If you are going to do some Saskatchewan travel, then you must know it is located within the heart of the Canadian Prairies with Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east. Saskatchewan takes its name after the native American word for river systems.

Visitors think that Saskatchewan travel sites talk about only the prairies grasslands, however, the landscape is quite varied.

Saskatchewan Travel and Top Tourist Spots

Saskatchewan has three regions of natural vegetation – the grasslands in the south, parkland in the heartland and Boreal forests in north.

Saskatchewan TravelLakes and rivers cover more than 12% of Saskatchewan. There are over 100,000 lakes and rivers are in the northern half of the province. The southern part of Saskatchewan is flat and has lots of fields and small towns scattered throughout.

Saskatchewan travel sites say that it is a very good destination for bird watchers from around the globe. The region has whooping migrating cranes which visit Saskatchewan regularly. These birds halt in southern and central Saskatchewan during their migratory journey. People come to these areas to get a glimpse of these rare birds.

Although Regina is the capital, the largest city in Saskatchewan is Saskatoon. The city offers not only outdoor activities but also has avenues for entertainment and art. In Saskatoon you can visit theatres, concerts, art galleries, clubs and restaurants. In summer you can either jog or cycle along the riverbank.

Canoe Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a paradise for people who love canoeing. Saskatchewan has one of the world’s best wilderness canoeing areas. Otter Rapids is one of the best known rapid on Churchill River and is easily accessible. If you do not want to go canoeing, you can put on a life jacket and swim through the rapids! The thousands of lakes, rivers and marshes in the northern is the key attraction for hunters and fishermen.

If you interested in rock carvings, you must visit the St Victor’s petroglyphs. The carvings found there were carved before 1750. Most carvings are of animal tracks and the best time to see these carvings are on a clear day towards sunset.

Have you heard of the beauty of sand dunes and sand flats in Saskatchewan? Well, if you have not then you should visit the Great Sand Hills. The Great Sand Hills are the remains of a delta from an ancient glacier river. Most of the dunes are covered with sagebrush, prairie grass and other plants. Occasionally you can see a mule deer or an antelope along the sand dunes. The view of the Great Sand Hills is truly amazing and spectacular.

If you looking for a city-type tourist destination like London, Madrid or the like, then Saskatchewan may not be the holiday spot for you. However, if you are looking to escape the humdrum of city life and you wish to leave behind the noise and the pollution, Saskatchewan is the right place for you.

You can spend your time doing Saskatchewan travel all over the province while enjoying the wonderful gifts of nature and wildlife. When in Saskatchewan, be on the lookout for that pleasant feeling where time stands still while you soak in the sheer beauty of what nature can afford.

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