If you are traveling to Las Vegas, the capital of luxury, excitement, and unbridled fun, you most definitely want to find the best Las Vegas Casinos on your trip. This area of the state of Nevada will forever be remembered by those who have been here at least once.

Downtown is the most beautiful historical center of the city, with its towering skyscrapers. The Strip, sparkling with bright lights, is where the best casinos of Las Vegas are concentrated, and is considered the symbol of the city. Caesar Palace, Aria, Bellagio, Excalibur, and others are hotels that embody the luxury and entertainment of the best gambling halls in the world.

An incredible number of films, TV series, and books are dedicated to this city, its unique mood, and the atmosphere. They all differ in the plot and time in which the events take place. However, all these works of world culture have one thing in common – if we are talking about Vegas, this means that there is certainly a spirit of gambling and freedom that reigns in this city. Las Vegas is also one of the cheapest destinations for Canadians to visit as well.

Las Vegas has been given a variety of nicknames throughout its more than two hundred years of history – from the “gambling factory” to “the shelter of lost souls.” After all, there are about a hundred gambling establishments in Sin City. But what gambling establishments are included in the TOP Las Vegas casinos, and deserve the primary attention of true fans of gambling? Let’s find out!

Treasure Island Las Vegas

Treasure Island Casino

The name of one of the largest casinos in Vegas – Treasure Island Las Vegas, or Treasure Island, speaks for itself. This is not just a gambling club, but a whole entertainment complex, on the territory of which you will find restaurants with cuisine from different nations of the world, bars, children’s recreation areas, spa, and gyms.

The room can be booked in advance via the Internet. Also, an online consultant will be happy to tell you about the full range of services provided by Treasure Island Resort & Casino if you are going here on vacation.

In full accordance with the name “Treasure Island”, the complex is decorated in the style of pirate romance. Even though the hotel itself is made in a modern style, it is surrounded by an old village, near which a canal has been dug, crossed by rope bridges with rope railings.

The bright and colorful design evokes associations with films about pirates. And fake skeletons hugging chests make the visitor feel like he is in a favorite pirate novel.

The highest quality of service of this place was awarded the prestigious Four Diamonds award. You can follow the current events of the institution on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). And for those who do not have the opportunity to visit the casino in person, there is an opportunity to play slot machines in the top online casino Canadian site.

The conditions of the game are also of great interest. Anyone can join the club, while everyone is provided with individual bonuses and benefits for all services of the complex. For example, people whose activity in the game has been noted by employees receive significant discounts on hotel rooms, free dinners in restaurants can attend exclusive events, etc.

Also, the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino has its chapel, offering everyone an amazing wedding. Moreover, the number of guests at the celebration is not limited – you can even order a whole outdoor ceremony. And a huge number of high-end shops will not disappoint fans of shopping.

Concerning the variety of entertainment at Treasure Island, special emphasis is made on classic games – poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, one-armed bandits. Here you can also place bets on sports (including horse racing and dog racing). There is no doubt that the casino meets all international standards since the interests of the players are guarded by the US Gambling Association (AGA), of which the Treasure Island casino hotel is an active member.

As for the responses of visitors, you will hardly find negative. In all respects – from the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms to the value for money, the complex received at least 8.5 points out of 9 possible. Thus, Treasure Island will not disappoint even the most demanding and discerning visitor in search of the best Vegas casinos.

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower

Such a remarkable architectural structure as the Stratosphere Casino tower is difficult to miss. The casino is located in the hotel of the same name, positioned in the very center of Las Vegas – on the Strip, and is not only one of the best casinos in Vegas, but also one of the best casinos in the world. The height of this grandiose tower, which is considered one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, is almost 300 meters, so it is perfectly visible from almost anywhere in the city, as well as outside it.

The building of the Stratosphere Las Vegas is made in a modern futuristic style, and the hotel is designed to simultaneously receive more than 2.5 thousand visitors (about 800 rooms of different classes). In addition to the hotel, there are 6 restaurants at the disposal of visitors, each of which is dedicated to a specific theme. The complex is owned by American Casino & Entertainment Properties.

The Stratosphere Casino has 2 rooftop pools with stunning views of Vegas. Also, the complex offers 30 unique clothing stores and more than 100 exclusive retail stores, as well as a full range of services, from beauty salons and spas to gyms and laundries. For fans of entertainment, Stratosphere offers 3 nightclubs, attractions, a musical theater, and Vegas’ largest rock show venue.

Thus, while resting here, a person can fully concentrate on the main purpose of visiting the Stratosphere Casino hotel, namely, a successful game of slot machines and more.

Fans of classical entertainment are invited to play all types of roulette – from the traditional European and French varieties to original variations with several tracks and no zero.

You can also play many varieties of modern lotteries, arcade games, etc. Moreover, many visitors note that the minimum betting threshold at Stratosphere Casino is quite acceptable, so everyone can afford to play.

And what is especially remarkable – winnings are paid out instantly, and there are no maximum withdrawal limits. By visiting the casino, the player can be completely sure of the absolute confidentiality of personal information and his anonymity.

On the third floor, there is the Museum of Trick Art, where flat two-dimensional paintings “come to life”, turning into three-dimensional masterpieces (a rare type of Japanese art). On the

roof of the tower, there are breathtaking rides, a rotating bar with a transparent floor, a panoramic restaurant, etc.

The main slogan of the casino is Win with the client, and practice confirms that these are far from empty words.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The name of Golden Nugget Casino, one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas, is incredibly symbolic – Gold Fields. The casino is located in the hotel, on Golden Nugget Boulevard (Fremont Street), and the hotline staff is ready to answer all questions for future visitors in any language at any time of the day.

Visitors to the Golden Nugget gambling establishment are guaranteed complete honesty and transparency of the gaming process, the protection of personal and financial information, as well as an increased chance of winning, which is ensured by numerous bonus programs (including the return of part of the lost funds to players) and valuable prizes.

The number of slot machines at Golden Nugget Casino is over 1500. Casino table games are presented in 80 variations. Besides, there are half a dozen rooms for poker, blackjack, etc.

The Golden Nugget was opened back in 1946, and since then is considered one of the most extravagant casino hotels in the world. The design is dominated by copper and crystal, the restaurants and lounges here are considered the best in town.

Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club

The Wynn Las Vegas super-entertainment complex is also frequently (and often tops) the lists of the most popular Las Vegas casinos. It includes a hotel, casino, convention center, and many shops. It is named after its creator, a billionaire named Steve Wynn, so this gambling establishment is most often called simply Wynn.

The gambling zones are amazing in their scale – the total area of the casino is about 10.5 thousand square meters. The design is very modern, elegant, and comfortable. The gaming part is equipped with everything necessary for the convenience of guests – from innovative technical equipment to bars, swimming pools, and restaurants.

The casino is a member of the AGA group – American Gaming Association, therefore it strictly adheres to the Code of Conduct in Gambling, and protects the interests of players, guaranteeing the fairness and transparency of the gambling process. However, the player must also strictly follow the rules of conduct – any violation can lead to immediate exclusion.

Each visitor can get first-hand information about the probability of winning or losing in one or another kind of casino games. But only players who have reached the age of 21 can visit it.

Particular attention in Wynn Las Vegas 5 * is given to poker. The special zone is equipped with 28 tables, and the conditions for sets and bet rates differ depending on the day of the week. Tournaments with an amazing prize pool are held regularly.

You can also place sports bets here (both on current and upcoming events). Sports fans can watch the competition in the exclusive multi-screen area for maximum visibility. Viewing can be both group and individual. Also, the Wynn casino offers its own virtual analog – everyone can download a mobile application with the ability to play slot machines on the phone.

This is the only casino in Las Vegas, which houses a center for the sale of luxury cars, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, which also operates as an exhibition of exclusive cars.

The main attraction of the complex is a huge waterfall. This incredible waterfall is surrounded by a lake with an area of over 12,000 square meters. A whole show Lake of Dreams is held here, during which you can watch the projection of various images onto the water surface. The cost of building Wynne Las Vegas was about $ 2 billion (the largest private construction in the United States), and the investment paid off in the first year and a half of operation.

Las Vegas Best Casino Hotels

The Mirage Resort and Casino

The Mirage is one of the iconic places in Nevada, rightfully considered one of the best gambling establishments in Vegas. This unique Polynesian-style building traditionally combines a hotel and a casino and is often featured in Hollywood films.

The wonders of The Mirage are legendary. The vast halls are designed in the form of catacombs. In the lobby (of course, out of access to customers), white albino tigers roam freely. Nearby is a skillfully recreated rainforest, where you can even watch volcanic eruptions surrounded by a lagoon. Lava erupts every 30 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long.

There are 54 waterfalls on the territory of the complex, there is a swimming pool with dolphins and a 20-meter aquarium with more than 1000 species of fish. There is another volcano at the entrance to the hotel, erupting up to 30 meters. It is surrounded by rare tropical plants (bamboo, exclusive varieties of orchids).

The complex is also made unique by its dolphinarium, a mini-zoo (a visit will especially appeal to fans of felines since white lions and Bengal tigers live here). Therefore, a visit to the Mirage Casino in Vegas, which fully justifies its name, promises only bright and positive emotions.

Other famous Las Vegas Casinos

We have brought to your attention the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. However, in the Sin City of America, there is an incredible number of other, interesting, and unique gambling clubs that deserve attention:

  • New York Hotel Casino is a real New York in miniature. Here you can get acquainted with all its sights – the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.;
  • Bellagio, with its famous singing fountains;
  • Luxor Hotel Casino – pyramids, sphinx, an exact copy of the tomb of Tutankhamun in America will appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to the theme of Ancient Egypt;
  • The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Venice at its best – gondolas, canals, ancient architecture, exclusive boutiques;
  • Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino – a 165-meter copy of the Eiffel Tower; Arc de Triomphe is a real Paris overlooking Vegas, with a panoramic platform 140 meters high;
  • Caesars Palace Las Vegas – fully decorated in the style of Ancient Rome, one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the city. All parts of the complex bear Romannames – Augustus, Centurion, Forum, Octavius, and visiting it leaves the impression of being in a real palace of the ancient Caesars.

So, regardless of your gender, age, hobbies, and worldview – Las Vegas will reveal your innermost desires and secret dreams, and will make them real!

Many tourists claim that only after visiting the best gambling establishments in Las Vegas, you will understand what complete freedom and real excitement are!