Use this as your guide to buying ski clothing >online.Ski equipment isn’t just about skis, boots, and poles – it also includes the proper clothing. You need a good quality ski outfit to help you keep warm and dry and looking good.

Ski Jackets – Ski Clothing Online

Let’s start with the ski jacket. Its main function is to keep you warm, and to do that it needs to be water proof and wind proof as well as well-insulated. The outer layer of a ski jacket must be waterproof but it also needs to breathe as well. Skiing is a vigorous activity and you will quickly build up a sweat from the exertion. If this vapour cannot escape through the outer shell it will condense and make you feel cold and uncomfortable.

A good quality ski jacket will protect you from moisture, wind and your own perspiration. This is accomplished by using different layers of treated fabrics which have micro-pores to allow vapour to escape from the inside but which are too big to allow water to pass from the outside.

Ski Pants – Ski Clothing Online

Ski pants are constructed on the same principal as ski jackets. Many people think they don’t need specialized ski pants and instead wear jeans. After a few tumbles, however, jeans will become wet and uncomfortable.

Good quality ski pants should have extra fabric on the knees and buttocks, since those are the areas most affected by falls. If the fabric of the ski pants tears it will lose its water proofing qualities, so quality materials and stitching is very important.

Gloves and Goggles- Ski Clothing Online

Good quality gloves go a long way to making your ski day comfortable. You need to keep your hands dry and warm and padded ski gloves can also protect against injuries. Mittens are a better choice in colder weather as they have less surface area for heat to escape from. Look for gloves and mittens that fit snugly, are well insulated, and allow your hands to move freely.

Goggles are an essential part of any skier’s gear. Falling snow and ice can temporarily blind you and if you are skiing off trail your eyes could get injured from branches and twigs. Goggles can also prevent snow-blindness caused by the glare of the sun reflecting off the snow.

Socks and Underwear- Ski Clothing Online

Socks help to keep your feet warm but they can also protect your feet from blistering. Your feet will move and rub against the inside of the ski boot and ski socks provide the necessary padding to reduce the effects of this friction. Socks also serve to ‘wick’ perspiration from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable.

Ski underwear also has this wicking function. You can build up quite a sweat while skiing and if this moisture cannot escape you will feel cold. Underwear also provides an extra layer of clothing that helps to trap warm air against your skin.

Tips for Buying Ski Clothing

It always pays to buy good quality ski clothing. Be sure to go for function over fashion, although with the wide selection that’s available you are sure to find ski clothes that satisfy both needs. When trying on ski clothes check to see if your movement is restricted. Swing your arms, bend your knees – go through the skiing motions. The clothes should allow you to move freely. Look at the quality of the stitching and overall finish. Good ski clothing should be made to stand up for several seasons of use.

Along with good ski clothing, ski accessories are also a good investment.

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