When looking to move to a new place, some of the first questions on any parent’s mind are education and school. Just like in other places around Canada, schools in Hamilton, Ontario run from Kindergarten to Secondary (or high) education level (known as K-12, or ‘K through 12’).

Hamilton is well-noted for having a solid ‘Public school’ system, and this refers exclusively to government-funded free education, rather than a category of private schooling, just like in the UK. Have it in mind that provinces in the country are tasked with primary and secondary education, and the systems can differ massively between provinces.

In the country, schooling is mostly co-educational — with boys and girls educated together throughout K-12 — and the number of students in public schools is quite higher than in private schools. Canada has three levels of pre-university education: kindergarten, elementary (grades one through eight), and high school (grades nine through twelve).

In Ontario, there are two years of optional Kindergarten: Junior or JK (age four) and Senior or SK (age five), and schooling still goes up to Grade 12. Have it in mind that education is mandatory up to the age of 18, or until a child can finish high school.

Public schools in the country are most often funded by the federal and provincial governments and are expected to adhere to a standard curriculum specifically designed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Public schools in Hamilton and the surrounding area fall under the purview of the Hamilton and Wentworth District School Board, or HWDSB.

While it can be quite daunting and challenging to note the best schools in Hamilton, parents do this by looking out for schools with very good-to-excellent pass rates on the EQAO test scores that the Ontario government makes available every year for all publicly-funded schools in the province. Some might also choose to leverage the SUSI Rankings to at least get a decent sense of what the best schools in Hamilton might be.

What are the Best Schools in Hamilton?

To help you find the best schools in Hamilton, here are the top schools to consider.

  1. St Paul’s Collegiate School

This is a Hamilton-based independent secondary school that also offers a boarding facility to students. According to reports, it is a co-ed school catering to the learning needs of boys aged 9 to 13 and 11 to 13-year-old girls. This school was founded over 40 years ago and still retains a compulsory 18-week outdoor program for boys to help fortify their independence and social skills.

10 boys get to experience New Zealand communal living without the use of modern technology like mobile devices, televisions, and appliances. Note that this college maintains classes that only allow a maximum capacity of 20, and thus help to bolster personal instruction and extensive learning.

  1. Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School

If you’re very eager to provide your kids with top-quality, faith-based education, then Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School is the school to consider in Hamilton. Have it in mind that students in this institution shine especially when it comes to the basics, such as reading and writing.

Their performances are also well above average when it comes to recreation (their volleyball and hockey teams are well recognized). Another factor that sets this school apart from the rest is the school’s family life courses. Well-grounded in Christian values, these and much more help to ensure that Corpus Christi remains special in the eyes of Catholic parents.

  1. Hillcrest High School

This is another very notable school to consider in the Hamilton community and the entire Waikato region. Have it in mind that educators teach language and culture subjects in a very enticing way to bolster students’ participation. Every kid or student is assessed for their abilities and a tailor-fit learning program is developed to boost areas that require growth and improvement.

Note that Hillcrest’s junior curriculum caters to young students between the age of 9 and 10. It features arts, technology, language, financial capability, cross-curricular, and digital technology lessons. The senior curriculum caters to kids between the age of 11 and 13 years old and is centered on NCEA instructions.

  1. Norwood Park Elementary School

This is another very good school for your kids to learn owing to the school’s high percentage of students who are doing well above the provincial standard for reading, writing, and math.

If you also want your kids to learn advanced French, then this is another reason to consider Norwood Park Elementary School. Note that the Immersion program here is truly exemplary —and the school also hosts an annual event referred to as French Café.

  1. Islamic School of Hamilton

In the whole of Canada, Fraser Institute school is well noted for their accuracies and excellent standards. In the past few years, the organization has credited the Islamic School of Hamilton with a very notable score of 9.9, and this has proven that the Islamic School of Hamilton remains the best elementary school in Ontario.

Coupled with excellent English language instruction, students in this institution learn Arabic and French. Truth be told, if your child is the right fit for the Islamic School of Hamilton, they’ll get some of the finest private education available anywhere in the world.

  1. Southwell School

According to reports, this institution was established by Mr. Cecil Ernest Ferris, an English visionary who believed there was a need for a church school in the Hamilton area. Permanently settled in New Zealand, he became very eager to build an exemplary private school that would specifically cater to the academic needs of boys, and that was how Southwell School came to be.

Leveraging on his extensive travels, he infused community participation and harmony into every class to help students grow into better adults. Have it in mind that this co-educational school presently offers boarding and learning opportunities to students from ages of 1 to 8.

  1. Orchard Park School

In recent years, Orchard Park School has proven to be a top-class education center in the Hamilton area. For one, the staff members are known to be diligently devoted to preparing students for college, university, and adult life. They make available a vast range of post-secondary prep courses, coupled with programs that ensure that kids are ready for any career path they choose.

Also note that students who require academic assistance (or just some peace) can easily get that from the school’s Homework Club which provides a calm and friendly workspace, plus free tutoring services. Owing to the supportiveness guaranteed by Orchard Park teachers, this is a good school to consider in Hamilton.

  1. Rototuna Primary School

Rototuna Primary School can be easily located in the North-Eastern part of Hamilton, New Zealand. Established to see to the growing education needs of the developing area, this institute formally launched in January 2003. There are available in numerous places within the Waikato region and are renowned for bearing the names of native trees like Kowhai, Mānuka, Kahikatea, Rimu, Rata, Totara, and Tawa.

According to reports, they offer 4 classrooms where academic learning occurs and a shared community space where sports programs are carried out.

  1. Columbia International College

Established in 1979, Columbia International College remains one of the most highly respected schools in Hamilton. Note that they offer a modern curriculum that ensures that students are ready for the universities of their choice. This school is also an official partner with numerous universities like the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, York University, and Western University.

Also note that they offer a lifetime of sports, clubs, volunteering, events, and leadership coaching to ensure students stay active and also develop the social skills necessary to grow into adulthood. Events organized by the school include International Cuisine Series Dinners, Games Day, School Dances, Fashion Show, Spirit Week, and Variety Shows.

  1. Mount View Elementary School

This is another wonderful public school option to consider especially for those in the Mountview area. Aside from a deeply rooted academic standing, Mount View boasts of encouraging positivity and helping others. In the school, there are numerous clubs and intramural sports for students to join. Also noted is that this school is within reach of Mountview Park, and this will genuinely create wonderful childhood memories.