Canada is the biggest country in North America, with attractive scenery, forests, and some of the continent’s beautiful sights. Even if you are only a few hours away from home, you would want to stay in contact with your loved ones. That is one of the reasons why you should purchase a Canadian SIM card or an international SIM card.

A prepaid SIM card is one that is not linked to a mobile plan, rather the user will pay for the credits in advance. These credits can be used to make phone calls, send (SMS) messages, or access mobile data. The omission of credit is a substantial benefit of prepaid cards.

Since prepaid credits are procured in cash up front, the user can only use telecom services for which they have already paid, reducing the possibility of uncomfortable moments and overspending.

Every service provider has its rules that govern when it can deactivate a SIM card. Several service providers will not disable your prepaid SIM card if you use it for calls once per year, while some service providers mandate you to buy credits on a regular basis to keep it active.

Best Prepaid Sim Cards in Canada

  1. Bell Canada Sim Card

Bell Canada is well-known for various service innovations it provides to users throughout Canada, such as 4G LTE, 5G, and 5G+, Fibe Internet and TV, Wireless Home Internet, cloud and data hosting, IP voice and collaboration, and the Internet of Things.

Bell sim card Canada is renowned as the country’s third largest phone company and you can get a prepaid sim card with Bell for $10 CAD without credit.

You can purchase it at $45 CAD with 1 GB of data and unlimited texting and calling. Customers can get up to 4 GB of data and unlimited SMS and phone calls for $55 CAD and 6 GB of data as well as unlimited SMS and phone calls for $65 CAD. They are all valid for a 30-day period.

  1. Rogers Canada Sim Card

Rogers sim card Canada is the country’s biggest phone operator and also the most dependable in terms of coverage. It is the country’s largest telecommunications company, and it provides various choices for staying connected while in Canada. The Pay As You Go SIM Card Canada is one of the local favorites.

It provides various Talk and Text plans along with Data Plans. For $10 CAD, you can get a Rogers prepaid sim card. For $65 CAD, you will have 1 GB of data, 150 local minutes, and unlimited international SMS for 30 days. Excellent coverage, but extremely costly.

  1. Koodo Mobile Canada Sim Card

The Koodo base plan provides only the fundamentals. For $15 per month, you get unlimited international text and picture messaging as well as 100 minutes of nationwide talk time. Koodo prepaid add-ons, however; carry over from month to month, and as such adding a $30 Canada-wide talk booster affords you 600 minutes that don’t expire till you use them up.

This is a good amount of talk time for $45 upfront and $15 per month until your minutes expire. There are cheaper and more reliable packs offered, but if the minutes don’t expire, opt for the best-value $30 bundle.

  1. Telus Canada Sim Card

You can purchase Telis Canada’s SIM cards as a replacement for your current device, or you can activate them on Telus Prepaid. Telus Canada is the second largest phone operator in the country and plans start as low as $15 with no commitment, no term contracts, and no credit checks.

You just buy and activate a SIM card online. All Telus Canada’s sim card plans include both Canadian and international messaging, Voicemail 3, TELUS Call Display+, conference calling, and call waiting among others.

  1. Chatr Canada Sim Card

The Chatr Multi SIM Card is available in Nano, Micro, and Regular sizes and is compatible with any unlocked phone. Select Chatr plan, activate it on, and insert your SIM card into your phone to get started in Canada. It does not require credit checks or long-term contracts, just low-cost, dependable national wireless service. It is suitable with Chatr phone and any functional phone that accepts a standard, micro, or nano SIM card.

  1. Freedom Mobile Canada Sim Card

Freedom Mobile’s cheapest option is the starter plan, which costs $15 per month. You will receive 250MB of data; 100 minutes of talk time (Canada-wide), unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited global text, video, and picture messaging with this plan.

The $25 per month mobile plan is also another low-cost alternative to the Freedom Mobile starter plan. This plan includes 500MB of data, unlimited calls to and fro Canada, as well as unlimited global text, video, and picture messaging.

  1. Fido Canada Sim Card

When you buy this Sim Card, you’re paying for your service in advance, even if you use all your plan’s talk, text, or data features.

Prepaid refills are non-refundable irrespective of payment method. You pay for the service when you use it with a prepaid By the Day or By the Minute plan. If you refill $10 each month, your unused balance will carry over to the next month.

  1. Public Mobile Canada Sim Card

Public Mobile Canada Sim Card is yet another good option to consider if you want to get the best prepaid sim card in Canada. When you subscribe to this sim card, you will receive 100 minutes (Canada-wide), a 250 MB bonus with AutoPay, unlimited calls, and unlimited international text and picture messaging for $15.

Note that for $25, you will receive 500MB of 3G data, a 500 MB bonus with AutoPay, unlimited minutes (Canada-wide), and unlimited international text and picture messaging. Other Public Mobile plans range from $35 (2.5GB data) to $70 (20GB data).

  1. Petro-Canada Mobile

Petro-Canada Mobile pay-as-you-go packages start at $10 for 30 days, but you can get 120 days of service for $25 upfront (about four months).

This is an excellent choice for an emergency phone or for staying in touch with a kid or aging parents. You can top up your account at any given time by going online or visiting any of Petro-$1,500+ Canada stations located across the country.

  1. Lucky Mobile

Luck Mobile offers low-cost plans based on your needs and preferences. You receive 500 MB of data for $15 per month (3G speed). However, if you sign up for an automatic top-up, you will receive 750 MB (3G speed). Calling and texting are not available because this is a data-only plan.

For $15 per month, you receive 100 minutes of outgoing calls (Canada-wide), unlimited minutes of incoming calls (Canada-wide), 250 MB of data per month if you sign up for an automatic top-up, and unlimited texting both in Canada and internationally.