Where are the best places for travel for Canadians to visit right now? That’s a question many Canadian travelers ask themselves when planning their next vacation. The answer is not always clear, but thankfully there are some great resources that can help guide you in the right direction! According to CTV News, Canadians are seen as desirable tourists abroad, as our case numbers are considerably low and have been regarded worldwide as successfully managed.

Let’s explore where Canadian travelers should go right now for an amazing vacation experience. Canadians can travel to 102 countries right now. However, some destinations may be restricted for Canadian tourists depending on their visa status or specific entry requirements. We selected out top 5 so through our list of recommendations and start making your travel for Canadians plans today!

Cost Rica from Canada

Costa Rica

Pura Vida is at this destination and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Your essential Costa Rica trip can be enhanced by adventures through rainforests, national parks, volcanoes or coffee plantations depending on what your interests may be- with all these plus gorgeous beaches! Flock here for some world famous surfing adventure as well mouth watering foodie experiences at boutique resorts which are impossible not fall head over heels in love with!

Getting to Costa Rica: Costa Rica is currently open for travel with no quarantine or proof of negative COVID-19 test necessary.

See the Costa Rica entry requirements for more information.

The United States

A Canadian is always on the search for paradise. Whether it be a beach in Hawaii, Florida or Cali; make your magical moment at Disney Park while taking care of some kids along side any other family members who want to go too (you know they do). For those looking for more adventure head down south where there are plenty amazing sights like Route 66 which stretches right across America!

Other popular places to visit in the USA are New Orleans, Washington D.C., Boston and San Francisco to name a few!

Getting to the United States: The USA is open to Canadians for travel via flights. You’ll need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 3 days of your flight as well as submit a health declaration form. Travellers who are not yet fully vaccinated are recommended to self-isolate upon arrival and take a second COVID-19 test.

The Bahamas

The beauty of the Bahamas is unrivaled. It would take over 700 years to see all these gorgeous islands, and that doesn’t even include what you could do on each one! From private island retreats to Junkanoo celebrations- there are so many different things waiting for visitors resorting here in this paradise.

The best part? The people who live here want nothing more than a chance at sharing their home with others like them; they’re always happy when someone new comes around town looking for adventure or relaxation…and let me tell ya’ll something else: You aren’t going back once leave! Especially after you visit Pig Island – yep its located on Big Major Cay is a beach on an uninhabited island located in Exuma, the Bahamas. The island takes its unofficial name from the fact that it is populated by a colony of feral pigs which live on the island.

Getting to the Bahamas:  Canadians can visit the Bahamas with a negative COVID-19 test or antigen test taken within 5 days of arrival. All travellers must complete an online Health Visa and purchase mandatory health insurance.

Unvaccinated travellers must take an additions COVID-19 test on the 5th day of their trip. Vaccinated Canadians must bring proof of their vaccination status. With plenty of luxury resorts to choose from, the choice is yours!

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Croatia is a hidden gem. It’s not the stereotypical destination for tourists, but it has so much more than you would think! Here are three things to do before your trip:

I visited Croatia with my family last summer and had such an amazing time exploring this incredible country. There was one thing that surprised me during our visit – how many people don’t know about its beauty or what they’re missing out on! It’s a beautiful country full of natural beauty. And it’s not just about the beaches – there are so many other things that you can do here as well.

Getting to Croatia: Croatia officially reopened for Canadian tourists on July 1, 2020. As of 2021, Canadians will need to show proof of paid accommodation and choose one of the following for entry: Proof of negative test, proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery.

See all the info about Croatia’s reopening, including the forms for Canadians.

French Polynesia from Canada

French Polynesia

It is a dream come true for many people who want to go on an exotic vacation. The country has it all: beautiful beaches, fascinating landscapes, and plenty of activities like snorkeling or scuba diving. It’s not surprising that it is often included in the best countries to visit list among Canadian travelers. French Polynesia is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all. With over 100 islands, there’s something for everyone here. You can explore mountains, waterfalls, and white-sand beaches in just one day! There are also plenty of activities available on each island, so you never have to worry about being bored.

Getting to French Polynesia: All Canadians are allowed to enter French Polynesia via a flight or a cruise. The following conditions must all be met in order to be permitted entry:

  • Present proof of vaccination. The four accepted vaccines identical to the ones approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC): Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.
    • There must be a waiting period of seven days after Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca and 28 days after Johnson & Johnson.
    • Mixed vaccines are permitted as per Tahiti Tourism.
    • For Canadians, the vaccination card from your provincial health authority will suffice.

So there you have, our top 5 trips and travel for Canadians that are available right now. If you want to stay more close to home, Air Canada has put together a travel ready hub which is a guide to help you understand key travel requirements. Just remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all entry or transit requirements for each country or place you are going to visit and those requirements are currently changing on a regular basis.

For more COVID-19 Travel related questions, visit the Government of Canada site

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