Yes. ExitNow Vacations is a legit online booking website that is known for excellent travel deals, price comparisons, and vacation airfares. A virtual travel agency, ExitNow Vacations remains one of the most visited Canadian travel websites and a top option for anyone looking to embark on leisure travels.

They leverage the power of the Internet to guarantee an easy shopping experience that also offers vacation packages and reasonably priced flights. They work every day to provide clients or site visitors with the best price for their vacation.

According to the company, it is the sole reason for their existence, and all their travel specialists tend to serve as a reliable source to help with the online booking process, or they will carry out the reservation for you over the phone if you prefer.

Established in 1999 as, have it in mind that this website has already been awarded numerous honors and distinctions. ExitNow Vacations is an online travel booking alternative where you have control over your plans and travel activities.

They offer direct access to a first-class line-up of packaged holidays, available via well-renowned tour operators serving the Canadian market. Also, note that they furnish vacationers with unrestricted access to leisure airlines operating in Canada. When using, you can benefit from the most up-to-date and best prices published by tour operators.

Any Lawsuits or Complaints About ExitNow Vacations?

No. A good number of users rate ExitNow Vacations very high for having the best website, especially for Canadian travelers looking for vacations. You can easily tick and un-tick options with the website offered by ExitNow Vacations.

The site also features amazing deals, and users do not need to complain or sue the company. In recent times, users believe that ExitNow Vacations should be rewarded for advertising lower prices especially since everything else remains equal and viable.

In addition, all the vacation packages provide the best value just because so much is included and they steadily seek to satisfy every visitor to the site. Some hotels and resorts noted on the site offer all-inclusive packages that provide varying services, features, and amenities.

For instance, you will find places with unlimited 24-hour food service or multiple restaurants that provide international cuisine. You will also find establishments that focus on ecotourism and others on nightlife and entertainment. All information outlined on the site is well verified to avoid misleading clients or visitors to the site.

What Services Do ExitNow Vacations Offer?

ExitNow Vacations offers numerous vacation packages to ensure they satisfactorily cater to the needs of people coming to the site. You only have to select your departure city, destination, and dates, and they provide you with the best deals available. The services they offer include;

1. Last-minute deals

Although it is not always advisable to book your vacation at the last minute, however, you can still find last-minute vacation deals at ExitNow Vacations at a discount. If a hotel has empty rooms they may offer last-minute discount vacation deals to fill them. There are some amazing deals, especially when you find last-minute all-inclusive vacation packages.

2. Europe Vacations

If you already know when and where you intend to take a cheap vacation in Europe, you only have to fill in your departure location, your destination, when you would like to leave, and any other vital information such as how long you want to stay. Then click on the search button and a list of cheap vacation packages will be displayed with the lowest price first.

3. Sun Vacations

Note that the most convenient way to find the best discount vacations in the sun is to look under Cheap Vacations on the ExitNow Vacations website. The cheap vacations button is on top of the page beside the Last Minute Vacation Deals button. Move the pointer over the Cheap Vacations button. You will notice that the options European Vacations, Sun Vacations, USA Vacations, and Vacation Suppliers. Put the cursor over Sun Vacations.

4. USA Vacations

If you already know when and where you would like to take a cheap vacation in the United States, you can leverage the package filter on the left side of the page. It is highlighted in blue. Just fill in your departure location, your destination, when you would like to leave, and any other crucial information such as how long you would like to stay. Hit the search button and a list of cheap vacation packages will be displayed with the lowest price first.

5. Cheap airfares

There are numerous cheap airline tickets available with ExitNow Vacations. You may be planning a trip and can take advantage of any early discount airfare, or you may be looking for last-minute cheap airline tickets. Either way, ExitNow Vacations offers you the platform to quickly find discount airline tickets.

6. Special group booking rates

Whether you are looking to plan a special event like a family reunion or a wedding, or organizing a group event like a custom tour or a team training session, you will find mind-blowing special discounts and bonuses from all ExitNow Vacations departure cities to your chosen destination.

Is ExitNow Vacations Pricing Fair?

Yes. ExitNow Vacations remains a very genuine source for cheap vacations. Note that they always scan the market for the cheapest vacation packages and update their vacation deals list twice a day. They are noted as Canada’s best travel site for last-minute deals and cheap vacations to Cuba, Mexico, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, and more.

When you compare ExitNow vacation deals to other websites, you will find that they offer the best prices for vacation packages. According to their website, if you find a lower price for the same product, they will match it and even give you a travel voucher.

If you also find a similar or identical vacation package or flight from one of their selected travel partners on any Canadian website at the time of booking, you only have to mention it to one of their travel specialists and they will immediately match the lower price.

How is ExitNow Vacations Quality of Service?

ExitNow Vacations offer services that are of the highest quality in the leisure travel industry. They love to make it easy, that’s why they also guarantee:

  1. Privileged direct access to a wide range of packaged holidays available through top Canadian tour operators.
  2. Lowest rates guaranteed on all travel: no minimum purchase required.
  3. Transparent pricing, with taxes and fees, included.
  4. No service fees.
  5. Well-tailored service from travel specialists who will help you through the online booking process – or make the reservation for you over the phone if you prefer.
  6. Travel specialists who keep up-to-date, visiting hotels and driving bargains every day. They travel at low prices – so you can too!
  7. Providing you the full-service package on your flight or vacation package.

What Else to Know About ExitNow Vacations

While there is not much information available about ExitNow Vacations, here are other vital things to note about ExitNow Vacations.

  1. Awards

Established in 1999, this website has already been awarded honors and distinctions that include;

  • 2001 Travel and Tourism Web Award, The Canadian Tourism Commission
  • Cyber commerce – Transactional Site Award, 2001 Boomerang Awards
  • Young Enterprise of the year, 2001 e-commerce Gala.
  1. Partners

ExitNow Vacations is already offering a vast selection of products sold via privileged partners who work with the company. These partners include:

  • Transat Holidays
  • Air Canada Vacations
  • Westjet Vacations
  • Caribe Sol
  • Hola Sun
  • Signature Vacations
  • Sunquest Vacations
  • Sunwing Vacations
  1. Contacts

If you are looking to contact ExitNow Vacations, here are routes to consider;

Regular mail:

77 James St N, Unit 230

Hamilton, Ontario, L8R 2K3

  • 1-877-744-3948. Open Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday 11 am to 9 pm.
  1. Security

ExitNow Vacations is renowned for using the highest-level security features available to guarantee that all clients’ personal information is never exposed to unauthorized parties.

When you provide ExitNow Vacations with any personal information – your name, address, e-mail, and credit card number – it is handled by a server secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a technology provided by DigiCert, a worldwide industry leader in advanced e-commerce security systems.


Established to provide some of the best practices in the leisure travel industry, ExitNow offers you a thorough understanding of specific procedures to ensure you get the best out of your travels. Have it in mind that using ExitNow Vacations automatically means fulfillment and utmost satisfaction.