Bread is known as one of the oldest man-made foods and remains to this day a staple in diets around the world. Canada is no exception to this, with retail sales of bread staying high and growing steadily. Canadians are spending more money per capita on baked goods, with yearly expenditure expected to rise to a high of 173.2 Canadian dollars on average by 2022.

Consumers in Quebec spend the most on bread annually per household at 210 Canadian dollars, and in Manitoba, they spend the least at 141 Canadian dollars. In terms of expenditure per capita on different types of baked goods, bread comes out on top with average annual spending of 96.4 Canadian dollars. Pastries come second with spending reaching 28.9 Canadian dollars per year.

Even with this growth in spending on baked goods, a substantial share of the population is striving to limit their bread intake. However, growing demand for premium products and strong gains in exports has helped boost industry performance. Overall, experts note that industry revenue will increase at an annualized 6.4% to $10.2 billion over the five years to 2020.

Even with the past challenges faced by operators, the Bread Production industry in Canada is expected to continue to increase as consumer spending levels increase and key input prices stabilize. The continued development of healthier bread varieties and broadening specialty product selections that address changing consumer tastes will also aid industry performance.

Also note that healthy eating trends will continue to drive bakeries to market artisanal and specialty items that command a higher price than traditional types of bread. Coupled with sustained demand from the retail sector, demand for baked goods from the food service and hospitality markets will also benefit industry operators.

As the demand for bakery products in Canada keeps growing year on year, bakery Franchise Businesses will prove to be a better route when venturing into this industry. Some of them provide urban café bakery services, others sell a great assortment of pastries, cakes, and breads baked daily, yet the others are retro-styled retail bakeries.

Note that the best bakery franchises in Canada are popular chains that support their franchisees with product development, management and marketing. Below are top bakery franchise opportunities in Canada;

What Bread Franchise Opportunities Exist in Canada?

  1. Serious Coffee

Serious Coffee roasts its signature line of coffees, and supplies franchise operations with products unique to its market segment. The company also has a line of excellent teas. Most of their baked goods are from the company’s signature bakery.

The company has a unique delivery system and produce orders when received. Serious Coffee are a just-in-time roaster. Note that they only manufacture when they receive orders to keep all coffee as fresh as possible. The company’s main focus is to create the experience all customers want, great customer service, quality products, and knowledgeable staff.

  1. Brioche Doree

Brioche Doree is an urban café bakery established on the simple idea that it is possible to offer, in a fast service style, French-inspired products of exceptional quality and freshness. Brioche Dorée is a highly adaptable and flexible brand, which can be expressed in as little as 600 and up to 2500 square feet.

Menus and operational models are flexible to both meet the needs of the operational environment and the distinctive attributes of the client base. They are looking for people who have enthusiasm and passion for the business.

  1. COBS Bread

COBS Bread is a trusted national brand with over 100 bakeries in Canada and part of a global bakery network with over 700 locations. COBS Bread is a Franchisees’ Choice Award winner for nine consecutive years in a row. COBS Bread is eager to ignite a passion for bread and the freshest baked treats through a business model focused on delivering exceptional products, friendly service, and a welcoming environment for all customers.

  1. Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic exploded onto the scene in 2010 with its award-winning, gourmet cinnamon rolls. They believe in serving fresh, scratch-made cinnamon rolls and other bakery products that meet the growing consumer demand for non-traditional, plant-based food alternatives.

When you open a Cinnaholic franchise, you become part of the Cinnaholic family. Note that all franchise partners benefit from a flexible business model, relatively low operating costs, and high-quality, delicious products that consumers come back for time and time again.

  1. Nestle Toll House Café by Chip

Nestlé® Toll House® Café is actively seeking qualified candidates to become Café owners in most areas of the United States and Canada. Note that even if you have no previous franchising experience, Nestle Toll House Café can help you own your own ‘Bakery & Café’ business.

The company’s team members coach Franchisees through the initial stages of site selection all the way through the grand opening of their store! Continued support and guidance throughout the term of the Franchise Agreement are standard protocol for Nestle Toll House Café by Chip.

  1. Michel’s Bakery Café

Right from 1979, Michel’s has been working with its franchise partners to build a brand, offering reputable French-inspired products baked on site and courteous service. Michel’s Bakery Café is open for business and welcomes any potential franchise partner who shares Michel’s mission and values and is driven to achieve success.

They offer competitive ongoing royalties and advertising fund fees. Michel’s franchise partners can benefit from preferential supplier pricing, original new recipe development and marketing, and communication support.

  1. Canada Bread

Right from 1911, Canada Bread has provided Canadian consumers with the finest bakery products, and is the largest commercial bakery operation in the country. Canada Bread has operated as a Franchisor since the 1960’s and provides premium branded and private label bakery and food service products through our franchisees and distributors.

Canada Bread joined Grupo Bimbo in 2014, which operates in 32 countries worldwide. Grupo Bimbo is the global leader in the baking industry and an important player in snacks and one of the largest distribution networks in the world.

  1. Boulangerie Auger

For over 60 years, the Auger bakery has been a treat for young and old, offering you genuine flavors made from 100% Quebec flour, with no pesticides or chemical agents. Established in St-Jérôme in 1949, Boulangerie Auger has nearly 100 employees and franchisees in Québec and Ontario and offers a variety of quality sliced breads made with flours produced from grains grown exclusively in Quebec.

Present in most of Quebec’s grocery chains, Boulangerie Auger makes breads for private brands and also supplies many businesses in the restaurant industry. Since 2018, Boulangerie Auger is the owner of the iconic Betty bread line. This acquisition has enabled Boulangerie Auger to expand its reach in Quebec and in the Ontario area.

  1. Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a premium bakery-café specializing in a delightful assortment of pastries, cakes, and breads baked daily on-premise. The company’s concept of work ranges in a variety of space sizes and settings. From urban centers to suburban shopping areas and beyond each of its locations has a contemporary feel that sets it apart from other café concepts.

Its team delivers support at each critical level from site selection, lease negotiations, store design and construction, training, operations support, product development, and logistics and distribution.

  1. MBCO (Montreal Bread Company)

Note that the concept of MBCo is a lifestyle fine-dining establishment offering patrons gourmet sandwiches and those hard to find lifestyle products not available in traditional eateries, all within a value driven range of prices. A European culinary experience, all centered on innovative meal creations, MBCo falls into the category of a ‘Quick Casual Dining’ (QCD), with stores ranging in size from 250 sq. ft. up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon, and evening delight are available for enjoyment on site, or to be picked up to go. Delicacies include oven roasted chicken and brie pita, herbed oven-baked egg white omelettes, boutique style muffins, fair trade organic coffee and pizzas topped with exotic ingredients.

  1. Good Earth Coffeehouse

According to reports, this company has been creating authentic community coffeehouses since 1991, serving ethically sourced coffee and fresh, wholesome food with a down-to-earth attitude. They believe in the company coffee farmers and source their coffee through direct trade.

The company boost of believing in good food, made fresh daily. Its menu includes fresh baked goods and desserts, hearty soups and stews, delightful salads, and panini. Good Earth is uniquely a coffeehouse with good food.

  1. Topper’s Pizza

This company boasts of over 35 years experience in Franchising and is renowned for its amazingly delicious pizza. Topper’s is a true Northern Canadian pizza chain that has consistently won over customers with its fresh Authentic Italian Bread Crust made in pizzeria daily.

Established in 1982 in Sudbury, Ontario, Topper’s Pizza is owned by the Toppazzini family and the entire team is dedicated to the success of each Franchise Partner. Its award-winning franchise will provide you with the tools to be successful. All franchise partners are more than business partners, they are family.

  1. Domino’s Pizza in Canada

A leader in pizza delivery throughout Canada has single and multi-unit franchise opportunities available. Delivering superior made-to-order pizza with high quality Buffalo Style wings, Bread Stix, Boneless chicken, lava cakes, Cinnastix, and Cheesy Bread. They currently partner with Coca-Cola branded beverages in all their locations. Domino’s offers franchisees a proven operating system and a World-Class brand.

  1. Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff

Cupcakes is a well known chain of retro-styled Vancouver-based retail bakeries, co-founded by best friends Heather White and Lori Joyce in 2002, featuring whimsical cupcakes, cakes, and other nostalgic baked goods made fresh daily.

Cupcakes bakes their products from scratch and use preservative-free, basic ingredients, and also offer scrumptious retro cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, special events, or just to indulge. The Cupcakes trademark has been globally recognized as the original cupcakes bakery.

  1. Souvlaki

This is the best place to enjoy Greek cuisine! Mr Souvlaki have been serving fast and flavourful meals for over 14 years. All of their foods are infused with rich and authentic flavors. Savor their delicious chicken or pork souvlaki, wrapped with fresh pita bread — all served hot off the grill.

Enjoy a perfectly roasted chicken leg with the company’s Greek seasoned potatoes and rice. Don’t forget about their one of a kind tzatziki sauce! All of the company’s menu items are prepared with market fresh ingredients — the key to a wholesome and delicious meal.

  1. Les Moulins La Fayatte

A Les Moulins La Fayette license is more or less the granting of the commercial exploitation rights of the licensor – Mr. Johnny Jeulin – to an independent entrepreneur who, after having adhered to the company’s business philosophy, commercially exploits the products of their concept under the aegis of a network brand.

The licensee does not have to worry about production, the creation of a brand image, not to mention national marketing. In exchange, this formula requires that the licensee undertakes to use his own know-how (local marketing, sales, and customer service) to promote his business. The licensee is expected fit out his shop according to the standard model designed for Les Moulins La Fayette (furniture, design, layout, etc.)

Starting a bread business is possible. You can learn how to get your doors open, and how to run even a bakery over a few weeks and start thriving. Or you can choose to leverage any of the franchises mentioned above and enjoy the limitless possibilities that come with it.