Truth be told, the cost of living in Ontario has grown massively in recent years, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Owing to the high cost of living in Toronto, a good number of people are moving to other safe urban surroundings.

Hamilton, which sits just outside the GTA, for instance, remains a very valid option as it is cheaper than Toronto. Reports have it that the cost of living in Hamilton remains 25% lower than the cost of living in Toronto, rents and house prices are much lower, and there is more available property.

Since you will be spending less on housing in Hamilton than you would in Toronto, it entails that you may have more disposable income in Hamilton if your salary is substantial. Hamilton has numerous neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics.

In addition, local restaurants, shops, and amenities have all emerged in most of these neighborhoods, and on bustling streets like James Street North and Locke Street hip, eateries and cafes are infused between family homes to ensure a vibrant community atmosphere.

Have it in mind that you can find a good number of major provincial and national supermarket chains in Hamilton, coupled with a growing number of local and artisanal grocery stores. There are also numerous farmers’ markets and delis to make grocery shopping in Hamilton fun.

Note that the city’s diversity especially in recent years has also encouraged some specialized grocery stores to see to the varying cuisines and tastes of foreign residents. This also means that you can easily find that special ingredient you’re looking for, or even discover some new favorites if you are eager.

Top Grocery Stores in Hamilton

  1. Fortino’s

Founded in 1961, this plush store with a friendly, small-town atmosphere and almost over-helpful staff is currently part of national giant Loblaw’s. You can always find a wide range of products in these stores, although their prices can often be fairly high. However, note that you will always love the shopping experience.

These stores are specifically designed to give you the European Market Shopping feel, an approach most often referred to as the ‘Fortino’s Adventure’. There are five branches around Hamilton and this grocery store remains one of the few grocery stores in Hamilton allowed to sell beer, cider, and even wine.

  1. Swadesh Supermarket

This is one of the best grocery stores for Indian & Asian cuisine, spices, and household goods. Their concept revolves around offering a warm, unmatched, and easy service to their loyal customers. They always strive to give their customers nothing but the best; the finest fresh fruits and veggies can be expected, hot from the press vegetarian & chicken samosas, original Indian Brar’s sweets, East/South Indian sweets, and much more.

  1. Metro

This is another top-class grocery store in Metro offering everything from staples to fresh produce and a vast range of ready-prepared meals. Have it in mind that this brand has become very popular with the lunch crowd for a convenient on-the-go meal. For those in Hamilton, Metro remains your ideal destination to find fresh products and great services. You can also earn AIR MILES Reward Miles by purchasing your groceries at Ontario Metro stores.

  1. GroceryZone

GroceryZone is renowned as one of the biggest importers and dealers in South Asian and North American countries of varied ethnic food items. In Ontario, they boast of massive warehouses and retail stores in different locations and neighborhoods.

They cater to the varying needs of people all over Canada with their online store, which helps to serve their customers and also draws in potential partners with franchise opportunities. They also offer free delivery services for shopping above $50 for clients from Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, London & Barrie.

  1. Medina Fine Foods

Medina Fine Foods is a Middle Eastern supermarket well known for its spice selection and pastries. This grocery store sells Indian, Nepali, and Afghani Groceries, Curry Powders, Beans, Ready-to-Eat Items, Bollywood Movie Rentals, and Cooking Oils. You can also find Masala Tea, Shikakhai, Cosmetics, Canned Fruit, Curry Kits, Whole Brown Lentils, and Henna Powder.

  1. Samir Supermarket

For a very long time, Samir Supermarket has done so well in supporting their city with the world’s best goods. They have remained one of the topmost grocery stores in Hamilton as they always seek to add value to their shelves from their countries of origin and give you an international food range.

Note that you can always find a wide array of services, ranging from groceries to bakeries. Samir Supermarket is a Muslim company and owing to that, their priority is and will always be halal foods, and they promise to always offer foods that they are 100% sure of.

  1. Tan Thanh Supermarket

Making available a vast range of imported products – and more instant ramen options than you can even imagine – this supermarket remains a top choice for Asian ingredients in Hamilton. Although most of its offerings are packaged or long-life, they also sell some specialty fresh produce, and they have weekly deals for even better value.

  1. Nations Fresh Foods

Note that this is a multi-cultural grocery store chain founded in Woodbridge on August 28th, 2012. Their first store in Hamilton offered an exceptional catering service with fresh grocery goods and a kitchen with very notable ability, coupled with a massive food court zone with global cuisines that are ready to eat.

Although they are still quite new to the food and processed food industry, this grocery store provides their consumers with a vast range of food products from all around the world and also strives to keep their prices affordable.

  1. FreshCo

With two downtown locations and several more stores in neighboring towns, this discount grocery store has a strong presence in the Hamilton area. Their offering is impressive while managing to stay cheaper than many competitors. Produce is often local, and you will see all the same departments you would expect in a standard supermarket: delicatessen, international foods, pharmacy, bakery, and more.

  1. No Frills

This is one very unique grocery store in Hamilton with a shopping experience that is very simple. They have a vast range of options that will leave you satisfied, and you can easily do a bulk shop here for yourself or your family for a decent price.

In these stores, you will easily note shelves designed with the bright yellow “No Name / Sans Nom” brand, a budget line of cupboard staples available throughout Canada that is of very good quality. Nonetheless, have it in mind that produce (the North American term for fresh fruits and vegetables) can be less fresh and not assorted like in other large chains.

  1. Circle K

Mac’s at 1460 King Street East, Hamilton, CA is a convenience store where you can find a wide variety of products. Note that they carry beverages ideal for energizing, satisfying, warming up, cooling down, or just plain quenching your thirst.

They supply everyday necessities for your fridge, your family, your first aid kit, or your traveling toolbox. Note that just one stop at Circle K and you’re ready to take on your day, regardless of why you’re stopping or who you’re with.

  1. Sobey’s

Note that you can find a few Sobey’s locations around the edges of Hamilton, primarily serving the neighboring towns. This supermarket carries almost everything you would need from a large shop coupled with a quick meal, and is a little higher-end in both its options and prices.

Also note that from reducing food waste in their stores to sending less plastic and packaging to landfills, they are always seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact now and for generations to come.

  1. M&M Food Market

For more than 40 years, M&M Food Market has catered to the various needs of Canadians by putting assorted meals on the table via carefully picked restaurant-quality food, great customer service, and a convenient shopping experience.

Over the years, they have grown to become Canada’s leading retailer of fine frozen foods and a trusted guest at dinner tables across the country. Although so much has changed since they opened their first store 40 years ago, note that their commitment to quality food and their customers haven’t.

  1. The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery

According to the store, it was established from a deep-rooted love for Hamilton, a passion for food, and an unquenchable desire to see vital food needs met in the city.

Have it in mind that they cater to the needs of the community with a member-owned and operated grocery store that provides a vast selection of wholesome foods, prioritizes local producers, and creates an educational environment that cultivates the relationship necessary for people to always access the food they eat.

  1. Picone Fine Food

This remains one of the best stores to consider shopping in Hamilton. Note that they carry some of the world’s finest extra virgin olive oils from Italy, France, Chile, Greece, and Spain. You will also find 25-year-old balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, coupled with Saba balsamic vinegar made from the illustrious Lambrusco grape.

They also carry special hand-cut and air-dried pasta from Italy, and a selection of truffle oil, salt, butter, honey, and mustard. Additionally, they feature seasonal rare specialties like sea asparagus, Japanese lettuces, edible flowers, local organic garlic, and a vast range of exotic mushrooms.

  1. Stoney Creek Grocers

This grocery store is renowned for carrying the best in Indian & Asian foods and spices. They provide the general public with top-quality Indian & Asian brands at very affordable prices. Note that you can find Sher, India Gate, and Brars, A-One, Shan, Sohna, Eastern, MDH, National, Deep, Haldirams, Surati, Nanak, Savera, Hans Dairy, Aurora, Udupi, and many more in this store.

They also sell fresh fruits & vegetables, general groceries, vegetarian & chicken Samosas, sweet Indian delicacies, Indian & Gujarati frozen/refrigerated goods, a vast range of Indian kitchenware, compact disposable crockery & cutlery, the latest Bollywood DVD’s & CD’s, fold up/straight manja’s and a wide variety of Puja items.

  1. Rajs Spice & Fashion

Without doubts, this is one of the best go-to spots for Indian groceries, aromatic spices, traditional clothing as well as the latest Bollywood films. If you are looking to put together a banquet of delicious Indian cuisine for friends and family, you can visit this store to find everything you need in one convenient location.

You will also find a vast range of frozen foods in this store, including fresh vegetables. They also supply bulk orders to restaurants and hospitality facilities in Hamilton. Hamiltonians are known to take their food seriously and the city’s culinary scene is growing.

However, note that well-placed somewhere between a convenience store and a supermarket, other smaller stores often offer a small range of fresh produce coupled with common daily items like pasta, tinned goods, and snacks, plus a fully stocked refrigerated section.