Other Canada travel documents – Proof of Citizenship

Travel document requirements vary from country to country, but you will need a Canada passport or other proof of Canadian citizenship. A valid Canada passport is your best proof of Canada Citizenship and the most important Canada travel document. Make sure you passport is not about to expire in 6 months from your trip departure, certain countries will not permit you to enter and will not place a visa in your passport, if the remaining validity is less than 6 months.

Visas and other documents

A visa or a tourist card may be required by the country or countries that you will visit.

A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed in your passport by a foreign government that permits you to visit that country for a specified purpose and a limited time. Most are for 3 or 6 months, and can be for business or tourist travel.

A travel agent, airline or agency where you booked your tickets would be able to let you know if a visa or tourist card are required. The embassy or consulate of the country where you plan to travel can also advise you about its entry requirements.

You should obtain visas before you leave Canada because you may not be able to get them for some countries once you have departed. Since a visa is stamped directly onto a blank page in your passport, you will need to give your passport to the official at the foreign embassy or consulate.

You may need to fill out a form and submit one or more photographs with the form in order to obtain a visa. Many visas also require a fee and the process can take several weeks so it is best to apply for one well in advance of your trip if need be.

Other Canada travel documents – Tourist Card

Find out if the country that you plan to visit only requires a tourist card, you can usually obtain one from the country’s embassy or consulate, from an airline serving the country, or at the port of entry. There may for some tourist cards. If you are booking a package vacation, the tour operator will usually provide a tourist card with your tickets and other information.

You may also need evidence that you have enough money for your trip and/or have ongoing or return transportation tickets.

Other Canada travel documents – Notarized letters for minors

With the number of international child custody cases increasing, many countries have instituted travel requirements to help prevent child abductions.

For example, Mexico has a law that requires a child travelling alone, or with only one parent, or in someone else’s custody, to carry written, notarized consent from the absent parent or parents.

Complete a travel consent when your child is traveling on trips with organizations, family members, or one parent. It is required where a minor child under the age of 18 is traveling internationally without both parents present. A completed form also avoids hassles boarding airplanes, seeking medical treatment for the children in your care, crossing international borders, and is especially useful in divorce/separation situations.

This is very important and without this letter, the airline will probably not even let you board the plane. These forms can be found online, and we highly recommend a proper Child Travel Consent form be prepared before you travel.