Travel review sites such as Debbie’s reviews that are listed here are an important step in your travel planning. Getting your travel information first hand is much better than any brochure or promotional material. Keep in mind however that everyone has different expectations and different opinions for their vacation.

Look at all the reviews for the hotel, resort or cruise and get as much information as you can from various sources. You should not avoid a particular hotel because it has had some negative reviews, you might still love it! So have a look at our own Travel Reviews of Canadian Travel Online Booking Sites and some of the top travel review sites such as Debbies reviews that we suggest:

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Top Travel Review Sites


TripAdvisor is largely consumer ratings driven and is the Grand Daddy of travel review sites. It has active forums for most worldwide destinations, as well as the personal reviews of travelers on everything from hotels to visitor attractions and restaurants and even flights. The main focus of the site does seem to be the hotel reviews, despite the presence of other information. Hotels are ranked according to their on site popularity. However, you can also search based on price range.

List of hotels on TripAdvisor is quite extensive and includes small private hotels, bed & breakfast, and guesthouses. Many hotels appearing on TripAdvisor might not initially come up on other sites.

Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews (Debbies Reviews)

Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews offers you just the kind of personalized resort reviews. It features reviews on trendy places to visit, luxurious hotels and all-inclusives.

The travel review site started out with a page that was purely dedicated to Debbies reviews on the resorts found in the Caribbean’s Dominican Republic. As more and more people sent in questions about resorts in different islands, Debbies Reviews expanded to include all islands of the Caribbean. Debbies Reviews is the most popular Caribbean travel portals that vacationers check out if they want real opinions on the Caribbean.

Find out more about Debbies Reviews website.

Oyster touts itself as the place to find honest first-hand travel information, reviews, advice, and inspiring stories but they are not from everyday travelers. What Oyster does differently from most travel review sites is that they send professional investigators to every hotel that it reviews, and they publish comprehensive high-resolution photos, which are untouched.

They claim that their reviews are more honest, so you know exactly what you’re going to get before you arrive at your destination. Oyster has reviewed over 31,000 hotels and new ones are added daily. The reviews are extensive and the one we looked at in Jamaica had over 400 photos to go with it. The reviews and opinions can give you a fair knowledge of what to expect in your next trip.

Go to the Oyster website.

Holiday WatchDog

This website is where people leave reviews on hotels/holidays that they have been on and is UK based so you get more reviews on European destinations. The website is clearly laid out and easy to read. There is also a login area and a signup area. If you signup then you can enter the forums. There is a section for popular holiday reviews, grouped into countries.

All reviews try and give as details as possible. The reviews are easy to write and people tend to write them in a fairly basic way, telling of their own experience at a hotel or villa. People recommend places to eat in the resort and places to visit.

Go to the Holiday WatchDog website.


CruiseReviews has long been one of the best resources for traveler-written reviews. You can cruise and port reviews, cruise discussion boards that are interest to cruisers.

This site is number one in Google for cruise reviews. CruiseReviews features thousands of passenger cruise reviews and receives over 50,000 page views each and every day. It provides traveler reviews of virtually every cruise ship, spanning luxury lines to river cruises. Port reviews are also provided along with an active community of forum participants.

Go to the CruiseReviews website.

If you have booked your travel with any of these Canadian Online travel sites –you experience is valuable to other travelers. Tell us about your booking experience, what you think of their website or what your favourite travel site is. Read what others have to say.

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