When Europeans first settled in Scarborough in the 1790s, it was nothing more than just a collection of farms and tiny villages. However, currently, this metropolitan area is well renowned for the massive growth and transformation it had witnessed over the years.

Scarborough remains one of the biggest districts in the Greater Toronto area and its population is also vastly diverse owing to waves of new immigrants over the years. Note that this district is a unique, vibrant, and exciting place to live and there are numerous things to see and enjoy.

Situated to the east of Toronto proper, it has a lot of distinct neighborhoods full of culture, entertainment, activities, parks, and recreational areas. It is also renowned as one of the most diverse parts of the Greater Toronto Area, and in recent times, home buyers have turned to Scarborough real estate as it offers cheaper housing options and magnificent green space.

According to reports, Scarborough boasts of some natural landmarks like the Scarborough Bluffs and Rouge Park and it earned its reputation as one of the greenest areas of Toronto. Also, adequately served by two major highways, living in Scarborough means that you will still be within a short subway ride from the city of Toronto, and this has genuinely contributed to the real estate boom this area has witnessed.

It’s a friendly, safe place to live and there are many excellent schools there – making Scarborough a wonderful place for families with young children.

It also has no shortage of places to fill up on something delicious, and if you choose to live in Scarborough note that you will be in good company. If you’re thinking about moving to this part of Toronto, or maybe you already live in Toronto but you are seeking an affordable, better, bigger home, here are some of the best places to live in Scarborough, Ontario.

What are the Best Places to Live in Scarborough, Ontario?

  1. Birch Cliff

Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to consider when seeking the best place to live in Scarborough. This location between the Upper Beach and Cliffside has witnessed some of the most significant facelifts in the past few years. According to reports, bungalows were torn down and replaced with suburban-style two-story properties.

Also note that affordable townhomes and condos are popping up along Kingston, with old storefronts making way for cafes, bakeries, and “funky” new businesses. In recent times, this place has become one of the best places to live for young professionals who intend to send their kids to nearby schools while enjoying easily accessible parks in the Bluffs.

  1. Malvern

Although previously considered a high-crime area, this is currently one of Toronto’s most affordable places, stretching alongside the Rouge National Urban Park which is the largest urban park in North America. Also note that many new housing developments have sprung up in this neighborhood in recent years.

Its proximity to the Toronto Zoo, Rogue River, and the Rouge Valley Park makes it a desirable place to put down roots at an affordable price. It is without doubt one of the more diverse neighborhoods in Scarborough, with as many as 60 cultural communities intertwining in peace and harmony.

Also, have it in mind that this diversity makes Malvern a wonderful option for newcomers to Canada, and the excellent schools and a wide array of amenities mean it is one of the best places to consider. It has a mix of 70s-style two-story homes and townhomes.

  1. Bendale

Anyone looking to move to Scarborough will love the quiet neighborhood of cozy, post-war homes surrounding a quaint ravine near Scarborough Town Centre and another that stretches through Thomson Memorial Park. This neighborhood is a culturally diverse, middle-income place that is conveniently located near TTC and Go Transit lines.

According to reports, housing stock in this neighborhood remains mostly bungalows and split-level brick houses built in the 1950s and 1960s. Have it in mind that these houses are situated on massive size lots with private driveways and either a garage or a car-port. The houses are also well maintained and the lots are properly treed, providing for a pleasing streetscape.

  1. L’Amoreaux

The L’Amoreaux area is suitable for various kinds of households, but families are by far the largest group. Families with children in the area tend to have 1 child at home, with a large percentage of young children. According to reports, house owners in this neighborhood is high, with a split of 72% owners to 28% renters among those living in the area.

Activities you can easily find here include reading, swimming, and home exercise/home workout. In this area, you will find tons of mature trees along streets filled with well-maintained family homes.

Also note that it is fitted with many walking trails and paths for nightly walks, jogging, and family outings. It also boasts of a few sub-areas including Bridlewood, Wishing Well, and Bamburgh. And each of these communities features its own schools and community centers, providing all kinds of activities.

  1. Scarborough Village

This is a very lovely and quiet neighborhood, composed of private and public housing, apartment complexes, schools, a few condominiums, and strip mall plazas. There is an encouraging mix of incomes in this area, and anyone who lives here gets to experience the views of Lake Ontario just a short walk from home.

Homes in this neighborhood are a short walk away from the Scarborough Bluffs and many of Toronto’s east-end waterfront parks. This neighborhood, located near Eglinton Avenue East and Kingston Road, is a wonderful place for families to enjoy outdoor parks and community activities.

The Eglinton Go Train station, located just west of Bellamy Road, caters to the transportation needs of residents with train service to downtown Toronto’s Union Station. You can also find Toronto Transit in this neighborhood with bus routes located along with Bellamy, Markham, and Scarborough Golf Club Roads.

  1. Clairlea-Birchmount

Clairlea-Birchmount is a destination neighborhood for young families, perhaps because of the family-friendly mix of the population. It is a quiet, middle-income neighborhood known for beautifully treed streets and affordable homes.

It is also a very viable neighborhood for commuters especially since it is well served by public transit and is within proximity to the Don Valley Parkway. Clairlea’s major landmark is Warden Woods and the Taylor-Massey Creek, and they both form a deep ravine valley that stretches through the southeast perimeter of this neighborhood.

Note that homes in this neighborhood are in high demand, with one such home sold for $610,775 just last year. But if you are a patient and savvy homebuyer, you can still find a deal. To stay in line with the green theme of the rest of Scarborough, Warden Woods forms the southeast border of Clairlea-Birchmount.

  1. Agincourt

Agincourt is a very diverse and family-oriented Scarborough neighborhood. Extremely popular as one of the best places to live in Scarborough, it has several schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and more in the area along with many single-family homes.

It also has one of the biggest Asian communities in Toronto, and its ethnic mix can easily be noted on the signage of the many shopping malls scattered in the neighborhood. Have it in mind that it has its own Go Transit station on the north side of Sheppard Avenue, just east of Kennedy Road.

The large swath of Scarborough north is currently witnessing eye-catching transformation, with bungalows being turned into McMansions, and Woodside Square being torn down to make room for a new block of condos. Note that this is primarily to take advantage of even more accessibility when the Scarborough subway hits that part of town.

  1. Oakridge

This is one of Ontario’s most attractive, comfortable, and family-centered neighborhoods. It is located along Danforth, close to Victoria Park Avenue and Warden Avenue, and features a balanced mix of older, mature houses with an eye-catching shopping district and green spaces for outdoor activities.

It is also a safe neighborhood and a great community for a family to grow up in, with lots of schools and parks. Oakridge is bound in the north by ravine and parklands and in the south and east by the CN railway line and industry.

Note that bus routes on Victoria Park and Warden Avenues, and Danforth Road, connect passengers to stations on the Bloor-Danforth subway line. In addition, the Danforth Go Train station, on Main Street a little south of the Danforth, offers easy and stress-free access to downtown Toronto’s Union Station.

  1. West Hill

This neighborhood has a unique mix of amenities that make it very enticing to homebuyers eager to live in a well-established neighborhood. According to reports, the housing stock is mature; the commercial establishments are more of mom and pop stores, with little or no fast-food restaurants.

Also note that parkland borders the entire area including Morningside Park, Colonel Danforth Park, and East Point Park. It also boasts of numerous recreational activities like the nearby Morningside Branch of the Toronto Public Library, coupled with sporting facilities at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, and the Toronto Zoo.

It is also a multicultural neighborhood with a vast range of Greek, Canadian Chinese, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern residents. You can also easily locate amenities such as pharmacies, doctor’s offices, lawyers, and dentists.

  1. Guildwood Village

This neighborhood remains one of the highly respected pockets of serenity in southern Scarborough. Easily seen from the shores of Lake Ontario and bordered by massive swaths of green space, this neighborhood features a unique gentility and historic charm, properly embedded with striking modern accents.

The area is isolated and exclusive, bordered by Scarborough Village and Kingston Road to the west and northwest, respectively. Fast-rising downtown prices have forced buyers to consider options outside the core.

Younger families are genuinely finding their hold in this neighborhood, as are moneyed buyers eager to have wonderful, turnkey water view properties relatively close to the city. Also note that split-level homes are common here, and there are also many unique homes here.