Yes. RedTag is a properly licensed retail travel agency in the province of Ontario. It is governed by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and accordingly complies with all their requirements and regulations. RedTag is the site Canadians visit when they intend to make arrangements for the perfect vacation.

Established by brothers Enzo, Joe, and Frank DeMarinis, RedTag has helped numerous travelers find the best deals available – worldwide. From vacation packages, flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, and more, RedTag is well noted for always providing Canadians with access to mind-blowing travel opportunities.

Families, couples, and adventurers can easily locate top deals on vacations anywhere in the world. RedTag also provides last-minute travel opportunities for the instinctive traveler. They boast of always providing top-notch industry customer care, whether via the company’s website, app, or over the phone.

RedTag has over 150 travel experts available to cater to the varying needs of travelers especially when it has to do with planning that dream vacation or handling their questions or concerns. They work every day to obtain the lowest rates for customers by negotiating directly with travel partners.

They also partner with some of the most notable names in the Canadian travel industry. These connections guarantee that Canadians can always find the best deals anywhere in the world. For more than 14 years, this company has worked tirelessly on updating and improving customer approach while incorporating the most up-to-date technology and this ensures that customers can shop, compare and pay less.

Have it in mind that their whole inventory of travel deals is live, in real-time, and protected. RedTag is owned and operated by Canadian Corporation Red Label Vacations Inc. and is licensed in the province of Ontario and governed by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

Any Lawsuits or Complaints Against RedTag?

No. There are no lawsuits presently against RedTag; however, there have been numerous complaints against RedTag in recent years. For five years in a row, customers have complained that their flagship website,, has suffered brownouts for up to an hour per day during peak months.

Note that the company and its management have watched as visitors became frustrated when the site slowed, became unavailable, or was unable to make queries and complete transactions.

Like many online travel sites, RedTag lacks the insight and expertise over web scrapers and still remains powerless to block the bots and keep the site efficient for legitimate visitors. After five years of frustration, this problem is still persistent and causes clients to seek other options.

What Services Does RedTag offer?

Services offered by RedTag include;

  • E-commerce Services
  • Vacation Packages
  • Flights and Cruise Services
  • Last Minute Vacations
  • Hotels and Car Rentals
  • Travel Agencies

Is RedTag Pricing Fair?

Yes. The RedTag system collects all the available options from airlines, tour operators, consolidators, etc., and arranges these options starting from the lowest price and other criteria chosen by the client carrying out the search (preferred dates, number of passengers, etc.).

Note that if a customer finds an advertised price that is lower than the price for the exact same product, they will match that price as long as it is not below cost. Although they strive steadily to provide the lowest pricing, occasionally circumstances that may include group bundle pricing, exclusive pricing agreements, blocked space pricing, etc. restrict them from being able to match every quote out there.

Always remember that the prices displayed on the RedTag website are in Canadian Dollars (unless otherwise stated). A good number of supplier rates are quoted to RedTag in US dollars or other currencies.

It is also possible for payments processed at a later date to your credit card to have a different exchange rate than the one calculated at the time of booking, and this will be applied either by the supplier or your credit card company.

Have it in mind that RedTag is not responsible for currency fluctuations; nor does it guarantee the Canadian equivalent of the purchase will be the same, as this is out rightly beyond their control.

How is RedTag’s Quality of Service?

Very bad! RedTag has a consumer rating of 1.7 stars from 37 reviews and this goes to show that a good percentage of their customers are really not satisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about RedTag tend to center more on customer service problems.

Other Things to Know About RedTag

Aside from the details provided above, here are other things to note about RedTag;

  1. How Tickets Delivered

Note that RedTag advises customers to always correctly input all contact information and check their junk mail/spam settings in case any Red Tag correspondence has been forwarded to those folders. In addition, it falls on the traveler to verify and validate the information forwarded to them in the confirmation email (i.e., personal information and all the travel product details such as flight itinerary, hotel reservations, etc.).

If there is an issue with any information on your confirmation email, you are advised to reach out to RedTag immediately at 1-866-573-3824 or locally at 905-283-6020.

Immediately after your online purchase steps are complete, you will find yourself on a final confirmation page/screen which you will need to print as it can serve as your temporary receipt. An official confirmation email will be forwarded to the email you provided to RedTag, shortly after your purchase has been completed.

Electronic Tickets (e-tickets) and supporting travel information will be delivered to the main booking contact approximately 14 days before the departure date. For bookings made within 14 days of your departure, your e-tickets will be emailed approximately 72 hours after completing your booking.

  1. RedTag Site Security

Have it in mind that RedTag leverages encryption tools to safeguard credit card numbers and has security measures in place to protect against the loss or misuse of any personal client information. Note that once a purchase is made on through its secure server, the card is safeguarded against all non-authorized use.

  1. Other Key Information

  • Headquarters: 5450 Explorer Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 5N1.
  • Founded: 2004
  • Founders: Enzo DeMarinis, Frank DeMarinis, Joe DeMarinis
  • Revenue: $7 million
  • Contact: 1-866-573-3824 or locally at 905-283-6020
  • Employees: 82
  • Web Rank: 49464
  • Web Visits: 905700


Today, RedTag, a division of H.I.S.-Red Label Vacations Inc., has become one of Canada’s most notable retail travel agencies, specializing in customized getaways worldwide.

Coupled with offering a wide range of charter flights, they have also developed technologies in order to effectively comprehend the specific needs of Canadian travelers and implement those findings into how their site is set up. This structure enables them to present the best up-to-date deals on vacation packages, hotel deals, flights, and cruises where their clients can easily see them.