Do you want to migrate to Canada with your family? If YES, here are 10 best cities in Canada with lots of opportunities for families to live and work. A lot of people are currently jumping on the migration bandwagon, and are heading to countries and cities where the conditions of living are above board, and where they can find a comfortable environment to work and raise their families.

People who are more likely to leave their environment and head off into the world in search of better opportunities are people who do not have access to good living conditions or those who have had issues with employment, or even couples looking for a crime-free environment to raise their kids.

This is the reason why before starting your migration procedures, you have to first find out which cities would be the best fit for you to get the much desired job so as to pay your bills, and a city that would enable you raise your children comfortably.

If you are planning to move to Canada with your family in search of greener pastures, we have provided you about 10 cities that would be a good fit for you. These cities were analyzed based on their economy, unemployment rates and livability index.

10 Best Cities in Canada for Families to Live and Work

  1. Quebec City, Quebec

Though Quebec City is ranked high as a good city for business migration

, but the city is also a good place to find great jobs and to raise a family. This is mostly due to its affordability and the low unemployment rate, as these both create a yearly income for workers that is above the average.

The unemployment rate in Canada has been hovering around 5.9% for 2017, meaning that places like Quebec City, with 3.9%, have an actual shortage of employees. Because of this, there is less stress financially, which has become a major factor for migrants. The low unemployment rate helps you to sleep better at night knowing that you would likely be able to find another job if you lost your current one.

The city is known for having exceptional architecture and a great amount of culture, and the swath of millennials who are moving there has created an even higher demand for great restaurants and bars. For those with more traditional taste, there is also a myriad of museums and parks that are perfect for both daytime and nighttime recreation both for children and adults. The climate may leave something to be desired, however, the high level of safety and family friendliness more than make up for that failing.

  1. Yukon

One good Canadian city for families to live and work in is Yukon. Yukon is a unique region of Northern America and many people refer to the territory as the last frontier due to its pristine natural landscape. Communities in Yukon are deeply connected to nature and you will most likely find them to be a group of friendly, active individuals who love to participate in outdoor activities.

Yukon is a peaceful province with scenic natural locations where children can be raised in comfort, and the province is draws in a lot of investors, so there would not be shortage of jobs. Other than that, the environment is also friendly for starting a business in.

  1. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is the main and biggest city in Alberta and the third-largest urban area in Canada. With 1.3 million people living in Calgary, it makes it very vibrant and attractive in the Alberta Province. Calgary is well known for being attractive especially for engineers, mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs. Crime rate in the area is low and unemployment is slowly improving as more and more new immigrants are coming to live and work in Calgary. You can loin this train.

The mix of outdoor experiences and a booming economy provided residents with the best of both worlds, but at a much more affordable price than the big 3 (Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal). At the time the price of oil tumbled, Calgary fell on hard times, but it looks to be experiencing a huge comeback.

From the perspective of a new hire, things are actually looking pretty good. The unemployment rate has begun to drop, and starting wages are higher than the average across Canada. With great environment and a very rational housing prices Calgary is a great place to live in if you plan on coming to the Alberta Province.

  1. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) may be Canada’s smallest province, but its potential for business and economic growth knows no bounds. As one of the Maritime Provinces, PEI is largely affected by the aging workforce that is sweeping the nation. For this reason, the province has turned to immigrants, specifically foreign entrepreneurs and workers, to help build the already growing economy.

The Government of PEI, recognizing the importance of new business development, offers many supportive initiatives, like the Ignition Fund, to entrepreneurs looking to start a new business in the province. With plenty of resources at your disposal and the relaxed atmosphere of the coastal towns, your business in PEI will surely flourish. The Prince Edward Island Work Permit is currently the only business visa option

in the province.

  1. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Looking now to the east coast, Halifax has developed as a strong hub for business and trade in Canada. The result has been a strong housing market, and a thriving downtown area. Even with the housing affordability, as more developments are being made, the prices of real estate are not likely to rise too sharply.

The presence of several large post-secondary institutions in the town adds educated individuals to the workforce and creates a vibrant nightlife. Halifax has become the fifth-largest technology hub in Canada, which when combined with the Maritime habitat, creates a wonderful place to enjoy your life while growing a career and raising a family.

There is a sense of combining historic significance and academic achievement with a modern sense of global business which makes Halifax a good place to live. If your work is mostly done remotely or is mainly project-oriented, you will be able to enjoy a calm day in the Halifax public gardens while not on the clock.

  1. Victoria, BC

Vancouver is generally seen as the darling of the west coast, but Victoria actually has many upsides in comparison. Its close proximity to outdoor mecca, Tofino, is part of what gives it the top rank in terms of life satisfaction. It has the 2nd largest amount of millennials in the whole country, who have a higher level of education than most other places.

Additionally, Victoria was ranked among the most “bikeable” cities in Canada, which adds to the quality of life significantly. Because of its strategic position between Seattle and Vancouver, merged with the advanced technology as the engine of the economy, Victoria has a nice blend of industries where there could be something for everyone, both outdoors and inside.

Many Millennials who work in the IT industry even have the option of working remotely in Seattle and living in Victoria where the real estate prices are significantly lower while being able to jump over the border to the office at a moment’s notice.

  1. Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

A small city outside of Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo provides a great alternative to the continually growing rents of Downtown Toronto. As a well-known technology hub within Canada that is now growing in reputation worldwide, economic opportunities are aplenty here.

In economic terms, Kitchener-Waterloo is teeming with opportunity, especially for those in the IT sector and services. The median household income in this region in 2017 was around $78,000, surpassing the national average by $8,000 dollars and surpassing the neighbouring Toronto by a whopping $12,000. Additionally, this area has a much lower crime rate, which contrasts with housing prices which are about half as much as they are in Toronto.

For a slightly experienced developer or designer, this could be one of the few places in the country where they would benefit from a stable job market and would even be able to get a ‘’walk-in job” for many positions. This is also a great city to raise a family.

  1. New Brunswick

The world may know the province for the Bay of Fundy which has the world’s highest tides, but what many people do not know is that New Brunswick has some of the best business opportunities in all of Canada. This is what makes the area very suitable for migration as there would not be a shortage of jobs to apply for. Because it is in a calm city it is an ideal place to raise a family.

The province has the highest graduation rate and the fastest internet in the country making it a prime spot for productivity. New businesses flourish in the province due to having the lowest operating costs in Canada

and the U.S. For this reason and many others, New Brunswick’s capital city, Fredericton, won startup community of the year in 2016.

  1. Toronto, Ontario

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Toronto is best known for being the most populous city in all of Canada with nearly 3 million people. A large percentage of Toronto’s diverse population are immigrants with nearly 50% being born outside of Canada territory. Being very populated, the Toronto area produces more than 50% of all of Canada’s manufactured products.

The unemployment rate in Toronto is very low and many individuals find their personal income to be very satisfactory with a variety of job opportunities in the area. Toronto is well known in high quality of life and demonstrating excellency in innovation, health, safety and security, and ease of doing business.

For business, Toronto is a very powerful economic city and it is home to Canada’s largest concentration of private information technology (IT) companies. With a diversified population, great job opportunities and so much to explore, Toronto is definitely the place to live with your family when you land in Canada for the very first time.

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is well known for being Canada’s most populated area with around 650,000 people living in the area and also being a popular destination for South Asian and Chinese immigrants. Being known as most ethnically- and linguistically-diverse city, over 50% of its population are not native English speakers.

Vancouver is a port city and well known for its marvelous landscapes and popular filming location for many individual’s professionals. The cost of living and housing prices in Vancouver are particularly high comparing to other places in Canada but the average income and style of living in the area are making a great compensation. Vancouver is for most one of the beautiful and welcoming cities in Canada and is a home for many individuals coming to live in Canada as Permanent Residents.