Over the past three decades, Sell Off Vacations has been providing Canadians with exciting and affordable travel services to some of the most highly regarded vacation destinations across North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The company was established as “Dream Vacations” in 1979, one of the foremost travel retailers in Canada meant to offer all compendious vacation packages. Since then, they have helped numerous Canadians enjoy the convenience and relaxation of an all-inclusive getaway.

With online bookings becoming more prevalent within the travel industry, they also launched SellOffVacations.com, a transactional website with an innovative travel discount model to provide Canadian consumers affordable packages and flights without having to visit their stores.

Currently renowned as one of the biggest OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), Sell Off Vacations has over 35 retail locations across Canada, as well as a high-volume website and call center in Toronto.


Sell Off Vacations

Note that by cultivating preferred partnerships with major travel providers, Sell Off Vacations also accords customers generous savings and deals on flights, vacation packages, cruises, hotels, tours, and travel insurance purchases.

Aside from that, Sell Off Vacations steadily buttresses its commitment to providing the best for its customers; in 2017 the OTA built nine new stores in numerous locations across the country and revived many of its other current locations to guarantee customers a conducive and welcoming environment.

Any Lawsuits or Complaints About Sell Off Vacations?

No. There are no lawsuits in time past or currently against Sell Off Vacations; however, there have been complaints from a few clients. Some clients have complained about Sell Off Vacations employees being too quick to blame the resort and airline, while also arguing with customers, about why it wasn’t their problem.

Some have noted that they get what they presume is the best price from Sell Off Vacations, only to notice a cheaper price 2 days later. Have it in mind that booking with Sell Off Vacations is almost the same as booking with CAA, Sears, Redtag, etc.

These are all just companies known to carry and sell the same packages prepared by Sunwing, Transat, West-Jet, Signature, Sunquest, Nolitours, Air Canada, etc. Sell Off Vacations does not prepare the packages at all; therefore, if you have an issue with any package, Sell Off Vacations will have to work with the company your package was booked from. Sell Off Vacations has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 60 reviews.

What Services Do Sell-Off Vacations Offer?

Owing to developing preferred partnerships with major travel providers, Sell Off Vacations offers customers generous savings and deals on services that include;

  • Flights
  • Vacation packages
  • Cruises
  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Travel insurance purchases

Is Sell Off Vacations Pricing Fair?

Yes. Although Sell Off Vacations do not have a price guarantee, they offer you good value for your money. However, have it in mind that the prices shown on their website reflect rates of the day and are subject to change at any time without any form of prior notice.

Owing to that, to confirm availability and final pricing you will have to proceed to Step 3. Note that the price shown in Step 3 makes up the final guaranteed price and prevails over any other price.

How is Sell Off Vacations Quality of Service?

As part of an ongoing commitment to providing Canadians with a more comprehensive, fluid, and innovative digital experience, Sell Off Vacations offers some of the best services in the travel and leisure business.

Have it in mind that Sell Off Vacations industry-leading travel experts are always available in person at stores across the country, through their call center, or online to help you manage your planning process and also make your dream vacation come true.

Irrespective of your travel style, note that these travel experts will work tirelessly to help you find and arrange the best vacations, cruise options, or last-minute vacation deals for any occasion or group. Customers and agents with the company are known to appreciate the enhanced web features and capabilities offered by their website.

Also note that the website offers viable search widgets and visual aids, easier page navigation, more range in how a product is merchandised, and an uninterrupted digital experience especially now that the website has moved to a content management system.

Owing to the brand’s dedication to cultivating a more dynamic user experience from the beginning to the end of its travel planning journey, they have also introduced an entirely new look and feel, propelling the brand from its traditional design to a more energetic and visual approach.

Note that this includes a soothing collection of cool tropical colors of blue and green that will be used to highlight varying elements of the customer’s vacation planning experience, modern typography, and an experiential approach to photography that guarantees a feeling of desire and wanderlust.

When you decide to work with Sell Off Vacations, have it in mind that their agents will collect, store, disclose, use and process personal information about you to:

  • Understand you to initiate, maintain and enhance Sell Off Vacations’ relationship with you in connection with their product and service offerings that they may tailor to align with your needs
  • Keep you informed about products and services Sell Off Vacations offers and that they believe may be of interest to you
  • Advise you of products and services offered by other providers that they have properly evaluated and approved and that they believe may be of interest to you
  • Administer billing and accounting
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Reserve your trip and process the transactions related thereto with their affiliated companies and suppliers who supply and operate some of the travel products and services they sell.

What Else to Know About Sell-Off Vacations

Although still a work in progress, note that this brand has remained committed in its quest to guarantee a faster and more unified user experience from start to finish. Here are other key information to note about Sell Off Vacations.

1. Sell Off Vacations working hours

  • Mon: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
  • Tue: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
  • Wed: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
  • Thurs: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
  • Fri: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
  • Sat: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sun: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

2. Sell Off Vacations website

  • selloffvacations.com

3. Sell Off Vacations phone numbers

  • 1877 735 5633(Customer Service)
  • +1 416 679 9505(International)

4. Sell Off Vacations headquarters

27 Fasken Drive

Ontario, Toronto M9W1K6


5. Email address

Sell Off Vacations’ support email address is customerservice@selloffvacations.com


Sell Off Vacations has stores from St John’s to Victoria, with well-experienced travel experts available to help customers arrange getaways in person, online, or over the phone. Note that by partnering with major travel providers, Sell Off Vacations offer Canadians excellent deals, vacation packages, cruises, coach tours, hotels, car rentals, and more in destinations all around the world.

Their roadmap to digital transformation is built on the needs of their customers, and as their vacation dreams become more delicate and refined, so does Sell Off Vacations. They always strive to meet customers where they are and will continue to help them get the best value and make even the most ambitious vacations as simple as possible.