Here are some Mexico travel tips for Canadians who want to explore the beautiful land of Mexico.  Traveling to Mexico is one of the best destinations for those who want to experience a wonderful mix of rest and relaxation and cosmopolitan life all at the same time. With its serene beaches, historical landmarks and bustling cityscape, Mexico is not called The Land of Enchantment for nothing!

There are tons of activities every vacationer can do. But with so many choices available, where do you start? Here are must see attractions and Mexico travel tips for Canadians to jump-start their vacation in this scorching hot paradise.

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches in Mexico



Mexico is a definite hot spot for any beach lover. Known for its beautiful coastlines, you can enjoy activities from water sports to just basking in the warm sun of Mexico’s beaches. The fine sands of Cancun are known for its energetic nightlife.

Arguably the top beach destination of Mexico, you can dance the night away to the beat of Latin music at the best nightclubs. But for those who want a little eco-adventure fun, the Riviera Maya will take you to the wonders of lush forests and clear blue waters.

You can go exploring in the underground rivers and lagoons or marvel at the magnificence of jaguars and pumas at the Xcaret Park. Tourists can also have the time of their life at the dolphin swimming programs of Delphinus Riviera Maya or have a rare chance to have a stingray and manatee encounter at the natural aquarium park of Xel-Há.

For a more relaxed environment, take pleasure at the historic sites at Puerto Vallarta. You get to enjoy the lovely beaches while you get to revel at the best of arts and culture at the numerous galleries and cultural festivals.

Travel to Mexico for Amazing Culture and History

The Temple of Inscriptions

The Temple of Inscriptions

While Mexico is teeming with the most pristine of beaches in the world, the abundance of history is as is abundant. Home of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, Mexico is the ultimate destination for those who love to go back through time and explore the wonders of ancient cultures. The Mayan city of Palanque is home to the largest Mesoamerican stepped pyramid – The Temple of Inscriptions, known for its carved images and hieroglyphics in Mayan script of the structures surrounding piers.

Other Mayan Temples like the Temple of the Cross, Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Foliated Cross and The Temple of the Jaguar can also found in Palanque. Also, the Aztec city of Teotihuacan holds the best archaeological sites in Mexico like the Pyramid of the Sun – the third largest pyramid in the world, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Feathered Serpent Pyramid.

Also a great way to discover the spectacle of Mexico’s unique culture and history is exploring Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism’s Programa Pueblos Magica or the Magical Villages Programme. The program features and promotes 83 towns and villages that rich in culture, natural beauty and historical significance, which includes Real de Catorce and Taxco among others.

Mexico’s capital, Mexico City is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Historic Center of Mexico City covers 668 blocks with 9,000 buildings like The National Palace of Mexico City and the Mexico City Cathedral. While tourists can experience the music played by mariachis on the canals of the Xochilmico. Visitors who have a penchant for the arts will enjoy the city’s 160 museums and over 100 art galleries all throughout the city.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

Of course, a trip to Mexico would not be complete without tasting the sumptuous Mexican cuisines. Savor and delight on the assortment of mouthwatering dishes including tacos, quesadillas and fiery tamales. And how about some of those agave kick and toast to a shot of tequila in one of your night outs in the bars of Mexico.

The Land of Enchantment that is Mexico will leave any visitor for more adventure in this sizzling paradise. One will never run out of activities to do – from relishing the warm waters, immersing in the rich culture and history to gorging on the best of Mexican cuisine. Mexico definitely will leave you enchanted for more.

Mexico Travel Tips for Canadians and Passport Requirements

Canadian citizens, including those with dual citizenship, must present a valid passport in order to enter and exit Mexico. The passport must be valid until the date of expected departure from Mexico.

Persons seeking to enter Mexico for purposes other than tourism must have a proper visa. Foreigners involved in unauthorised activities will be expelled. Special and diplomatic passport holders require a visa to visit Mexico. Consult the Embassy of Mexico in Canada for more information.

Canadian tourists visiting for work do not require a visa for stays of 72 hours or less within the border zone (21 kilometres from the U.S. border).