Most people migrate to Canada because they want a better life, and it is by securing a good job and earning a reasonable salary that they can achieve it. Canada is amongst the countries in the world that pay some of the highest salaries to people that work in certain industries or careers.

The average salary of a full-time worker in Canada is $54,630 per year or $10,50.59 per week. This means that if you earn above the average salary, you are among those who have high-paying jobs irrespective of your profession. Here are some of the best high-paying jobs in Canada for immigrants.

25 Best High-Paying Jobs In Canada For Immigrants

  1. Software Developer (Software Engineer)

Software developer (Software Engineer) earns about $77,000 in Canada. Software engineers design, develop, and test software and applications for computers. The main duties and responsibilities of software engineers include directing and participating in programming activities, monitoring, and evaluating system performance, and designing and implementing new programs and features.

  1. Network Engineer

Network engineers earn about $90,000 per annum. These technical professionals are skilled in planning, designing, and managing the different types of networks. As a network engineer, you will need to establish the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation, defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards.

  1. IT Manager

The national average salary of an IT Manager is $100,144. An IT manager’s responsibilities include developing information technology strategy, researching solutions, and managing employees. To become an IT manager in Canada is easy. The necessary requirements are a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related subject.

  1. Architects

Architects are responsible for designing buildings to create unique and well-organized structures. Their duties include meeting with clients to discuss vision, drawing up building plans, and modifying their designs throughout the building process, in order to maximize structural integrity. The average salary of Architects is $93,140 per year in Canada.

  1. Engineer Manager

An engineering manager is in charge of managing engineering teams and guiding them toward project completion. Although their pay is high in Canada, their demand is modest. According to Labor Banks Canada, 17,900 fresh graduates are projected to enter the job market by 2028, and around 15,200 new positions are set to be created in the industry.

This job market competition is fierce, but graduates are going into it because it pays higher than other jobs in Canada. The national average salary of an engineering manager is $129,912 per year.

  1. Pilot

A commercial pilot is another high-paying job in Canada. A pilot’s duty is to guarantee safe air travel for passengers. According to Jobs Bank Canada, this industry has a steady job market, with the total number of new pilots entering the profession equaling the total number of new jobs generated. According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average (median) wage is $38.81 per hour. The full-time annual salary for this job falls between $65,00 to $85,000.

  1. Surgeon

A surgeon is responsible for the preoperative diagnosis of the patient, performing the operation, and providing the patient with postoperative surgical care and treatment. The employment growth rate of surgeons, general practitioners, and family physicians is expected to be the second-highest in Canada.

50,900 new positions are projected to be created by 2028, but only 19,400 new doctors are expected to enter the sector to fill them. More graduates will be required to address the shortage. The average surgeon salary in Canada is $165,278 per year or $84.76 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $45,581, while most experienced workers make up to $372,000 per year.

  1. Utility Manager

Utility managers are in charge of utilities such as water, electricity, power, natural gas, and related matters. They design, organize, direct, control, and assess the facilities that provide these utilities.

In contrast to the other occupations mentioned, the demand for utility managers is more than the supply, hence making it on the list of high-paying jobs in Canada. By 2030, 31,700 new positions are anticipated to be created, with 35,000 new job seekers ready to fill them. The average salary of a utility manager is $90,621 per year in Canada.

  1. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental illnesses. In 2018, 48,500 individuals were engaged in this field in Canada. From 2019 to 2028, it is expected to increase by 32,500. In comparison, only 20,000 new job seekers are projected to enter the industry.

According to Jobs Bank Canada, the target will include about 22% of graduates from outside Canada. The average psychiatrist’s salary in Canada is $250,000 per year or $128 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $168,819, while most experienced workers make up to $357,148 per year.

  1. Dentist

Dentists diagnose and treat dental issues and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimens. They clean teeth, correct bite issues, perform surgeries and extractions and also perform other duties to ensure that the teeth and mouth are in healthy condition.

According to Job Banks of Canada, 12,200 new dental opportunities would be produced in Canada by 2028, with more than 7,000 new job seekers joining this field of study.

To become a dentist in Canada, students must obtain a bachelor’s degree and a 4-year master’s degree in dentistry. The average dentist’s salary in Canada is $127,538 per year or $65.40 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $113,999, while most experienced workers make up to $219,406 per year.

  1. Business System Analysts

Business system analysts oversee the analysis and development of a company’s business operations. Also known as systems analysts, these highly-analytical specialists have both business and technical expertise. Duties include analyzing requirements, estimating the cost, and establishing system protocols. The average salary of a business systems analyst in Canada is $77,000 per year.

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst

A quality assurance analyst is responsible for the testing phase of the production process to ensure that final products meet the company standards. Duties include identifying, logging, and recreating error codes, bugs, and defects.

When a product does not perform within specifications, they report defects to programmers while identifying and recommending solutions, improvements, and updates. The average QA analyst salary in Canada is $71,225 per year or $36.53 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $59,799, while most experienced workers make up to $98,000 per year.

  1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis. A day in the life of a security analyst varies depending on their industry, employer, and area of expertise.

Other minor job duties include monitoring for security breaches, investigating cyberattacks, and writing reports. The average information security analyst salary in Canada is $89,252 per year or $45.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $77,291, while most experienced workers make up to $117,460 per year.

  1. Database Analyst

The database analyst is responsible for maintaining data storage, assessing database design, gathering, organizing, and interpreting statistical information in the database. Data analysts spend their workdays digging into big data and making it useable for the company they work for.

This includes; analyzing data systems, automating information retrieval, and preparing reports that show managers how this data could be applied to their business model. The skills required for database analysts involve the ability to communicate in multiple formats like writing, speaking, explaining, and listening.

These skills will help you succeed in any data analytics role. The average database analyst salary in Canada is $68,353 per year or $35.05 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $58,500, while most experienced workers make up to $87,750 per year.

  1. IT Business Analyst

An IT business analyst in Canada earns about $77,000. Their duties include helping in connecting IT staff with company leadership, interpreting the stakeholders’ business goals into specific deliverables, and overseeing their technical development. They also analyze the flow of data and predict what changes in infrastructure as the business grows. Business Analysts can be found working on a variety of teams within an organization.

  1. IT Project Manager

An IT project manager in Canada earns about $95,000. An IT project manager plans, organizes, and implements a company or client’s technical projects, while their main duties include coordinating production releases and roll-outs, delegating tasks to the necessary employees, and presenting on projects’ progress and results.

The project manager is in charge of the entire project and handles everything involved, such as the project scope, managing the project team, and the resources assigned to the project.

  1. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is responsible for treating patients with various injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. Their duties include communicating with doctors about patient needs, administering IVs and medications to aid their patients’ health, and using medical equipment to monitor patients’ vital signs. A registered nurse makes an average of $33.85 per hour. The pay rate usually depends on the level of experience, education, and geographical location.

  1. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for an organization’s cloud computing architectural work. Their responsibilities include; keeping track of cloud activities, developing and moving applications to the cloud, and specifying computing demands. They also provide advice on how to deal with high-risk situations.

Cloud architects often benefit from high job security due to the significance and growth of cloud computing. Their skills are necessary within many sectors, like technology, business, finance, education, health, and government. The average salary of a cloud architect in Canada is $134,122 per year.

  1. Accountant

An accountant is responsible for the management and reporting of the financial data of an organization. Their duties include preparing financial statements, examining and analyzing a company’s accounts, and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standard accounting procedures.

The average accountant salary in Canada is $56,077 per year or $28.76 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $46,625, while most experienced workers make up to $75,041 per year.

  1. Financial and Investment Analysts

Financial and investment analysts collect information, perform research, and analyze assets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. They focus on specific niches to become experts in their chosen fields.

Regardless of education, a successful career as a financial analyst requires strong quantitative skills, expert problem-solving abilities, adeptness in the use of logic, and communication skills. The average financial analyst salary in Canada is $71,702 per year or $36.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $60,425, while most experienced workers make up to $89,432 per year.

  1. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

The chief investment officer usually oversees a team of professionals who have responsibilities such as managing and monitoring investment activity, managing pension funds, working with external analysts, and maintaining good investor relations. They also develop short-term and long-term investment policies.

To be qualified as a chief investment officer, you must have a degree in finance or a related field from an accredited institution, a minimum of 5 to 8 years of experience, and strong experience leading, supervising, and motivating a team of investment professionals.

  1. Medical Billing Manager

The average salary of a billing manager is $58,815 per year in Canada. A medical billing manager manages all the services that revolve around medical billing and coding such as; administering medical insurance policies and claims, and helping doctors and other healthcare providers collect payments from insurance companies and Medicare.

To qualify as a company house manager, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or a related field and an Advanced degree (ex. MBA, MPH, PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt).

  1. Lecturers

The average salary of a lecturer in Canada is $78,301 per year. Lecturers plan and deliver teaching on their specialist subjects to university students. Their duties include; creating teaching materials, preparing for tutorials/seminars, and marking students’ work, as well as direct teaching.

To qualify as a lecturer, you must make a good degree i.e first-class or upper second-class relevant to the subject you want to teach. You also need to complete a postgraduate master’s or Ph.D.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers help people navigate through the process of immigrating to a new country. They advise clients on how to apply for visas, green cards, and citizenship. They also represent their clients in court if they are facing deportation or other legal issues related to their immigration status.

The average immigration lawyer’s salary in Canada is $70,000 per year or $35.90 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $56,875, while most experienced workers make up to $99,375 per year.

  1. Plant Manager

Plant managers are at the helm of a manufacturing or production facility. They are involved in all the daily operations of the company. At some larger plants, they may be assigned to manage one area, but typically, they are responsible for the entire plant’s operations. The plant manager is the highest-ranking position in the plant and reports directly to the company’s vice president of operations. The average salary of a plant manager in Canada is $99310 per year.