If you are planning travel to Nova Scotia, first know that it is a Canadian province located on the upper east coast of North America, lying between the provinces of New Brunswick (in the west) and Newfoundland (in the northeast). It is the most populated province in the Maritimes, and its capital, Halifax, is the economic and cultural core of the area. Its name is Latin for New Scotland.

Nova Scotia is a divine peninsula that juts off of the coast into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s variety of geography from thick, rich forests to windswept, rocky shores and abundant inland orchards make it the ideal holiday spot for those who appreciate scenic touring.

Nova Scotia’s European settlement was established in 1605 by the French – one of the first settlements in North America but is now home to a energetic mix of ethnic backgrounds. Exclusively in travel to Nova Scotia, you can delight in such a one of a kind mixture of European history as well as a celebration of cultural diverseness.

You can visit authentic landmarks such as Fort Louisbourg and Halifax Citadel. Move back in time and see the Capital city, Halifax, from the Citadel, a fortress completed in 1856 and in use by British and Canadian Forces until the Second World War. Observe the Victorian age recreations of soldiers training in the courtyard – kilts and all! The Citadel also portrays soldier’s wives and civilians in it’s genuine recreations.

Nova Scotia’s history also plays a part in of one of the largest sea tragedies, the sinking of the Titanic, and is resting place to the graves of the largest concentration of the victims.

Travel to Nova Scotia if you like the scenery or want to take an dynamic vacation there are many impressive trails that amble through Nova Scotia’s inlands and coastal areas. There are also hiking, canoe, kayaking and biking routes and tours.

Spring is welcomed with the customary festivities of the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival in May where you can enjoy parades, celebrations and the wondrous beauty of some of the loveliest apple orchards in full bloom. The fall is similarly treasured with the countryside becoming a fire of brilliantly colored trees painting the hills and valleys with orange, yellow and red.

Enjoy the barren, rocky landscape of Peggy’s Cove and see the most photographed lighthouse in the world. You’ll also be impressed with the imposing power and beauty of the ocean colliding and spraying over the rocks. Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy is home to the world’s highest tides – so look at out when enjoying the many beaches that cover 100’s of kilometers of coastline.

If you enjoy city life, than you’ll love the quaint pubs, shops and the art shops of the historic properties in Halifax. There is also high style shopping on Spring Garden Road or you can take a peek of Paintings by up and coming artists at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design – a leading visual arts university in North America for more than a century.

Travel to Nova Scotia’s spectacular destinations, from celebrated fortresses and pristine white-sand beaches to coastal hiking and cascading waterfalls. Whatever your delight – you’ll unearth something to adore in Nova Scotia!

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