India is often referred to as the land of spices — and for good reason. Its cuisines tend to rest heavily on saffron, cardamom, red chili, black cumin, and other spices that are prized worldwide for their unique flavors. Therefore, starting an Indian grocery store can be a lucrative and flavourful venture.

Indian grocery stores are seen to be exotic and they hold a special appeal for chefs and foodies alike. Indian grocery stores in Canada can be found in any corner of the country’s marketplace, which is growing bigger with people across the world handling grocery stores and chain markets here. You will find Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, and several other Asian businesses that are evolving with their grocery collections and services.

If you are passionate about ethnic cuisine, consider opening an Indian grocery store. This market isn’t as competitive as others (yet), so you have a very good chance to create a name for yourself. You too can build a popular brand and turn your passion for Indian food into a full-time job. However, just like any other business, it is very necessary to conduct market research and define your target audience.

Note that you need to consider the costs involved and seek financing. Legal requirements vary among provinces and regions in the country, so it is very needed to consult an attorney or reach out to your local authority before getting started. In addition, you must come up with a business plan that covers every aspect of starting and running an Indian grocery store, from business registration and licensing to advertising.

You have to start by researching the market, your audience, and potential competitors. The key to success in this business is to get the right products in front of the right customers. Note that when consumers are searching for Indian ingredients or spices that cannot be found in supermarkets, they go to specialty stores. Therefore, your target audience may include foodies, chefs, Indian ex-pats, tourists, and more.

Have it in mind that Indian dishes are largely based on vegan and vegetarian food ingredients, and some also contain poultry or fish. Spices and herbs are heavily used in most meals. This simply entails that you may also target vegans and healthy eaters in general. Familiarize yourself with the most popular Indian recipes and the ingredients used.

Opening your own Indian grocery business is a piece of cake with the assistance of an experienced franchisor. Below are a few Indian-owned grocery stores in Canada that can connect with you in terms of tastes and unique Indian choices. Look closely, if you are an Indian, some names might ring a bell.

5 Indian Grocery Store Franchise Opportunities in Canada and Their Cost

  1. Hyper Supermarket

Hyper Supermarket is an online grocery store chain that is operated in the supermarket sector in India. As one of India’s growing retail pioneers with multiple retail formats, they connect a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers, sellers, and businesses across Asia and North America. Hyper has created and perfected a franchise system that has proved to be a successful business model, spelling a win-win situation for all partners.


  • Initial investment: From Rs 10 Lakhs
  • Royalty Fees: 10 percent

2. Batala Supermarket

This store has a collection of ingredients and food items from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Groceries such as ghee, oil, bread and butter, curry powders, seasonings, and pastes as well as dairy products and frozen meats are always in stock here. This supermarket sells traditional Indian utensils like kadhai, Tawa, and other Indian made tools for households


  • Not available

3. Big Mart

The Big Mart is an international brand that started its journey in 2007, with free home delivery services of food and grocery. They stock an extensive range of daily need items including groceries, candies, personal care products, soft drinks, ready-to-eat food, ice-cream, toiletries, tobacco products, magazines, and newspapers, etc. Aside from everyday essentials, they also offer additional services like phone recharge and wire transfer.


  • Initial investment: From Rs 30 Lakhs
  • Royalty Fees: 10 percent

4. Marche Ricxman

Each store appears congested with poorly arranged food stocks. Apart from the unappealing ambiance, this store has its daily rush for the sale of veggies like tomatoes, chilies, eggplants, ginger, onions, lemons, and other fresh veggies from the farm at much lower prices.


  • Not Available

5. Truemart Supermarkets

Truemart Supermarkets is a Gwalior based Supermarket chain. The company is in this business for more than 42 years and running all its stores with good profit margin. Truemart has captured a large market share by providing premium quality products which have eventually helped in maintaining goodwill.

The candle manufacturing plant business is subsequently handled within the family. All stores are managed by the family members but soon they are planning to open franchise stores across India, the Middle East, and North America.


  • Initial investment: From Rs 50 Lakhs
  • Royalty Fees: 8 percent

These are some of the most popular Indian grocery store franchises in Canada that will give you a dash of Indian flavors and lifestyle. The services available in these stores are incomparable. However, it is advisable you make your research before you make any concrete investment.