The Canada Golf Tour

PGA Tour Canada is a series of tournaments hosted in Canada each summer, with one stop in the U.S., where golf stars begin the path to the PGA Tour. Formerly known as the Mackenzie Tour, the PGA Tour Canada remains one of the developmental tours where players can improve or hone their skills in preparation for PGA Q-School and/or the Korn Ferry Tour – with the primary goal of playing on the PGA Tour itself.

Although the tour is hosted and managed in Canada, foreign players from New Zealand, Australia, and the USA are known to be part of it. Owing to that, the PGA Canada tour has become a well-known golf tournament across the world.

If you are looking for the finest competition that the sport has to offer, the PGA Canada tour is a top option to consider. Any aspiring golfer can join the PGA Canada tour, as long as he or she has the skills to play golf at a professional level.

Each year, numerous golfers from around the world get involved in qualifying events of the tour, to win their way into big events and leagues in golf. The Canadian Tour is accredited with sending many players on to PGA Tour success. Canadian Mike Weir, the winner of eight PGA Tour titles – including the 2003 Masters – earned Rookie of the Year honors on the Canadian Tour in 1993.

PGA Tour Canada has its own series of qualifying schools at numerous sites across the country. The medalist at each of the six sites is fully exempt for the season. Also, those in the top 14 (not including ties) are exempt through the first six events, when a reshuffle happens. In case of a tie, note that a playoff is used to determine the final exempt position. Individuals in the top 40 including ties are conditionally exempt.

PGA Tour Canada Qualifying Tournament Procedures and Information

The primary mission of PGA Tour Canada is to deliver a PGA Tour experience for its members, fans, volunteers, and partners, and to ensure that they develop the future stars of professional golf and enrich the communities the Tour visits. Aside from the details and information noted above, here are other key details when looking to qualify for PGA Tour Canada;

  1. Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in PGA Tour Canada, professionals or amateurs will need a handicap index, which when applied to a qualifying course rating, will generate a course handicap of two (2.0) or less. The PGA TOUR reserves the right to validate the handicap index of amateurs and to refuse anyone not in alignment with the requirements.

In accordance with the PGA TOUR Canada Tournament Regulations, a player will need to be 18 years of age or older to qualify for membership.

A player under the age of 18 may be allowed to enter the PGA TOUR Canada Qualifying Tournament, as long as the player turns 18 on or before the first scheduled round of the final (official money) PGA TOUR Canada tournament of the season.

If a player under the age of 18 qualifies for the PGA TOUR Canada, the player would not be eligible for PGA TOUR Canada membership until his 18th birthday.

  1. Entry Fees

The entry fee of $2,600 USD will have to be paid when sending in your application and be payable by credit card. Use of a Visa Debit card is not advisable. The entry fee includes a green fee, coupled with liability insurance coverage, covering liability that may occur as a result of the applicant’s presence at a qualifying competition site.

Only online entries are accepted and the entry fee for any player attempting to enter after the entry deadline will be $3,000 USD. Applications may be submitted for the one-week period as stipulated by the entry availability and deadlines noted by PGA Tour Canada.

Completed applications will be randomly selected until all tournament sites are filled. Note that any applicant whose applications are not selected pursuant to this process will not be eligible to compete in the 2022 PGA TOUR Canada Qualifying Tournament, and their entry fees will be refunded.

  1. Format

Have it in mind that PGA Tour Canada as of 2022 is a 72-hole stroke play competition with the low 30 qualifiers and any player tied for 30th place earning eligibility status. The winner of each site will be exempt for the entire 2022 season and not subject to any reshuffle(s).

Also, note that Finishers 2-9 will be exempt through the reshuffle which will take place approximately halfway through the season. In case of a tie for 1st or 9th position, there will be a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following play. Finishers 10-30 and any player tied for 30th place will get conditional status to the PGA TOUR Canada for the 2022 season.

  1. Field Size & Site Assignment

According to reports, a maximum of 132 players are allowed per site. All 2021 members of the FORME Tour, coupled with all 2021-2022 PGA TOUR Latinoamérica and 2022 Korn Ferry Tour Members will get priority in site assignment but will be drawn on a random basis from virtually the same pool of member applicants.

Member and non-member entries won’t be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and both are subject to the same entry period.

The PGA TOUR Canada still has the right to balance the field size at qualifying sites by assigning any applicant, including members of the aforementioned tours whose applications are received before the entry deadline, to other sites as considered necessary.

Should each of the sites/fields reach the maximum number of players, extra applicants will be assigned as an alternate to their highest-ranked (i.e., first) site preference. Just as with site assignments, alternates will be assigned on a random basis and PGA TOUR Canada still has the right to balance the field size at qualifying sites by assigning any alternate to another site as considered necessary, irrespective of preference.

  1. Appearance

For players; while on the host facility property, players are expected to present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts, or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. Shorts are permitted only during the official practice round and the days prior; players will be mandated to wear long pants on official competition days (this also includes when using practice facilities on-site).

For caddies; while on the host facility property, caddies will need to wear either long pants or tailored solid-colored knee-length shorts or skirts. Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts, or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Sandals, open-toe shoes, and golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.

  1. Conduct

While on host facility property during qualifying rounds, players and caddies are expected to carry themselves professionally. Have it in mind that PGA TOUR reserves the right to remove a player from the qualifying competition for non-competitiveness, conduct unbecoming of a professional by the player, or conduct unbecoming a professional by the player’s caddie.

Tips on How to Qualify for PGA Tour Canada

Any aspiring golfer can join the PGA Canada tour, as long as he or she has the skills to play golf at a professional level. If you are looking to become a professional golfer in Canada, consider these tips noted below.

  1. Work with a Professional

Note that to become a professional golfer in Canada and participate in PGA Tour Canada, it is imperative you first hire the services of a professional golfer. A professional will teach you the right techniques used by professionals when playing the sport. Aside from that, he will make necessary changes to your swing to ensure it is better and more lethal.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

To ensure that you become very perfect with your golf swing, you must practice it regularly. Professional golfers tend to invest so much time in hitting balls out of the bunkers and on the range. Don’t forget that regular practice would only make you a better golfer.

  1. Always Remember To Warm Up

It is also important you create a warm-up routine you will use when you are playing in PGA Tour Canada tournaments. When you are playing in such tournaments, it is necessary to ensure that your warm-up routine can help you remain focused both physically and mentally.

  1. Participate in Tournaments

Also, consider participating in some regional and local golf tournaments before going on to register for PGA Tour Canada. This will ensure that you get used to the pressure of tournament play. Regardless of how good you are at golf, you have to get used to the pressure of playing in a golf tournament. Don’t forget that pressure influences the way you play your game. When you feel pressured, you barely make the most out of your birdie opportunities.

  1. Submit Your Application Early

Also, remember to fill out and turn in your application on time. Once you have submitted your application, make sure to pay all the required fees. After that, focus on landing among the top places in the qualifying rounds. By becoming a top 25 golfer after the very tasking qualifying rounds, you will get the opportunity to play on the PGA Tour Canada.


The PGA Canada golf Tour is a professional golf tournament that features the best upcoming golfers in the world. Have it in mind that the leading five-point earners at the end of each season get status on the Korn Ferry Tour for the following season. The primary mission of PGA Tour Canada is to deliver a PGA TOUR experience to its members, fans, volunteers, and partners.