If you enjoy crafting things or putting things together, then you should look into applying for an assembly job. Although a good number of assembly jobs in Canada take place on-site, you can genuinely find ones that offer work-from-home assembling jobs.

Understanding the options you have will make your search for the job more efficient and less stressful. Work from home assembling jobs are jobs that ensure that you can build products from a remote location. With this sort of job, you assemble a finished product or put together a set of components.

Same as with other remote jobs, work-from-home assembly jobs mean that you can carry out your duties from the comfort of your home.

They also accord you a peculiar sense of freedom compared to traditional assembly jobs that expect you to remain on-site. However, you have to love the job or art of crafting, not just flowing with trends just to make money. If not, you may find out with time that it is not really worth all the effort.

Steps to Start Assembling Products at Home for Pay in Canada

If you enjoy putting things together, then there are jobs available in Canada where you can assemble things like exercise machines, bikes, grills, furniture, sports equipment, swing sets, electronics equipment, and anything else you can think of that people buy, but don’t want to build or install themselves. To find these jobs and start assembling, here are steps to take;

  1. Search For Open Positions

To find these jobs, you will have to search online job boards or go through legitimate companies. Also, consider looking at the careers pages of companies you know and trust. As a work-from-home independent contractor, you get to assemble products while owning your own business.

Some mobile apps offer assembly or handyman services to the public. It is recommended that you find these apps. However, note that when you use an app, you will need your own tools and mode of transportation especially since you are considered a work-from-home independent contractor.

  1. Research the Company

Right before you accept employment, you must verify the company’s credibility. Consider looking up their website and validate that they have concrete contact or location. Carrying out extensive research on the company ahead of time can help you note whether or not it is genuine and reputable. Also, consider going further by reading online reviews.

Online reviewers can likely inform you if it is a non-existent company or if it is a company you can trust. If the company has negative reviews, then stay away. Right before you send a company any of your information, also consider checking its rating with the Better Business Bureau to know if the company is a scam.

  1. Apply and Start Assembling

Have it in mind that a good number of companies that offer work-from-home assembly jobs in Canada specialize in unique, handmade products and are looking to avoid factories. Owing to that, they prefer to use external workers for their DIY production.

After you must have signed on for a position, the company will forward you materials coupled with instructions that note your end product and how to assemble it. As part of your duty, you will need to comply with the instructions, assemble the product, and submit it to the company for them to inspect.

Top Companies That Provide Work from Home Assembling Jobs in Canada

There are numerous ways to find assembly job listings in Canada, but to be sure you don’t fall victim to scams and fraudulent schemes, here are top companies that provide work-from-home assembling jobs in Canada.

  1. Pixel Union

This company is known to offer a wide range of digital design services for online retailers and brands. They specialize in helping eCommerce businesses succeed with themes and applications for popular retail platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and WordPress.

Since it was established in 2009, Pixel Union has worked with businesses ranging from early-phase merchants to well-established, Fortune 500 companies. Its clients include the Museum of Modern Art, LA Lakers, the Tonight Show, the BBC, and Tesla, to name a few.

  1. Harris Computer Systems

Situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Harris Computer Systems are known to provide mission-critical software solutions for businesses in the United States and Canada, including healthcare companies, public safety agencies, schools, and local governments.

Founded in 1976, this company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Toronto-based software enterprise Constellation Software since 1996. Working with a team of industry, domain, and regulatory experts, Harris Computer Systems always strive to offer clients customized solutions that align with their unique needs.

  1. Robots and Pencils

This is a popular app development and mobile strategy firm in Canada. Established in 2009, this company has developed over 250 apps that are used by more than 77 million people throughout the world.

The company’s featured work includes educational apps that are modernizing education throughout North America and enterprise apps that help businesses improve efficiency and increase revenue. In addition to app development, the Robots and Pencils creative team also offers mobile strategy, service kits, UX research and design, and the PencilCase suite.

  1. Sinitic

Founded as Sinitic, Proto.cx is a computer software company that strives to improve multilingual contact centers by compounding human agents with artificial intelligence customer experience (AICX) solutions, allowing multilingual communication and support to occur more efficiently.

Situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Proto is a remote-first company that, since 2017, has expanded to manage call centers in multiple cities across the Asia-Pacific region.

  1. Ecobee

Another top option to consider when searching for work-from-home assembling jobs, this company is renowned as a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of smart devices for residential and commercial spaces. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) hardware company was responsible for introducing the first Wi-Fi-compatible smart thermostat, establishing Ecobee as a first-to-market pioneer.

This company was founded in 2007 by engineer Stuart Lombard, who developed his initial product with the sole aim to create a truly smart thermostat that would conserve energy, maintain comfort, be easy to install and deliver long-term savings.

  1. Geotab

Geotab is a privately-held company and a global provider of telemetric technology for commercial vehicle fleets established in 2000.

They are known to manufacture and distribute end-to-end solutions for managing drivers and vehicles using accurate information from both real-time data and previous trip data. Geotab maintains global headquarters in Oakville, Ontario; a U.S. location in Las Vegas, Nevada; and additional offices in Germany, Canada, and Spain.

  1. Planet4iT

This is a recruitment firm that connects talented IT professionals to contract and permanent jobs. Founded in 2000, Planet4iT is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and maintains contacts and connections across the globe. Planet4iT tends to work with well-known organizations and companies across a range of sectors to place professionals in digital, FinTech, and information technology jobs throughout the greater Toronto region.

The company leverages technology “to support experience and judgment, not replace it,” and it values long-term relationships with both the clients it serves and the candidates it places.

  1. SOTI

Founded in 1995, SOTI is a top product innovator in enterprise mobility management (EMM) and supports the EMM needs of over 15,000 customers across 170 countries. Note that this company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with offices around the world.

Its sole aim is to create lasting value for customers by helping them “harness the power of mobile technology.” SOTI is known to work with device manufacturers and platform providers to help clients create new mobile devices and operating systems ahead of their competitors.


Indeed, numerous companies in Canada offer work-from-home assembling jobs. However, you must avoid companies that request you to pay a fee before you start working for them. Have it in mind that legit companies pay you to work—they don’t charge you to work for them.

Also, note that numerous scams will ask for your personal information such as your credit card number. You must take great care when giving out this information and you should first research the company. Unless you know it is a legitimate company you can trust, keep this information to yourself.