Job search websites in Canada are without doubt one of the most viable ways to find jobs easily for both foreigners and locals. However, with numerous job sites out there, finding the suitable one for your needs can truly be a daunting task. Just in April 2022 alone, over 240,700 job vacancies were announced and uploaded by several Canadian companies around the country.

This goes to show that Canada has become the number one destination for job seekers from around the globe. According to recent reports, Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in. The ranking tends to take into consideration numerous metrics, where countries are awarded full marks for quality of life that buttresses public safety, economic stability, and a good job market.

Owing to that, Canada is one of the top destinations for job seekers looking for an overseas career. Note that now remains a great time to look for a new job, especially in Canada. Finding a new job anywhere in the world can be a tough experience. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of online resources and job search sites you can use to discover employment opportunities in Canada.

Best Job Sites in Canada

  1. Indeed Canada

This site is renowned as one of the best and most powerful job search sites in the world, with more than 250 million monthly visitors with approximately 10 new jobs added every second. Here, you will find job listings in every industry, level, and lifestyle – freelance, part-time, internship, and full-time.

This site also ensures that visitors can search these listings by title, location, salary range, and experience level. Aside from featuring job listings directly from companies and recruiters, this site also aggregates postings from multiple job boards to guarantee that you find various offers within the same platform.

  1. Workopolis

For over 15 years, Workopolis has maintained pace as one of the best job search sites that connect numerous job seekers in Canada with their dream jobs. On this site, you will find job listings in numerous industries, types, and levels. Owing to their easy-to-navigate features, you can quickly find the jobs you are interested in applying for.

Also note that you can filter by company, job type, location, or salary. Aside from that, the site is also recommended for people with disabilities especially since they provide varying opportunities that allow them to advance their careers without discrimination.

  1. Monster Canada

According to reports, at least 29 resumes are uploaded and 7,900 job search queries are entered every minute on this particular job site. Monster Canada shows around 3,000 job advertisements for job seekers per minute. They also give room for you to upload your resume, guaranteeing that you get the opportunity to get matched with job posts that suit your skills, qualifications, and expertise.

To apply to job listings, you will have to create an account for free. Immediately after you are done setting it up, you will be able to search for jobs by title, company, location, or position length. You can also sign up for email alerts every time a new job is added in areas of your interest.

  1. TalentEgg

TalentEgg is an award-winning job search site in Canada for students, recent graduates, and early-career professionals. They advertise paid internships, summer jobs, and entry-level positions. The platform allows you to sort these job postings by title, location, type, area of study, or keywords relevant to your areas of interest for an easier job search.

  1. CareerBuilder Canada

This is another top option to consider in Canada. Renowned as one of the biggest and oldest job search sites in the world, this site has over 30 million jobs on its platform annually. Have it in mind that their comprehensive search functions ensure that you can filter these job postings by numerous criteria, such as title, location, pay range, and degree required.

To guarantee more opportunities for job seekers, CareerBuilder works with news media across Canada to collect job listings. They also leverage Google AI to ensure that visitors get matched with suitable opportunities.

  1. Eluta

This site is often referred to as the official job search engine of the top 100 employers of Canada. Note that it contains around 125,000 job postings directly from more than 10,000 employer websites. Also note that you can find unadvertised positions that can’t be accessed via other sites, and this will guarantee that you get more access to more opportunities.

Aside from job listings, you can also find independent editorial reviews that will provide you with more comprehensive insights into what it’s like to work for a specific employer in Canada.

  1. Glassdoor

This site is without doubt one of the largest recruitment and job search sites in the world. Presently, the site features more than 1.3 million employers in its database with more than 9 million job listings. To begin your job search, you will first have to create a profile and upload your resume.

Immediately you have your profile fully fitted, you can also sign up for email alerts to get well-tailored lists of job opportunities. Aside from letting job seekers search for jobs, this site also offers salary transparency and honest company reviews. With over 70 million reviews on their database, you can gain extensive information and insights into your prospective company’s values and culture.

  1. Jobboom

This is one of the top recruitment sites in Quebec, known to make available job offers from 16 various employment sectors, including engineering, accounting, human resources, and sales.

With this site, you can upload your resume and directly apply for jobs. In addition to the access it provides to employment offers and contracts opportunities, this site also offers career guidance and resources, such as articles with topics about self-learning and market trends.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn functions as a large database of open positions, a digital resume platform, and a professional networking tool all in one. This site has over 57 million companies in its database and over 14 million job openings. You could really find jobs on this site not just from recruiters or direct employer listings, but also via communication with your extended network.

To begin using the site’s features, you must first create an appealing LinkedIn profile. This will be your digital resume, which you can send to recruiters once you have applied for a position.

  1. Job Bank

This job site is referred to as the official government job search site in Canada. On this site, you will find over 80,000 job advertisements from numerous Canadian companies. This site comes in two versions, making all job listings conveniently accessible to both English and French-speaking job seekers. With approximately 150,000 registered candidates, they are regarded as one of the best free job search sites in Canada.