When it comes to travel, in the current climate we don’t know exactly who is going to be able to travel way. It all depends on how things pan out with the coronavirus of course, but there’s no harm in planning ahead, and creating some goals for when we are able to hop on a plane again.

If you are the type of person that enjoys discovering, creating, and sharing out, then there are some top destinations to inspire your inner artist that you can try out that will suit you particularly well. Some destinations are a central hub for art-related holidays, And some are a little more subtle or surprising, but here are three destinations that you may be able to add to your “Wish List” if you love art.


Las Vegas Art

Art Vacations in Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas is mostly known for its bright lights and entertainment, casinos, and shows, you may be surprised to find that there are some fantastic art collections located here as well. Las Vegas is home to the Bellagio, and with its Palace-like architecture, and high-end accommodations, the casino, and hotel attract people worldwide.

There are regular art exhibits running at the Bellagio, and people are drawn To this for inspiration and entertainment regularly. The artist Richard Macdonald is also a permanent artist at the Bellagio who houses some of his bronze statues of animals and answers, there.


Monaco Art Trips

Monaco attracts people from all around the world, from all different backgrounds, who are there for entertainment and luxury. And this includes art. Enjoying an event at the main Casino can be something that many people add to the “to-do list“. While visiting Monaco, there are plenty of options to enjoy art and entertainment.

Many art curators will visit, and choose some exquisite art for their clients, and getting involved in art events, And if a gallery or a collection is closed then the distance is no problem.

Paris Art

Art Inspiration in Paris

Paris is the culture and enjoyment center of the world, there is a whole vast of people who like to watch the shows, festivals, and landmarks. The Eiffel Tower is, of course, something that everybody has heard of, and many people are lucky enough to have witnessed in real life.

Just been able to take a pen to paper in Paris, and doodle the Eiffel Tower, all the boats on the river can really help you appreciate how those wonderful artists felt inspired all those years ago. Visiting the Art Galleries and witnessing some of the best and most expensive from around the world, is a sight to behold and something that you would never forget.

So plan your next trip whether it be to the outside capital of the world, or a casino with some fantastic art installations, you can really brighten your travel adventure with these amazing destinations to inspire your inner artist.

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