Yes. Hanover Holiday Tours is fully licensed as a wholesale tour operator, according to the Ontario Travel Industry Act. Hanover Holiday Tours was established and incorporated in 1974 by Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Inez McLean.

By leveraging their 11 years of experience in managing a successful travel agency, they saw the need to start up a moderately priced, high-service-oriented motor coach tour company. This need is still being met by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited under the ownership of Jim Diebel and Diane Diebel.

History has it that Mr. Diebel started his travel industry career in 1986 as an employee of a travel agency. In 1988, he was asked to join Hanover Holiday Tours. In 1991, he joined the management team at Hanover Holidays, and in 1992 he assumed the position of director in the company.

Diane Diebel joined Hanover Holiday Tours in 1994, following Diebel’s purchase of the company from the McLean’s in August of 1993. According to the company’s site, all bookings are handled through licensed Travel Agents. All tours feature first class, accommodation, and motor coaches, including daily breakfast.

The Tour Directors are well experienced, well informed, and supply 5-star services to all passengers. Their experience and enthusiasm guarantee a holiday not easily forgotten. While a good number of their tours are operated aboard a motor coach, some of the tours start with an air flight to initially reach the destination.

This very enticing combination of air and motor coach creates a mind-blowing value for customers. The company also offers numerous pick-up points in South Western Ontario, and owing to that, their tours start faster, as the shuttle vans can be used to bring people to motor coach pick-up points.

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Any Lawsuits or Complaints About Hanover Holidays?

No, there are no lawsuits currently against Hanover Holidays; however, there have been mixed complaints about the business. The reviews on customer support and refund issues are really not encouraging.

Reviews show that customers are bothered about Hanover Holidays customer service, credit card, and rental car problems. If you intend to use Hanover Holidays for travel bookings, then you should take great care with their booking policy and customer service.

What Services Do Hanover Holidays Offer?

Services offered by Hanover Holidays include;

  • Travel deals: Discounted offers
  • Accommodation: They offer a wide array of hotels, resorts, condominiums, and other accommodation types
  • Flights: Flights to destinations under standard rates coupled with bargain fares similar to what’s posted by Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • Motor coaches and car rental: You can also get rental cars and cabs offering airport transportation
  • Vacation packages: All-inclusive itineraries that include hotels, rentals, and/or flights
  • Things to Do/Activities: Tickets and reservations for major attractions, experiences, concerts, and performances

Is Hanover Holidays Pricing Fair?

Yes. Hanover Holidays is renowned for the fair prices and price guarantees it offers to clients. Tour rates are calculated according to transportation fares and accommodation rates. Tour Operators still have the right to adjust prices at any time should this become necessary.

Airport Taxes, H.S.T. or G.S.T. are all inculcated and payable on the final invoice at current rates, as imposed by Government Regulations. Some tours may have other payment schedules and these will be noted at the time of booking. G.S.T/H.S.T tends to attract the same cancellation charges as the tour price. The charges will take effect from the day notice of Cancellation is received by Hanover Holidays.

How is Hanover Holiday’s Quality of Service?

The Hanover Holidays website offers clients the platform to view all itineraries and prices, coupled with general information, travel tips, and news information. Have in mind that Hanover Holidays is renowned as a responsible community-orientated business.

Past major corporate sponsorship dollars were given to the Alzheimer Society of Grey and Bruce, while also supporting local sports teams and other community events. Presently, they still annually sponsor the Longest Day of Golf, with all funds raised donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Other Things to Know About Hanover Holidays

Aside from the information noted above, here are other notable things to note about Hanover Holidays.

  1. Forms Of Payment

Hanover Holiday Tours Limited will accept and process payment in the form of a cheque, visa, or MasterCard. Cheques will have to be made payable to Hanover Holiday Tours Limited. If the credit card sale is declined, the company will let the customer know immediately, and payment will be considered not received.

Also, note that verbal authorization of the use of your credit card commits you to your reservation whether or not you have signed a credit card draft. Aside from that, refunds will be processed by cheque. Meanwhile, note that Hanover Holidays does not accept or process payments made through a third-party credit card.

  1. Goods And Services Tax

It is imperative to note that the Canadian Government’s G.S.T. and/or H.S.T. may apply to the cost of your tour. Hanover Holidays reservations staff will advise your travel agent of the additional G.S.T/H.S.T charges that apply to the cost of your tour. Hanover Holidays is legally permitted to pass any Government changes to the tax structure onto the consumer.

  1. Canceled Tours

There are instances when not enough people book a tour’s departure and the tour may have to be canceled. If this happens as a result of lack of booked passengers, Hanover Holidays is committed to canceling the tour 4 weeks prior to departure and each passenger booked will get back the full payment made.

Tours that fail to take off owing to Travel Advisory, Acts of God, Terrorism, or any other event and no fault of Hanover Holidays, will be subject to the terms as listed under Hanover Holidays Cancellation Charges.

  1. Special Travellers

Hanover Holidays are known to accept and help make travel arrangements for mentally or physically challenged persons. Note that individuals who require special assistance will have to be accompanied by a companion to care for their needs.

To travel on Hanover Holidays Tours, passengers are expected to be able to provide for their own personal care requirements unassisted, especially since most of the itineraries will require good mobility to enjoy all aspects of the tour. Minors will also have to be accompanied by an adult. Children will need to be a minimum of 5 years of age on tours 7 days or less or age 10 for tours longer than 7 days.

  1. Hanover Holidays Coach Partners

Hanover Holidays are proud to work with each of the following motor coach companies;

  • Denny Bus Lines Ltd: This Company offers climate-controlled coaches with charging outlets, WiFi access, plush reclining seats, and DVD 6 monitor video. PA system, reading lights, overhead storage, and onboard washroom.
  • Cherrey Bus Lines: Their motor coaches feature amenities like charging outlets at each seat and onboard WIFI. Also, note that Cherrey drivers are first-class operators who all boast of numerous years of experience with the Hanover Holidays’ itineraries.
  • Parsons and Sons: Having worked together with Hanover Holidays for at least 15 years, this company provides customers with a modern motor coach and safe operators, who also bring their Newfoundland humor to each tour.


Established in 1974, Hanover Holiday Tours is fully licensed as a wholesale tour operator and has been efficiently catering to the needs of clients for over four decades.

However, when making your tour arrangements with Hanover Holidays, it is imperative you purchase their Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, Comprehensive Assistance, Individual Accident Coverage, and Baggage and Personal Effects Insurance.