If you are an entrepreneur that wants to own and operate your own business while still enjoying the support of the largest brand in the world, then franchising is an opportunity you need to explore. Interestingly, when it comes to franchising, Canada comes next to the United States as the second-largest franchise market in the world. A good number of Canadian-based (owned and operated from Canada) business chains are growing and have expanded into other markets.

This goes to show that there are loads of companies that are into franchising in Canada whose franchise unit can be sold to any interested investor in the United States of America and in any part of the world. Here are 50 popular franchise opportunities in Canada that you can choose from;

50 Best Franchise Opportunities in Canada and Their Cost

  1. Country Style

In March 1963, Country Style responded to a large customer demand in Toronto by opening its first coffee shop. The concept was simple. Country Style served fresh coffee in a tidy store with friendly service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now with 45 years experience and 500 locations across the country, Country Style is Canada’s second largest coffee franchise.

Country Style believe that their success lies in the quality of their fresh ground coffee and baked goods which till today are still made on site. Their lunch offerings and friendly service make sitting down in one of their locations a distinct experience and they aim to make that a memorable one for every customer that walks through their doors.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Investment Level – $100,001 – $200,000
  • Number of Units – 434
  • Royalty Fee – 4.5%
  1. A&W

Since the first drive-in opened in Winnipeg in 1956, A&W has grown to become Canada’s fastest-growing burger quick-service restaurant (QSR), with over 950 restaurants and over $900 million in sales from coast to coast. With their iconic Burger Family®, famous onion rings, and A&W Root Beer® served in frosted mugs, A&W has been an icon in Canadian culture.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $300,000
  • Total Investment – $1,000,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 950
  1. Action – Coach

As part of the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with over 25 years’ experience and tens of thousands of happy clients, ActionCoach now expanding across Canada and looking for 47 amazing entrepreneurs to open and run their own Business Coaching Firms.

ActionCoach mission is to help Canadian Business Coaches realize their dreams by empowering their clients to reach and exceed their personal and professional goals. ActionCOACH also want their Business Coaches to realize their goals of financial freedom, ultimately having control of their time to serve others while at the same time making a great income to support themselves and their families. This will allow them to fulfill the ActionCOACH goal of world abundance through business re-education.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $125,000
  • Total Investment – $225,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 970
  • Total Units (Canada) – 14
  • Year Founded – 1993
  1. Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is Canada’s No. 1 casual dining brand with over 390 locations nationwide and growing with over $1 billion annual system wide sale. They are a Canadian owned and operated restaurant and sports bar concept with over 54 years of proven success and franchise growth.

The brand can boast of having over 50+ years in business; Over 390 locations across Canada and growing; Over $1 billion in system wide gross sales; average unit volume exceeds $2.8 million; Average annual SSSG sales growth 2011 to 2016: 1.7%; Industry leading low food cost.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $800,000
  • Total Investment – $1,800,000 to $3,000,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 427
  • Total Units (Canada) – 390

With over fourteen years experience in the field of painting and coating concrete surfaces, B-ProTek still considers itself a young dynamic company that is growing fast. They are already well established in Québec with 8 Franchisees working under the “Béton Surface” brand. To introduce its garage and indoor floor finishing services throughout Canada, B-ProTek offers you one or more of its available franchises.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $30,000
  • Total Investment – $93,500 to $110,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 8
  • Total Units (Canada) – 8
  1. ChipMaster

Chipmaster’s chemists have made a breakthrough in auto paint repair technology and restoration systems by developing a unique process that is easy to learn and easy to do. Chipmaster is supported by a multimillion – dollar corporation with 14 years experience in franchising, training and business startup successes.

They are in the process of setting up independent dealers or entrepreneurs that will have their own exclusive territories across Canada. Chipmaster is looking for individuals or existing businesses that can visualize over $100,000.00 profit in the first year.

Financial Requirement

  • Cash Required – $20,000
  • Total Investment – $20,000
  1. Clintar

Clintar offers full – service landscape, snow removal and outdoor property services year round for all Canadian commercial properties. As the country’s most-respected professional landscape design and grounds maintenance company, they are in a unique position to provide you with the support you need.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $100,000
  • Total Investment – $201,000 to $300,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 24
  • Total Units (Canada) – 24
  • Year Founded – 1973
  1. Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers’ breadth of services include companionship and personal care services, light housekeeping and meal preparation, to more specialized services for those with dementia and end of life needs. They assist with transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, the Grocery Store, and the pharmacy. If more around the clock care is needed, Comfort Keepers does provide 24-hour or Live-In services.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $75,000
  • Total Investment – $88,000 to $120,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 750
  • Total Units (Canada) – 50
  • Year Founded – 1998
  1. Crackboom Media

Crackboom Media is a company specialized in digital advertising. Their network allows companies to place ads that better target their audience. Digital advertising is CRACKBOOM Media’s specialty. With hundreds of displays installed throughout Quebec, their network allows companies to place ads according to their target audience. Crackboom Media screens are strategically placed to captivate potential customers in their daily routines and activities.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $60,000
  • Total Investment – $70,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 169
  • Year Founded – 2012
  1. Crackmasters

Crackmasters has advanced to the forefront of the windshield repair/replacement industry due to its exclusive and innovative long-crack repair process. With a new location opening almost every month in Canada, Crackmaster’s marketing strategies has proven to be extremely successful.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $30,000
  • Total Investment – $30,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 53
  • Year Founded – 1994

“Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!” has been used forever to make an easy decision – and it still is today.  There is no better choice for you!  Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!, a locally owned and operated company, is dedicated to the enhancement of their communities, one property at a time.  Their services range from lawn maintenance and gardening, to landscaping, and everything in between.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $30,000
  • Total Investment – $30,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 1
  • Total Units (Canada) – 1
  1. Fitness 1440

Fitness 1440 was founded in 2009 with the philosophy that each day is made of a perfectly matched set of 1,440 minutes of opportunities, choices, and attitudes. Fitness 1440 has developed into one of the most unique fitness club concepts in the country, promoting total well – being of the mind, body, and spirit.

Fitness 1440 proprietary trademarked “Fit Number” system provides biofeedback to each member based on real-time heart data displayed throughout the club on interactive screens. This drives results by providing the most efficient workout each and every time and freeing their members from the traditional approach of spending mindless hours on the treadmill.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Cash Required – $150,000
  • Total Investment – $150,000 to $837,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 53
  • Total Units (Canada) – 2
  1. GetintheLoop Local

GetintheLoop Local offers an exciting opportunity to be your own boss by operating your own turnkey mobile marketing franchise. Lead your community into the digital age by connecting local businesses directly to consumers locally and all across North America.

GetintheLoop’s platform leverages the power of mobile technology to reach the right consumers, at the right time and in the right location. GetintheLoop connects local businesses to a mobile app, mobile website, e-mail, push notifications, and social media to attract and retain consumers in your city.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $15,000
  • Total Investment – $15,000 to $35,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 30
  • Total Units (Canada) – 30
  1. Gorilla Property Services

Gorilla Property Services is a Canadian company that offers the top 6 services in the exterior property maintenance industry: gutter cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal, roof cleaning, window cleaning and salting/snow cleaning. For minimal start-up costs, you can become your own boss!

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $24,500
  • Total Investment – $49,500
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 29
  • Total Units (Canada) – 29
  1. Healthy Cravings Canada

The current trends in healthier lifestyles has created demands for healthy snack options in vending machines. Healthy Cravings Canada have answered the demands by creating Healthy Cravings. Now, you can capitalize on the growing number of health – conscious consumers and workplaces who are supporting healthy eating. The timing could not be better to enter one of the largest and fastest growing industries to be seen in many years, the “Healthy Snack Vending industry.”

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $10,000
  • Total Investment – Starting at $10,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 7,000
  1. Les Moulins La Fayette

Les Moulins La Fayette is Canadian company that is into bakery, pastry, catering trade, fine cuisine as well as local products that are home-made following time-honored methods, plus personalized service, strategic locations in a rural setting. They are seeking partners via franchising and you can be one of them.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $100,000
  • Total Investment – $300,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 22
  • Total Units (Canada) – 21
  • Year Founded – 1994
  1. LifeWave

LifeWave is a direct selling company that develops, manufactures and distributes health products that are totally unique and innovative and scientifically-proven for health preservation and anti-aging effectiveness. LifeWave was recently granted two US patents confirming that its proprietary and exclusive core technology of non-transdermal health-energizing and rejuvenating patches are a novel, legitimate and scientifically proven technology backed by 72 scientific studies.

This new, totally safe, gentle and user-friendly technology uses the natural intelligence of the body (without injecting anything in the body) to achieve vitalizing key health results that are complementary to food, nutritional supplements and other health-maintenance sources. LifeWave is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) and operates its business in more than 100 countries, since 2004 in the US and since 2009 in Canada.

Financial Requirement

  • Cash Required – $100
  • Total Investment – $100 to $2000

LUMAGRO began operating out of Burnaby B.C in 2006 under the name EHBC LTD, supplying Canada with various growing equipment. Thanks to the support of their customer base, LUMAGRO was able to expand by bringing new products into the market at an affordable price. With over 12 years’ experience, they have been able to establish confidence in LUMAGRO products and a strong network within the industry.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $10,000
  • Total Investment – $80,000 to $160,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 2
  1. M&M Food Market

For almost 40 years, M&M has helped Canadians put delicious meals on the table by offering consumers easy-to-prepare, top quality foods and personalized customer service, all within a uniquely convenient shopping environment. M&M Food Market have taken this task to heart and have grown to become Canada’s leading retailer of frozen foods, a truly iconic Canadian brand and a trusted guest at dinner tables across the country.

Following a significant rebranding effort in 2016 – including the name change from M&M Meat Shops, a new store design, new products and packaging, a new website and newly trained Meal Advisors – M&M Food Market is poised for franchise growth.

M&M Food Market is a franchised operation with construction costs of approximately $400,000 – $500,000 for a standard-size new store. To be financially pre-qualified, candidates must indicate that they have a minimum of 50% of the total in unencumbered funds.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $200,000
  • Total Investment – $400,000 to $500,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 350
  1. MacEwen

MacEwen Petroleum began in 1976 as a small, family-run oil company. Through hard work, innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality, they have grown to serve communities across Canada. MacEwen locations are managed locally to help communities thrive. MacEwen stations and convenience stores offer you the perfect opportunity to grow a thriving business.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $50,000
  • Total Investment – $90,000 to $150,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 55
  1. Massothérapie Massage Addict

Massothérapie Massage Addict is the country’s largest and fastest growing massage therapy company with locations from coast to coast. 100 percent Canadian owned and operated, this unique Business model offers consistent and predictable recurring revenue (80 percent of treatments paid by insurance), low investment and start-up costs and a quick ROI. Single and multi-unit franchise opportunities available.

The Massothérapie Massage Addict team is an experienced one. In fact, the head office team has over 130 years of combined experience in Canadian health and wellness/retail/franchise – based businesses.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $75,000
  • Total Investment – $200,000 to $275,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 84
  • Year Founded – 2008
  1. Multi Menu

Multi Menu is a Canadian company established in 1996 to serve the growing demand for home delivery of quality pet food and accessories. High margins, deductible expenses of this home – based franchise, as well as a low initial capital investment, makes a Multi Menu franchise very appealing to the small investor. For less than $10,000, one can buy an exclusive territory of 15,000 homes where he/she will be able to sell and deliver Multi Menu products.

They have more products to sell than any pet shops in Canada and a just-in-time inventory concept that allows you to only pay for the products that you have sold. With Multi Menu, you can build your cash flow as you go. Every new client (pet) will generate an average yearly profit of $150.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $4,500
  • Total Investment – $5000 to $15,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 160
  1. Padgett Business Services

Padgett Business Services is Canada’s leading provider of accounting, tax, financial reporting and payroll services as well as strategic business advice to small businesses since 1966.

Hundreds of Padgett franchises across North America provide their customers a full range of products and personalized service specially designed for the needs of small business, namely: Accounting and financial reporting, Tax preparation and consultation, Payroll services and Professional advice.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $37,500
  • Total Investment – $45,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 350
  • Total Units (Canada) – 115
  1. Petmobile

Petmobile is a home delivery service of high – quality pet foods and products. Available financing for training and starts-off inventory· Financing is available to cover 50 percent (upon credit approval) of training fees and initial inventory, with 100 percent guaranteed take-back of inventory by supplier during the probationary period.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Cash Required – $1,500
  • Total Investment – $5000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 95
  1. Petro-Canada

Petro-Canada core offerings include fuel, convenience items, coffee and may also include a car wash or an A&W quick-serve restaurant. To become a Petro-Canada Associate, you must be financially capable of making a substantial working capital investment.

Investment varies and depends on the location, product and service offering and size of the site. When you become a Petro-Canada Associate, you will be responsible for operating a location which includes a fuel offering and a convenience store, and may also include a Car wash and/or A&W restaurant.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $25,000
  • Total Investment – $25,000 to $1,000,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 1,686
  1. Pop Shoes

Pop Shoes was founded in 1985 as a merger of independent merchants aiming to gather a strong sale force while creating a unified image in the footwear industry. In 2000, Pop Shoes presented a revamped visual identity relating to new trends and to the needs of consumers. Families, as target customers, are at the center of this marketing approach based on quality products with competitive prices.

Considered the largest independent footwear group of retailers in Canada, Pop Shoes counts today over 90 shoe stores operating mainly in Quebec, in the Maritimes, in Ontario and in Western Canada. By its scale, Pop Shoes has tremendous purchasing power.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $75,000
  • Total Investment – Starting at $300,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 90
  • Total Units (Canada) – 90
  1. Pot Leaf News™

Pot Leaf News™ offers locally-focused editions at distribution centers in regional franchise territories throughout North America. By choosing Pot Leaf News™, advertisers can be rest assured that they will receive maximum exposure with local consumers in their area week after week.

Pot Leaf News™ is a free weekly publication – the first of its kind – with franchises available across North America as well as select countries around the world. With the top-quality content that Pot Leaf News™ provide, and the fact that their publication is free, success is just around the corner.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $3,000
  • Total Investment – $20,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 12
  • Total Units (Canada) – 12
  1. Proper Measure

Proper Measure is one of the hottest franchise opportunities, and making it happen in 3D and virtual reality, Matterport’s cutting-edge technology allows them to redefine how they experience both interior and exterior spaces. Proper Measure is the first end-to-end media platform of its kind, they create, modify and help realtors and their clients navigate through life-like digital displays of residential and commercial spaces through colorful floor plans and immersive tours.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $29,000
  • Total Investment – $36,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 7
  1. Qualinet

By acquiring a Qualinet franchise, you become an active partner in Qualinet’s successful cleanup and restoration network. Since 1994, one client at a time, Qualinet has become the benchmark in Québec for disaster cleanup operations. With a network of 80-plus franchises built over the years, the Qualinet brand now shines in every region.

Qualinet provides a full range of complementary services. When flooding, fire and smoke damage, or oil spills happen; for hazardous material recovery, blocked drains and pipes; for eco-friendly disaster renovation, clothing and fabric dry cleaning, or for residential and commercial cleaning, there is a Qualinet team ready to answer your call.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $75,000
  • Total Investment – $175,000
  • Year Founded – 1994
  1. Renobox

Renobox is offering a unique business opportunity in a booming industry. They have been providing their leading-edge transportation and storage technology to contractors in the home renovations business. Renobox trailers, flat bed platforms, and storage containers are second to none when it comes to storing and transporting construction materials, furniture and appliances, and waste.

The successful operators in Renobox network will agree that Renobox is an excellent business opportunity in a profitable market. Renobox offer everything you need to get started in the lucrative renovation industry and provide you with the tools for lasting business success with a product that professionals trust.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $40,000
  • Total Investment – $130,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 25
  1. Scorpion

In 1996, Scorpion research made a major breakthrough in truck bed lining technology. This technology also extends to the lining of everything from trailers to tanks to decks, concrete, agricultural, oilfield applications, fiberglass, and whatever needs a solid protective coating. They didn’t stop with a chemistry change though. Scorpion has forever changed the way truck beds are lined – they made the entire process simple, safe, effective and very low cost.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $15,000
  • Total Investment – $15,000
  • Total Units (Canada) – 90
  1. Shefield Group

Shefield Group is a group of high – end convenience stores selling everyday products including: cold beverages, confectionary, snacks, lottery, domestic tobacco, Cuban cigars and an extensive offerings of smoking accessories including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and pipes.

Shefield Group offers convenience store concepts located in enclosed malls and shopping centres, offering a safe secure environment for both franchisees and consumers. Shefield Group locations offer realistic hours of operation which are ideal for managing labour costs.

Unique product assortment, management and strong margins allow them to be competitive within their retail category. Shefield Group long standing relationship with the upper echelon of Canadian commercial landlords allows them to secure Grade “A” prime retail locations.

Financial Requirement

  • Cash Required – $140,000
  • Total Investment – $264,000 to $491,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 65
  • Total Units (Canada) – 65
  1. SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions is the world’s premier sustainability advisor, helping local businesses lower costs and drive revenues through green initiatives. SuperGreen Solutions uses sustainability to help you differentiate from your competition, while also improving your operation.

SuperGreen Solutions have made sustainability obtainable, affordable, and profitable for businesses of all sizes. Their energy-saving business solutions allow franchisees to reach a wide audience while targeting large invoice business customers.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $49,500
  • Total Investment – $65,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 80
  • Total Units (Canada) – 3
  1. Toodaloo

More than simply doing a good job, Toodaloo technicians look good doing it as well. Toodaloo marketing goes above and beyond the conventional visual representations of pest control. Their particular brand of pest and wildlife services include a show as well, with flashy uniforms, eye-catching vehicles and top of the line results. Putting this new twist on an industry that has minimal Franchise Structure within Canada is why Toodaloo supersedes the competition.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $19,500
  • Total Investment – $44,500
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 1
  • Total Units (Canada) – 1
  1. Ultramar Brand

With more than 800 service stations located across Eastern Canada, generating more than 200,000 in transactions per day, Ultramar is one of the largest brands in the country that meets the needs of Canadian consumers on a daily basis.

By joining forces with those of the Ultramar brand and Parkland Fuel Corporation, you will benefit from a program designed to help you on your path to success. They are a loyal company, attentive to the needs of their agents, which enables them to offer a competitive advantage that simplifies daily life.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $50,000
  • Total Investment – $50,000 to $120,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 1,800
  1. Wee Watch

Wee Watch is a unique and innovative organization providing quality home childcare service to families since 1984. Wee Watch is a business that is about having a professional approach to childcare with a proven System that goes beyond babysitting by applying top best practices in home safety, educational growth, service protocols and more.

As a Franchisor, Wee Watch is a well – established, reputable business trusted by parents, providers and Franchisees for over 30 years.  Wee Watch provides premium quality childcare through a network of Agencies owned by Franchisee partners.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Cash Required – $30,000
  • Total Investment – $30,000 to $50,000
  • Total Units (Worldwide) – 45
  • Total Units (Canada) – 45
  1. My Business Venture

My Business Venture has developed a full e-commerce enabled custom website package featuring state of the art technology. This program was designed to work within almost anyone’s budget, and can be run from the privacy of your own home.

You can keep your full-time day job while managing your online business part-time and be successful! My Business Venture gives you the ability to start an online business from the comfort of your home, featuring over 15,000 top selling products and mark-ups of up to 200 percent on each sale!

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $3,995
  • Veterans – 3 free months hosting to all to active, qualified military or veterans.
  1. Beacon Deals

Beacon & Proximity DEALS are the hottest marketing tools around for local businesses. BeaconEdge provides training, marketing material, software and support. You do not need experience in mobile marketing to make money in this fast growing industry. BeaconEdge’s turn-key business-in-a-box gives anyone the ability to make it big with proximity marketing.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $149
  1. Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

With over 3,000 locations, Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning system. They offer multi-unit territories, so your Chem-Dry empire can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

Carpet cleaning is a massive market. Every year, home and business owners install an estimated 10 billion square feet of new carpet, and all of it has to be cleaned. Carpet makes up more than 52 percent of all residential floor coverings in Canada, and Chem-Dry has devised a better way to clean it and keep it clean.

Since their founding in 1977, they have used a patented method of Hot Carbonating Extraction to attack dirt, dust, oils and allergens in carpet fibers and on hard surfaces.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $30,000
  1. SocialOwl

SocialOwl provides everything you will need to run a successful local social media business, including your own branded website and a turnkey business model. No experience is needed!

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $149
  1. Young Engineers

Young Engineers has developed a simple and straightforward approach to an education business that is easy to learn. You will benefit from full training with everything required to successfully start and grow a successful children’s education business. Operating in over 45 countries, Young Engineers Franchise offer a variety of STEM LEGO® based after-school programs, that combine Education + Entertainment (Edutainment).

They have developed unique educational programs for children aged 4-15 years old, that you can easily operate to establish a successful and meaningful franchise business. Their classes are focused on science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), through fun and inspiring learning experience. Young Engineers are honored to be endorsed by the European Union Commission, while also aligned to the U.S common core standards.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $39,000
  1. PerkUp

PerkUp provides a proven turn-key business opportunity for a smooth and immediate flow of business and revenue. The company provides cutting edge products, exclusive territory, unparalleled customer service, marketing and technical support and much more.

They have a clear path for financial success and they will teach you all the successful strategies that they have been implementing for years. Learn how to sell digital loyalty to businesses even if you have no experience.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $149
  1. SUBWAY®

Subway has more locations in the world than any other Quick Service Restaurant and more than 50 years of experience working with Franchise Owners in their quest to provide freshly made, quality sandwiches and salads at a great value in a clean comfortable environment. If you enjoy working with people, leading your own team, learning new skills and are ready for an exciting new challenge, then Subway is an opportunity you must explore.

Subway is one of the lowest start-up costs in the industry and provides an opportunity to provide delicious, nutritious and innovative food options (no fried foods – just more fresh vegetables to pile on lean meats and bread baked fresh daily!)

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $100,000
  1. Challenge Island

With a 10-year track record, exceptionally low start-up costs and cash flowing in a very short period of time, this is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for an owner/operator business.

Challenge Island is a one-of-a-kind enrichment program on the cutting edge of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education and 21st Century Learning. Their unique collaborative learning approach simultaneously addresses the needs of both the child of today and the adult of the future.

Financial Requirement

  • Minimum Cash Required – $39,900
  1. Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting

Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting specialty is Executive Search for all c-suite/director level executives and operations managers at all levels. They service all markets of hospitality including hotels, restaurants, casinos, airports, clubs, resorts, university & hospital cafeterias, food & beverage and specialty searches.

Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting are the largest hospitality executive search company in North America. As a franchisee with Patrice & Associates, you’ll enjoy a rewarding career with a proven system. If you are interested in a professional B2B business, with low overhead and high ROI potential, then you’re at the right place.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $20,000
  1. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is a green, revolutionary cleaning system built on the power of oxygen. Oxi Fresh combines the advantages of protected territories, turnkey marketing programs and a variety of tools to give franchisees that competitive edge.

Entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and Canada have joined the Oxi Fresh team, recognizing the massive opportunity offered by the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®. After all, it’s not just a cleaning system they get with Oxi Fresh – it’s a complete business designed to give them the freedom and stability they need to pursue their financial dreams and goals.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $38,900
  1. Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service is the brand with the iconic Statue of Liberty Wavers. When Americans see them, they know it’s tax time. They have one of the most experienced teams in the tax business, and they are looking for franchisees who want to work with them to capitalize on the $11 billion tax preparation services market.

The IRS estimates that more than 155 million individuals will file taxes in the U.S. in 2018. More than half typically use a professional tax preparer. That makes the tax business reliable and offers the opportunity for profitability. What gives Liberty Tax franchise owners the advantage is the knowledge and experience of their team, ongoing training and support and their iconic brand power.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000
  1. Shack Shine

Shack Shine is pioneering a brand new industry — house detailing. The exterior cleaning industry is valued at billion dollars annually, with 5 percent year-over-year growth for the past five years. The Shack Shine model is based on the proven systems and processes that made 1-800-GOT-JUNK? an international, multi-million-dollar brand.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,250
  • Veterans – 15 percent off franchise fees.
  1. Midas

Midas is proud to be a trusted, globally recognized leader in the automotive industry. As they continue to expand and build their reputation, they are looking for motivated individuals to be a part of our family! Join the Midas team and build long-term success with the #1 automotive repair franchise.

As a Midas franchisee, you can experience the benefits of joining one of the most recognized names in the automotive market.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Available Locations – Franchise opportunities available in new development areas throughout the United States and Canada. Franchise resales also available in select markets.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $75,000
  1. Qualicare

Qualicare has had the privilege of not only impacting the lives of their clients, but of staying on the leading edge of the homecare industry. The company was started in 2001 in order to meet a very specific need. However, the world around their company has changed and shifted, making their services more relevant than ever before.

Qualicare provides a variety of nurse-led home care services to help loved ones of all ages have more great days and family members can “care” rather than “provide care” to their loved ones. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to high quality home care, that’s why they think creatively about how to optimize every client’s experience.

Financial Requirement and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000