 vacation packages as well as tour and cruise departures. In the international market, Travelocity caters to the needs of customers in Canada, France, and coupled with those in the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Travelocity compares the prices of airfare across airline carriers throughout the world. It searches through the databases of airlines to find very good deals that you might not otherwise be able to find. They may also help you find last-minute offers on flights that are not fully booked.

What Services Do Travelocity Offer?

Services offered by Travelocity include;

  • Stays: They list and offer a vast range of hotels, resorts, condominiums, and other accommodation types
  • Flights: Flights to destinations under standard rates coupled with bargain fares similar to what’s posted by Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • Cars: You can also get rental cars and cabs offering airport transportation
  • Vacation packages: All-inclusive itineraries that include hotels, rentals, and/or flights
  • Things to Do/Activities: Tickets and reservations for major attractions, experiences, concerts, and performances
  • Travel deals: Discounted offers

This travel site for Canadians is available in French or English. You can book your travel online 24/7 and over the phone 24/7 for most reservations, check website for details. What are the benefits of booking with Travelocity Canada? Well first off, you are booking in CAD. When the CAD dollar is low, you do not have the sticker shock of when the currency get converted.

They provide extra savings when you become a Member. If you create an account with Travelocity, you can sign in and get access to Member Discounts of 10% or more on select hotels. One of the biggest advantages of booking with is the DEALS – they offer several areas on their website where you can find travel deals on hotels, flights and vacations.

One which is really good is their 24 hours deals where you can find daily hotel deals and package deals – great if your dates are flexible and you are looking for a quick getaway. You have to book by midnight that same day to get the deal. They state it is available for every device, everywhere.

Travelocity Canada Daily Deals

This Canada travel agency also offers seasonal savings, so far example in the Fall they have their Favourite Autumn Savings on deals to places far and wide which must be booked by the end of November.

Is Travelocity Legit? Travelocity Canada Review for 2023

The scratchpad option is also useful for when you are browsing and trip planning so you can save your itinerary or flights that you are considering. You must be signed in for this function to work.

Travelocity offers everything for your travel needs including flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, last minute deals and you can even book your activities for your destination on their “Things to do” page. To book cruises you will need to go the site.

And of course we would be remiss in this Travelocity Canada review to not mention the latest tech. You can download the Travelocity App for mobile. It lets you book your flight, hotel, car or activity right on your mobile device. The benefit would be that you can also access your bookings on the go. You also get offers and promo codes on the app.

Is Travelocity Pricing Fair?

Yes. Travelocity is renowned for the fair prices and price guarantees it offers to clients. Note that if you find a lower-priced deal for the same listing on car rental, cruises, or flights on another US-based website; and you have already booked with Travelocity and find it within 24 hours; you will be credited back the price difference.

Have in mind that the price match guarantee is more extended for Hotels as you can claim compensation until the day before the scheduled stay.

How is Travelocity’s Quality of Service?

Travelocity is well known for its poor and unresponsive customer service. Although the company promises 24/7 support, note that both the chat support and call center are inconsistent. Customers will always have to wait for hours and days to reach an agent, and also having your issues resolved can take forever.

Note that this has dented the image of the company and also affected its credibility. Aside from that, also note that booking with Travelocity comes with travel protection, offering refunds for canceled or changed plans if informed within the given deadline.

However, a good percentage of reviews on Trustpilot note the issues and problems of customers being unable to get their refunds despite qualifying for them. Even the website doesn’t out rightly explain its cancellation policies and the terms that define them.

Any Lawsuits or Complaints About Travelocity?

No, there are no lawsuits currently against Travelocity; however, when it comes to complaints there have been mixed opinions about Travelocity. Truth be told, Travelocity is a well-known company and has a massive customer base.

They offer tour packages to very unique destinations, especially family-friendly vacation spots. But on the other hand, the reviews on customer support and refund issues are very alarming. Most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Consumers complaining about Travelocity tend to frequently mention customer service, credit card, and rental car problems. Nevertheless, if you intend to use Travelocity for travel bookings, then it is advisable you take great care with their cancellation policy and customer service especially since they are not as reliable as you would like them to be.

Other Things to Know About Travelocity

If you are interested in working with Travelocity, here are other things to note about the company.

  1. Easy and Convenient Platform

Just as it was noted earlier, Travelocity is a one-stop travel service provider encompassing accommodation, transport, activities, etc. It’s a convenient choice for anyone who has to contend with busy schedules and maybe has little or no time to invest in researching and reviewing travel services individually. Note that with Travelocity, you can book everything, and the website is easy to navigate.

  1. Travelocity Imports High Performing Executives

Experts believe that part of the reasons why Travelocity have been quite successful in recent years is because they had the initiative to bring top performing executives on board from the companies they acquired.

Note that this has been very helpful especially since the employees were already familiar with the inner workings of their companies and they understand how to make them successful without extra training. This has saved a lot of time and money and allowed new services to be offered through Travelocity with no interruption.

  1. Variety of Choice

Owing to Travelocity’s partnership with hotels and rental services worldwide, they have been able to offer a vast range of selections to meet every traveler’s preferences. It encompasses a lot of destinations, offers competitive holiday packages, and posts frequent discounts on its listings. Also note that this travel agency is suitable for families looking for comfortable, all-inclusive travel services.


If you are looking for a multi-service OTA, Travelocity is one option to consider. It’s an American travel agency that offers online assistance for individuals who are making arrangements to travel. It’s also a good resource for business, pleasure, and all types of trips. The service can be considered straightforward, but if you really do not fancy working with Travelocity, then you should consider Expedia, Kayak, and Trip Advisor.