With the population and cost of living in Toronto growing massively, Hamilton has become a considerable alternative, particularly for folks eager to reside closer to the GTA. Truth be told, this bubbling city with a small-town atmosphere and also on the Niagara Escarpment remains one of the most attractive dwelling places owing to its fantastic nature trails, picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, and the nearby magnificent Niagara Falls.

The highways located in and around the city of Hamilton make transportation and movement easy for residents. Hamilton boasts of over 200 neighborhoods, and just like other major cities around the world, Hamilton neighborhoods have developed varying ambiances and amenities.

Hamilton is considered by most to be a good place to live in Ontario. It boasts of a diverse population, a growing culinary culture, access to affordable housing, and world-class health care. It also has no shortage of things to do. It is a wonderful location to keep the family entertained.

From local festivals, great restaurants, and beautiful natural spaces, it has a little of everything. If you’re looking to live in Hamilton, here are the top neighborhoods to consider.

What are the Best Places to Live in Hamilton?

  1. Corktown

This neighborhood is renowned as one of the original downtown Hamilton neighborhoods and, therefore boasts a valid historic feel. Housing the Hamilton GO station, this neighborhood is adequately connected to public transport and is a walking distance from the downtown core of malls and businesses.

Have it in mind that a good number of new-build high-rises in Corktown offer apartments coupled with older historic homes, and there is a unique feeling of being in the center of a bubbling city. While the cost of rent can be quite exorbitant, it is still reasonable when compared with other large cities.

  1. Mountview

Situated right at the top of Hamilton Mountain, this neighborhood houses some of the best education institutions in the Hamilton area. In this area, you can find both the St. Teresa Avila Catholic Elementary school and Holbrook Elementary school, and both are renowned for top-quality education. This neighborhood is also home to the Olympic and Mountain View parks with astonishing facilities for both the young and old in the area.

  1. Westdale

Have it in mind that this residential neighborhood boasts of the unique atmosphere of any neighborhood close to a university – lively, quirky, and at times rowdy. A concise understanding between McMaster and neighborhood associations has guaranteed that the area will remain conducive for all residents.

While a good number of houses are available to students, this neighborhood also houses a good number of young families and professionals. Also, note that the central Westdale Village remains a very bubbling area in this neighborhood and helps to establish the true small-town feel away from Hamilton’s downtown.

  1. Ottawa Street

In recent times, this neighborhood was named as the best place to acquire property in Hamilton, with the average home price in 2017 a little over $330,000. Have it in mind that houses in this neighborhood are more or less three-story (including a basement) with two or more bedrooms, parking spaces, and period features like bay windows and red brick.

Also, note that the close by Ottawa Street itself is gradually becoming a hot spot for galleries and artists. It is also boasts of being one of the best places to start a business in Hamilton.

  1. Hamilton Northend

This neighborhood is a mix of apartment buildings, family homes, and businesses. Also well-connected to public transport with the West Harbour GO station, this neighborhood remains one of the best neighborhoods owing to the vast amenities of Lakeshore and Hamilton Beach.

Although improvements and innovations are still in their minute stage, the neighborhood and surrounding Hamilton neighborhoods such as Beasley coupled with the industrial sectors to the east along the lakeshore, are all still feeling the after effect of the collapse of Hamilton’s industry in the 80s and 90s. Howbeit, there are still very good and decent property prices in the neighborhood.

  1. Ancaster

This neighborhood is noted as one of the oldest settlements in Ontario; however, it has gone past that olde-worlde charm. In this neighborhood, you will surely find high-rise condo buildings, sprawling strip malls, and plenty of concrete.

Truth be told, this neighborhood remains a very popular and convenient area, just as with any other big town in Hamilton. By also hosting Yearly festivals like the regionally-famous Festival of Friends coupled with convenient access to Hamilton’s downtown as well as GO transit links, this neighborhood remains one of the best places to consider looking to settle with a family.

  1. East End

Hamilton’s East End is a very massive area spanning from Gage Park to the waterfront and also includes many different individual Neighborhoods. For a very long time, this area has been home to workers who reside close to the factories.

Have it in mind that the East End is noted for its wide, suburban-feeling streets lined with mid-century bungalows and small homes. Without doubts, this is a very wonderful place to consider especially if you prefer some garden space and if you do not mind driving for daily necessities.

  1. West Hamilton

In recent years, this area has grown to become a trendy neighborhood with a village feel. While you can find affordable coffee shops, quaint restaurants, and local vendors, this neighborhood is just below the brow of the mountain.

Located very close to McMaster University, a good number of students prefer to live and function from West Hamilton. You will also find many beautiful Victorian-style homes in this neighborhood, and a wide range of parks, green spaces, and nature to explore.

  1. Kirkendall

Situated in the southwestern part of Hamilton, this neighborhood is noted to be lively and spacious. Note that you can find a diverse population in this neighborhood, and it is renowned as a safe and fun place to live. You can also find trendy shops, restaurants, and many things to catch your fancy at any time.

People who reside in this area love the nightlife, great restaurants, and wouldn’t mind taking a drink on any of the patios nearby. According to reports, this neighborhood witnessed an influx of people in recent times, especially young professionals and twenty-somethings. This neighborhood is also noted as one of the best places to raise a family in Hamilton.

  1. Stoney Creek

Well situated in East Hamilton, Stoney Creek remains one of the best places to consider if you intend to live in a tightly knitted community. Very close to well-noted highways that offer very easy access to Toronto and Burlington, this neighborhood is a good place to also raise a family.

Waterfront condo developments and single-family homes ensure that newcomers to the city are blessed with assorted options to pick from. Beach life is very much likely in Stoney Creek, and Hutch’s Fish & Chips is a must-visit in the community.

Hamilton boasts of neighborhoods that are well designed to offer a vast range of amenities, depending on your taste and choice. Regardless of the factors you are putting into consideration when looking for a good place to move, this city has everything you need in a well-established community.