Nolitours Vacation Packages are for you if you are looking for a Canada Tour operator that will have the most tension-free package for you. This agency is wholly own subsidiary part of Transat A.T. Inc, a world renowned travel and leisure group. Nolitours vacation packages provide fun-filled and all-inclusive travel and vacation packages to such tropical paradise as Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico.

It also offers flights and hotel deals to Florida and other summer destinations of United States of America. You can even book flights to Disney resort from here! They also have the most amazing deals for couples as well as singles.

This online site is very user friendly. When you visit the site for the first time, it will detect that it is your first visit and ask you to choose your language option which will be retained for future visits. You can also book online in this site by just mentioning your date of travel and also the place from where you will be boarding the plane. With Nolitours, you can book both packages and just flights.

If you want to know what are the holiday packages this great Canada travel company is now offering, just download their e-brochure. Another great thing about this site is that they protect the environment of the place they are offering as holiday destination by making sure sustainable tourism their main objective.

Nolitours Vacation PackagesThere are some exciting sections in the homepage of this online site that will make your choice easy. If you want to know what the experiences agents of the company consider as great holiday destinations, check out the Special Offers section. Here you will find some of the best all-inclusive Nolitours vacation packages deals that the agents of the company have specially chosen for the travellers. Want a holiday that is different? See the Holiday Ideas section for some great holiday ideas like Adult only resorts or Great for Singles packages in Europe or in tropical paradise. But the biggest attraction of the site is perhaps the Walt Disney World Resort section which any family with children will just love! Nolitours offers a choice between 11 properties of Walt Disney, each with amazing benefits and sights to see. This all inclusive package includes airfare as well as transport to the resorts. For some Sea, Sand and Surf, try the South section.

Editors Note:

Nolitours is now Transat.

Transat has consolidated its South program under their flagship brand – Transat, a trusted brand that has been well-known, respected and appreciated for nearly 30 years. Today, it is proud to present a very comprehensive South program which includes more than 560 hotels, 50 of which are offered exclusively, making the booking experience simpler and more efficient for vacationers.

The Nolitours and TMR brand will no longer be marketed, and all new bookings will be made under the Transat brand, an initiative that perfectly reflects its promise to deliver vacations for everyone.


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It was easy to navigate and offered good packages in USA.

Try Nolitours Vacation Packages What we did not like about the site

Departure points from Canada are limited.

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