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Do you want to migrate to Canada alone or with your family? Or you want to Fly from Canada to see the rest of the world? If YES, welcome to, the ultimate travel resource for online travel deals, Canada migration tips and daily guide for living in Canada.

FlyFromCanada will help you take the hassle out of planning your trip, saving you both time and money. FlyfromCanada is specifically designed for two categories of travelers:

  1. Citizens of US and other countries looking to move to Canada permanently
  2. Canadians looking to travel to other countries for vacation or immigration purposes.

How to Get Started on

1. Moving to Canada

The U.S. is the second most popular source country among Express Entry immigrants. With the uncertainty clouding over U.S. residents about their immigration status, it may have turned their attention to Canada. Canada is renowned for being one of the most welcoming countries in the world.

If you’re very eager to move to Canada permanently, the good news is that it is very possible, and you have various routes to achieve that purpose. However, the bad news is twofold, but depending most often on your aim for moving. This section will help you navigate these obstacles successfully.

Guide for Moving to Canada

a. Passing IELTS | b. Visa Application

c. Making the Journey

2. Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is actually rising. Understanding how much it will cost you to live in certain cities and provinces is a major factor in determining where to live. Your cost of living can include the costs of key necessities. This section will highlight what these key necessities are in the major cities of Canada.

Where Do You Want to Live in Canada?

1. Alberta | 2. British Columbia

3. Manitoba | 4. New Brunswick

5. Newfoundland and Labrador

6. Northwest Territories

7. Nova Scotia | 8. Nunavut

9. Ontario | 10. Prince Edward Island

11. Quebec | 12. Saskatchewan

13. Yukon

3. Start a Business in Canada

It is necessary to understand that each Canadian province and territory has its own rules of business. Owing to that, the process for starting your business in Canada will vary based on where you intend to start and run your business. Coupled with registering your business provincially, you can also register on a federal level. This section will help you with all the information you need.

a. Business ideas | b. Franchise Opportunities

4. Working in Canada

For Canadians Traveling for Vacation and Other Purposes:

1. Travel Planning

You can find Canada online travel agents including Sears Travel Canada, Carlson Wagonlit and more. Know where to book your trip.

2. Reviews of Top Canadian Travel Websites

Read reviews from travelers like you about the top travel websites in Canada including Flight NetworkExpedia CanadaTravelocity Canada, TicketPilot, and many more. Write your own review too.

3. Check Out Canadian and International Airlines

Book your flight with a Canada airline including Air Canada, Westjet  and others. Or, find the international airline that flies from Canada to your destination. Find Airport information for Canada!

4. Find Online Travel Deals

Find the top online travel deals for Canadians and from  travel websites in Canada including  Expedia Canada. Check out the latest Cheap Airfare Deals!

5. Discover Travel Destinations and Vacation ideas

Discover the most popular vacation destinations for Canada travelers including United States, England, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. See our recommended family Beach Resorts.

6. Find Reliable Canadian Tour Operators

Locate discount travel packages from Canada from travel websites that will save you money or find the Canada tour operator to best serve your needs including Sunquest Vacations, Signature Travel Canada, Air Transat and more.

7. Travel Resources to Guide You

Discover great travel tips and find travel requirements  including Canada Passport information, travel advisories for Canadians and Canada travel health for Canadian travellers and Canada Customs information.