If you can’t get away right now but would like to discover the world, there are a few ways for you to discover new places without leaving your couch. Here, we’re going to look at three of the best ways for you to see the world without leaving home, including one real out-of-this-world experience!

Streaming and Live Casinos

One way to discover the world is through streaming technology. While most of us can’t afford to take off whenever we feel like it, that doesn’t mean we can’t allow the explorer within us to visit new places, streaming-style. With some fantastic travel shows on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, the world is right at our fingertips. From Mexican markets to the farthest reaches of the Arctic, we can witness some truly wonderful journeys, both factual and fictional, as they take us into some amazing parts of the world.

Streaming entertains us in other ways too, such as through music, thanks to the likes of Spotify. It’s also made a huge impact on the online casino experience, as players can now interact with live dealers and other players, such as at an online casino like this. The games are streamed from a land-based casino and feature real croupiers dealing the cards. And yes, that includes casinos from different countries, so you can get a taste of an international casino right at home.

VR Tourism

VR (Virtual Reality) tourism allows you to see the world, whether you’re sat at home or taking the train to work. These aren’t games, but actual experiences. So while the pace can be slow, they’re worth being patient for.

VR captures 360 degrees of a specific location, making you feel completely immersed in a fully digital environment. The controllers and headset track the movement of your arms, legs, and head, allowing you to interact with the virtual world as you would in real life. This allows you to enjoy digital days at the beach, subterranean caverns, and haunted locales, as if you were really there. So you really can discover the world without leaving your living room!

Whether you feel like visiting a zoo in China or a museum in Paris, you can experience these places without the smell of jet fuel accompanying your journey. Virtual wanderlust is becoming a way of life for those who can’t wait until their next vacation time to see the world.

Space Tourism

While the Space Age didn’t just dawn on us- it’s actually been here for over 50 years- visiting space remains a very rare occurrence. Fewer than 600 people gave visited space, and each one was sent there by one government or another. That is until recently.

Now we’re seeing the likes of such private space companies as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic taking private citizens to the final frontier. These companies have sent their billionaire owners (space tourists) on private flights in the form of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

So yes, If you’re a multi-billionaire or a government agency astronaut, you’re in luck, as space travel is a very real possibility and talk about discovering the world – more like the universe. Don’t worry- while space tourism isn’t exactly the most accessible activity for most of us in the short-term, that’s something that can be expected to change in the coming years.

The companies most likely to provide opportunities for you and me to take a trip to outer space are those headed by those very billionaires who have recently gone to space themselves, i.e. Virgin Atlantic (Richard Branson), Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos), and SpaceX (Elon Musk). While these are the big players who will most likely be in a position to take us to space, there are a number of contenders in the mix. Watch this space!