People who live in Toronto will agree with how hectic this city can be. According to news reports, the city remains one of the best cities in Canada for young professionals eager to have a balanced lifestyle. In contrast with other cities across the world, Toronto came fourth for having a balanced lifestyle, and still trumps Vancouver — which ranked sixth — making Toronto the top Canadian city.

Note that this city boasts of a 7.3 happiness rating, an average gym membership that costs around CAD$55.29, while domestic beer costs around CAD$6.91. Anyone moving to Toronto will have their own unique needs, and for young professionals, these most often include staying close to work while being surrounded by an array of things to do.

Luckily, Toronto boasts of very nice neighborhoods that seem to be made for young professionals. The city has loads of employment opportunities and a vibrant cultural scene, making it one of the best cities in North America to live and succeed in.

As one of the most populated cities in Canada, Toronto is renowned for its multiculturalism, tech prospects, and of course Drake. Owing to its thriving arts and culture, the Six remains a perfectly suited location for individuals who are eager to move to the big city.

According to experts, if you’re searching for a wide range of transportation options, vibrant cultural life, and the best career opportunities, Toronto is a city to consider. However, Toronto’s vast options can also make moving to a new neighborhood challenging.

You have to understand that Toronto is bigger than you expect and there’s a lot of hustle and bustle. With a population of over 3 million, Toronto can feel overwhelming at first, especially if you come from a small town. Although real estate can be quite expensive here, there are various cheaper options to consider.

While you can choose to live in an area at a distance from the downtown core, you can also decide to settle for a reasonable condo in the heart of the city. The Greater Toronto Area is also filled with a wide array of enticing neighborhoods.

What is the Best Place to Live in Toronto for Young Professionals?

Being Canada’s largest city, Toronto has countless neighborhoods that are constantly evolving, will suit the needs of young professionals. If you are one of those young professionals looking to move to Toronto, here are the best places in Toronto to consider.

  1. Financial District

Young professionals looking to live right at the foot of their offices should consider Financial District since it offers numerous residential options for young professionals.

However, note that the privilege of living and working in the same place will surely come at a cost, as the residences in this particular Toronto neighborhood are renowned to be expensive. Young professionals with a healthy income opt for the Financial District because it features everything they need and want.

  1. Yonge-Eglinton

Popularly regarded as “Young and Eligible”, this neighborhood is known to attract a good number of single and young professionals owing to its proximity to corporate headquarters, popular shops, and restaurants. If you decide to stay here, your commute to the office will become stress-free with easily accessible transportation.

  1. Brockton Village

Situated on the Bloor subway line and the College and Dundas streetcars, Brockton Village remains one of the best places for the queer community of Toronto. This diverse neighborhood features breathtaking nightlife, restaurants, and happening recreational spots at much cheaper rates than other Toronto neighborhoods.

Just a few minutes walk from UP Express to Pearson airport, living in Brockton will give you the platform to enjoy the nightlife without having to rush to your office downtown in the morning.

  1. Liberty Village

Well noted for old factories transformed into modern cafes, trendy lofts, and lively bars, Liberty Village exhibits its rustic charm and contemporary outlook to draw in young professionals. Have it in mind that the red-brick Victorian architecture makes available adequate space to live and rejuvenate. A good number of Hi-tech, media and design start-ups are flooding this neighborhood to give life to their next big idea.

In this neighborhood, you can easily reach Gardiner and take the Dufferin bus to the King and Bloor line trams, offering you the balance between work and life with ease. Also note this is a good place to choose if you intend to stay close to the city center on a budget.

  1. Leslieville

Well regarded as a good place for both young families with children as well as young professionals, Leslieville remains a nice suburban-like neighborhood just east of Toronto’s downtown.

Note that a good number of young hip creatives have invested in this community, and a wide array of businesses are headquartered here as well, ensuring that the city becomes a great place to live and work. Anyone eager for a great neighborhood with that suburban feel to call home while still within proximity to Toronto should consider Leslieville!

  1. King West

Have it in mind that this neighborhood offers a vast range of high-rise condo options for young professionals. This place ensures you don’t have to outreach your pockets to live downtown near a well-paying job. According to reports, this is a suitable choice for individuals who crave nightlife, love craft beer, artisan coffee, and clubbing.

Still, within walking distance to Toronto’s Entertainment District, this neighborhood also houses Toronto International Film Festival organized every September.

  1. The Junction

Recreated and modernized in recent years, The Junction has become a viable neighborhood among buyers – including young professionals – for numerous reasons. Regardless of its proximity to the downtown core and all the shops, restaurants, and points of entertainment, it’s still very affordable especially for individuals who are just getting their careers off the ground.

Note that young professionals will have their pick of the litter when it comes to affordable rent prices, as well as more traditional dwellings. In addition, the liveliness of the community will ensure that residents are constantly entertained.

  1. Queen West

Up till now, Queen West is still noted as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. Truth be told, it is one of Toronto’s most fashionable and artistic neighborhoods, and there are all kinds of businesses, cafes, eating joints, bars, and art galleries in the neighborhood.

Coupled with the easy to recognize lively entertainment venues, Queen West also makes available a vast array of residential options, including multiple townhouses, apartments, and several single-family homes. For young artists, this neighborhood is the ideal place to grow their creative appetite.

  1. Distillery District

Just east of the city center, this neighborhood was once noted for its whisky distillery; hence the name. However, in recent times, it has become beautiful and perfectly ideal for young professionals. There are numerous budget apartments with rich architectural styles and plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants for residents to wind down after work.

Just a couple of minutes walk to the Financial District and other corporations, this neighborhood can be your best bet for numerous employment opportunities and pocket-friendly accommodation.

  1. Trinity Bellwoods

Individuals or young professionals who appreciate Victorian architecture and love to explore history should consider moving to Trinity Bellwoods. Well renowned for its beautiful Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian houses, this neighborhood is a perfect mixture of urban architecture and green space and one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for young professionals.

According to reports, Central park here remains the most loved summer picnic spot that features a farmers market and a large area for Frisbee. This neighborhood is also a food lovers’ paradise boasting of some of the best independent bakeries, ice cream shops, and restaurants in town.

Toronto is full of vibrant communities to live and work in. Mentioned above are just some of the best places to live in Toronto as a young professional. Howbeit, if you are a young professional and eager to move to the city, you should speak with a real estate agent who can suggest the best area and home according to your needs and budget.