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You may need the assistance of a Canada travel agent to help select the package or tour that’s right for you. With such a variety of alternatives in destinations, prices, airlines, hotels and facilities it can be daunting. This is especially important if you are not an experienced traveller or if you are going somewhere that involves complicated arrangements.

There are many online travel companies in Canada some which offer the services of a travel agent to help you book your trip. Here we are focusing on the Canada Travel Agents which existed before the internet was available and most which have an Office you can visit.

Top 10 Benefits of Booking with a Canada Travel Agent

Below is a top 10 list  of some of the important services, which are either provided free or for a nominal charge, by Canada travel agents:

  1. Simplifying the Research and Subsequent Transactions – Like a personal shopper, agents can provide one-stop shopping for travelers who require air arrangements, rental cars, cruise accommodations and hotel stays with suggestions that are in the best interest of the client, not the supplier
  2. Enhancing the Trip with Value-Added Benefits and Amenities – Agents can add to the clients’ experience by sending a bottle of wine, providing a special land package, a specific escort or other custom amenities.
  3. Using Their Clout to Obtain the Best Possible in Seemingly Impossible Situations – Whether it’s airline seats, hotel rooms or cruise space, the travel agent has more buying power than the consumer.
  4. Getting Problems Resolved – The agent serves as the consumers’ advocate, in the event something inadvertently goes wrong.
  5. Distilling Product Information – Through an on-going and time-consuming process of familiarization, continuing education and customer feedback, the agent becomes a travel expert.
  6. Investigating and Supplying Competitive Information – No single supplier is going to advise a consumer that a better route or a better fare is available on a competing carrier.
  7. Staying Abreast of the Most Current and Timely Promotions – Via daily faxes, agent-only E-mail transmissions, and their relationships with their district sales managers, agents are obtaining the most current promotional information.
  8. Analyzing the Current Promotions – The cheapest is not always the best.
  9. Clarifying the Fine Print, Such as Cancellation Penalties and Restrictions – Again, the benefits of a professional’s experience can save a traveler money and headaches.
  10. Making Recommendations for Travel-Related Options – Travel agents share the experience and knowledge they accumulate about a variety of travel topics from where to eat, where to shop and what to pack.

What you need to Know before You Go to a Travel Agency

Here are some pointers to prepare before you go and so you know what is going to be asked.

What’s your budget?

It needn’t be hard and fast, but the options are too vast to approach without a figure or a price range in mind.

What kind of vacation experience do you want?

Domestic or foreign? A city or the countryside? The mountains or the beach?

 What is the focus of the trip?

Is it a family trip, where diversions for the children are needed? Is your goal to relax or do you want lots of activity? Do you want to stay put or move around? Would you like to pursue any hobbies?

When do you want to travel?

Plan dates-but with some flexibility. Prices change as a destination moves from its high season to a “shoulder” season and then low season.

 What type of vacation package do you want?

Are you interested in the comfort of a fully escorted motor coach tour or cruise? Would you prefer an all-inclusive package with air, or do you lean toward the greater independence of a day by day approach?

Remember, a Canada travel agent is a travel information expert, eminently qualified to pinpoint your dreams, present your choices, and help pick the package that’s best for you.

How to Find Canada Travel Agents

The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) has a great site to help you find a Travel Agent. Check out 10 Steps to Finding a Travel Agent near you.

Here are some Canada Travel Agencies to get you started:

What Can a Canada Travel Agent Do For You?Sears Travel Canada
Earn valuable Sears Club Points when you book travel with your Sears Card. Book in person with over 100 locations, over the phone or online.

What Can a Canada Travel Agent Do For You?Maritime Travel
Maritime Travel Inc. began with a single storefront, called Maritime Travel, in 1949. Since then, they have become the largest independent travel agency in Canada. Today, their retail operations consist of over 114 locations from coast to coast.

What Can a Canada Travel Agent Do For You?American Express Travel
American Express Travel Services locations in Canada offer special vacation deals exclusively for Canadian customers. Over 1,700 locations around the world in more than 130 countries.

What Can a Canada Travel Agent Do For You?Carlson Wagonlit Travel
With over 250 offices coast to coast, they are here to assist you with your vacation plans both on-line and off. They pride themselves in having the most experienced vacation consultants in the business.

What Can a Canada Travel Agent Do For You?Uniglobe Travel Canada
UNIGLOBE Travel provides independently owned and operated travel agencies with an outstanding support and service system. UNIGLOBE agencies benefit from the advantages of a large company while at the same time remaining independently owned.

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