Presently, Canada is renowned for having one of the highest levels of immigrants worldwide. Since immigrants are not always qualified for most jobs in Canada, they tend to turn to self-employment to earn a living. According to reports, 1 in every 3 Canadian businesses is owned by an immigrant.

Note that to register a Business in Canada; whether it is an existing brand or a new business venture, the procedural requirements for both are virtually the same. For someone who is an immigrant in Canada, the process can be even more tasking.

However, these challenges do not stop immigrants from trying to start businesses. According to reports, immigrants tend to be even more willing to try to start businesses than native Canadians, and they tend to have an above-average level of success.

It is also important to note that if you intend to establish a business in more than one province, for each province you will be expected to follow the respective provincial regulation. As an immigrant to Canada, if you want to start a business, here are the top business opportunities in Canada for immigrants.

What are the Best Businesses in Canada for Immigrants?

  1. Nanny Agency Business

A good percentage of parents in Canada do 9-5 jobs, therefore starting a nanny agency is an endeavor to consider. Owing to this ever-growing demand, immigrants in Canada with amiable characters and good backgrounds void of any criminal records can start a nanny agency.

Also note that immigrating to Canada as a nanny is becoming very popular, and is an ideal life choice for many people. However, Canadian immigration is a complex legal process, especially if you want to immigrate using a work visa.

  1. Dog Training Business

In Canada, there are numerous business possibilities for an immigrant, especially for someone who loves working with animals. Note that dog training remains a very lucrative sector of the Pet Grooming and Boarding industry in Canada and this sector is expected to continue fetching a greater share of consumer spending. Owing to that, this is genuinely a very profitable line to consider now and in the next few years.

  1. Auto Repair Shop

In Canada, around 84 percent of the population already own a car, while another 9 percent want one—and 37 percent own two or more cars. With the above statistics, it is clear to see there will always be a massive demand for regular maintenance and repair.

Whether you start up a specialized auto repair shop for high-end companies and luxury models, or a general service shop, this is one of the most notable businesses to consider starting in Canada as an immigrant. However, you will need to have substantial capital and also carry out extensive research to note a very good business location, possible competitors, competitive pricing for services, and skilled workmen.

  1. Restaurant

For someone who has a good sense of food, ingredients, flavors, and cooking, starting and running a restaurant in Canada as an Immigrant is a major idea to consider. You can choose to make dishes with the native flavors of your country. You can easily put out your own style and help increase your brand value and drive brand awareness.

Note that numerous multiculturalism flourishes in Canada, as people are always eager to try out cuisines. Other immigrants who must have migrated to Canada from your country will also patronize your place to taste their home food.

This is, without doubt, a lucrative business to consider, but remember to pick a good location, invest well in interior décor, implement innovative ideas and try to make use of utensils that suit the mood in the restaurant.

  1. Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used as online forms of cash. Note that they can be bought and sold using a crypto trading platform or online exchange. Transactions using cryptocurrencies are properly secure and can’t be shut down easily by governments.

Note that you can buy bitcoin in Canada using cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSmart, Wealthsimple Crypto, Bitbuy, NDAX, Coinberry, Binance, and Bitcoin trading is legal in Canada and the profits you make are taxable as capital gains or as income if you are classified as a day trader.

  1. Home Remodeling Business

If you are a builder and an immigrant who is eager to start up a business in Canada, then consider this business idea extensively. Businesses in this market primarily engage in remodeling and renovating the interior and exterior of residential buildings. Remodeling involves some forms of additions, alterations, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair work. It is a business that is very lucrative in Canada and also open to immigrants.

  1. Coffee Shop

This is another notable business to consider in Canada. In 2020, coffee drinkers in Canada drank on average 2.7 cups of hot caffeinated beverages per day. According to experts, about 5.03 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee are expected to be consumed in Canada in the 12-month marketing year ending in October 2022. As an Immigrant in Canada, you can open a coffee shop and also serve some signature dishes available. Ensure to make the interior cool and cozy to attract customers of different profiles.

  1. Long-Distance Freight Trucking (LDFT)

According to reports, the market size of the Long-Distance Freight Trucking industry in Canada increased faster than the economy overall and is still expected to increase 4.9% in 2023. The figures show how profitable having a Canadian trucking business can be and why you shouldn’t think twice about starting a trucking business as an Immigrant.

Note that you can start a trucking business in Canada with just one truck. Just ensure you plan every aspect and gradually work on your requirements. Remember to partner with reliable service and software providers.

  1. Tutor

This is another very good business idea to consider as an immigrant in Canada. However, you will first have to decide the subject you are not only good at but can also comfortably teach other people. Note that this can be science or English or math.

These subjects are the ones that students will mostly pay to be tutored in. Aside from main school syllabus-based subjects, a good number of people in Canada also want their children to have additional skills for overall development and therefore won’t mind paying for skills-based tutoring in fields like fine arts, music, and painting to name a few. Leverage social media to publicize your business.

  1. Pet Care Boutique

If you are a genuine pet lover, the business of pet grooming and training is a great industry to look into. The pet industry in Canada is worth around US$7 billion when food, supplies, and services are factored in. Coupled with the fun and personal satisfaction of working with a clientele of furry, finned, and feathered creatures, a pet care boutique can be a very lucrative business.

  1. Timber Transportation Business

Have it in mind that Canada is renowned as one of the world’s largest forest reserves in the world. Therefore, one of the best businesses to consider starting in the country is a timber transportation business. Truth be told, you don’t need a fleet of trucks to transport timber from the forest to timber processing mills. All you need is just one truck, and with just one truck you can grow is business.

  1. Unisex Salon

This is another viable business opportunity for an immigrant in Canada. As long as you can find a good location and offer a wide array of services, you can build a profitable hair salon in Canada. Even if you do not have adequate capital, you can leverage the home services or mobile salon business model to build your customer base. Note that this can be challenging at first because you are new in the community, however, in no time you can grow a profitable business if you have good skills.

  1. Sale of Customized Winter Jackets, Head warmers, and Boots

As we all know, Canada remains one of the coolest countries in the world. It vies with Russia for the coldest nation in the world, with an average daily temperature of —5.6ºC. While temperatures in Canada will genuinely vary from region to region, winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, and the need for thick jackets, head warmers, and boots becomes glaring. Therefore, you can start a business that sells customized winter jackets, head warmers, and boots in Canada.

  1. Grocery Home Delivery Business

This business is noted as one of the easiest businesses an immigrant can start in Canada. A grocery home delivery business involves aiding your clients’ shop groceries and get them delivered in their homes or offices or any location they want and you get paid for such services.

As you grow, you can choose to open your own grocery store or even partner with a top grocery store in your area. To succeed in this line of business, you should know how to source groceries and how to get them delivered to your customers.

  1. Employment Agency Business

Note that both local and foreign investors can open employment agencies in Canada. It is also important to note that most of the foreign citizens seeking jobs through employment agencies come from European countries.

The opening of an employment agency in Canada is subject to the Employment Standards Act and the application for an employment agency license will have to be submitted with the Employment Standards Branch Office in the province the Canadian company will operate in. International employment companies are expected to also deposit security of 25,000 CAD if they recruit certain types of employees.

  1. Virtual Inventory Creator

In this technological age, businesses are always eager to reduce the amount of inventory at hand as a strategy to also reduce overhead costs. Most businesses are also seeking ways to completely do away with physical inventory. Therefore, you can start a business as an immigrant to design and re-create products that are capable of printing from a 3D printer.

Note that you only need to know how to design CAD files to enable you to match the material of your clients. You can also consider levering to enable you to get clients from around the world.

  1. Yoga Instructor

There is a global demand for fitness and yoga is helping people globally to attain prime fitness. As an immigrant, you should consider doing this as a profession if you have a certification or degree in yoga. Also, note that you can open a training center or school that teaches yoga to those eager to learn. Opening a yoga studio will be a lucrative endeavor owing to the massive demand for yoga.

  1. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is any advertising that is carried out via digital channels like social media, mobile apps, search engines, websites, and emails, to help brands promote their goods and services to their customers. Canada being a well-developed country, boasting of numerous big and small companies, there will always be a high demand for digital marketers.

  1. Blogging

Truth be told, written content and blogs will always be in high demand as long as the world keeps advancing in technology and a paperless economy. If you have an excellent understanding of written English and have the ability to add good flair to your writing, then you should consider blogging and content writing as a profession.

You will be expected to make available content to be posted on websites which you can do comfortably from your home. Note that what is required to start this business are your skill and a computer with a strong connection to the internet.

  1. Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

According to reports, measured by revenue, the Canadian Payroll & Bookkeeping Services industry is $5.9bn in 2023 and is still expected to increase 3% within the same year. Outsourcing of payroll and bookkeeping services has become massively common in Canada especially as businesses are always looking to become efficient and smooth.

Have it in mind that this rising trend, coupled with additional supportive macroeconomic conditions that have bolstered market demand, positively influenced the industry’s expansion, and also created a market for immigrants who are willing to put in the hard work.

  1. E-Commerce Business

Thanks to its sizeable digital population, Canada has become a particularly profitable market in recent years. If you are looking to start a good business in Canada as an immigrant, consider starting an e-commerce business to sell a wide array of goods ranging from grocery to electronic gadgets, apparel to childcare products, and toys through your portal.

You will need a business license to sell online in Canada. With business licenses, the government can track the operating costs of the enterprises and keep a tab on tax revenues.

  1. Catering Service Business

You can also offer catering services as an immigrant in Canada. Note that this type of business caters to both individuals and companies, and you can set yourself apart by bringing your native flavor or dishes to that table. When starting this business, it is necessary to research all necessary legislation in your province or state. If you have a well-organized kitchen, a good interest in cooking, and the organizational skills needed to serve people – the business is perfect for you.

  1. ICT Services

Canada’s technology sector has grown twice as fast as the rest of the economy in the last decade and now makes up 5% of Canada’s entire GDP. The ICT sector is also responsible for 27.2% of national GDP growth between 2015 and 2020.

As an immigrant in Canada, you can also start an ICT services business and offer your services to big enterprises as well as medium and small businesses in important areas like software development, system up-gradation, data management, virus protection, cloud computation, and cyber security, etc.

  1. Solar Power Installment and Maintenance Business

According to reports, the use of solar energy to generate electricity and heat is massive in Canada and is helping reduce pollution related to energy production. The Canada Energy Regulator (formerly the National Energy Board) expects solar power to make up 3 percent of Canada’s total electricity generation capacity by 2040.

Likewise, solar installers are among the fastest-growing professions in Canada. But aside from just installation, you can also choose to offer maintenance and cleaning services. If you like the outdoors and have a passion for renewable energy, this could be an enticing business to consider.

  1. Laundry

A laundry business may be very profitable when started and managed right. According to detailed reports, well-managed laundries or Laundromats in the right location can guarantee that owners make very good and reliable income: 72.8% were noted as being profitable, according to 2016 reports by the Canadian government.

Note that Neighborhoods with students and seniors are very good locations to target, especially since these two groups don’t always have access to in-home laundry appliances. You’ll have to ensure you complete all the necessary paperwork needed to legally run your business. For example, coin-operated laundry establishments in Toronto need to be licensed.

  1. Web & Mobile App Development

There is a massive demand for mobile developers in Canada, and a shortage of qualified people to fill up that void. However, note that the shortage of mobile developers doesn’t mean it is easier to take up market share in the Canadian mobile app sector. As an immigrant in Canada, you can also start a web and mobile app Development Company if you have the expertise to compete in the Canadian fast-growing tech industry.

  1. Cleaning Service Business

For immigrants in Canada, this is another very easy business to start. Truth be told, the startup cost is quite low, and owing to your skill and experience, you can concentrate on a niche. You can make a team of 4-5 persons and start the service of cleaning residential or commercial areas. You can also start a cleaning agency that specializes in office cleaning, window cleaning, air duct cleaning, and many more.

  1. International Distribution Supply Consultant

Owing to the complex nature of the world political market, businesses looking to expand abroad will always need help navigating the international landscape. This is one of the businesses on this list with low startup costs, you just need to be conversant with international trade and distribution.

You could also choose to offer your services to Immigrants looking to move their business to Canada, but don’t know where to start. You will be tasked with helping them navigate the international landscape for a fee.

  1. Babysitting Business

With parents and guardians getting busier these days, starting a babysitting business is something to consider in Canada. Babysitters provide childcare services on an occasional, short-term basis. Unlike nannies, babysitters don’t always handle household jobs like cleaning up, making meals, or doing laundry. If they do, these duties are minimal.

A babysitter can work for many families at the same time and is paid an hourly or daily rate. Unlicensed (or license-not-required) babysitters can care for only two children or a sibling group not related to them. If care is provided to three or more children, a license becomes mandatory.

  1. Dance Studio

Dance Teachers are currently in demand right across Canada and you may be able to secure a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa either with or without a job offer. If you are a Dancer and have been working as a Dance Teacher, you may qualify to immigrate to Canada and start your dance studio.

Note that dance steps like Salsa, Ballet, Hip Hop Dance, Tap Dance, Yangko Dance, Belly Dance, Kathak, Gangnam Style, Break Dance, Line Dance, etc. are all gaining massive popularity among the world urban population.

  1. Security Camera Installation Business

For bother private residences and businesses, the mere installation of a CCTV camera can deter potential thefts. Although this is a technical business, as an immigrant you can start this business with zero technical skills and still catch up within a few months if you are smart.

The duties of businesses in this field include security camera installation, security system monitoring and surveillance, security camera repair and maintenance, and other related surveillance and security services.

  1. Educational Consultancy Agency

Canada has become one of the best education destinations, especially for international students. A good number of would-be students who are interested in studying in Canada or abroad have limited information and even lack access to that information. Note that you can start an educational consultation service to help your clients gain admission to colleges or universities of their choice. You can also help your clients obtain work permits.

  1. Furniture Manufacturing Business

Immigrants in Canada with carpentry skills can consider starting a furniture manufacturing business and offer a vast range of household items like living room furniture, dining room, and bedroom furniture, coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables, sofas, love seats, chairs, bookshelves, ottomans, display cabinets, consoles, TV stands and many more.

You can also choose to make and sell outdoor and office furniture. Owing to the massive growth in population and increase in consumer spending, there is also a massive market for such business in Canada.

  1. Alteration Service

Have it in mind that one occupation that is always in high demand in developed countries is tailoring. According to reports, new clothes are always in high demand in Canada. Therefore, Canadian tailors are always expected to keep designing and making clothes.

If you’re a tailor that wants to earn a high income abroad, you can also immigrate to Canada as a tailor. Another factor that makes starting an alteration service business very exciting is the thousands of advanced tailoring machines in Canada. You can make many clothes with very little effort.

  1. Greenhouse Commercial Farming Business

Starting a greenhouse commercial farming business is an option to consider if you have experience with farming and agriculture. Canada is renowned for its excellent platform to start and run a greenhouse commercial farm. Canada is an important producer of fresh vegetables, but the country also continues to import many categories that are in high demand.

Carrots, tomatoes, dry onions, lettuce, sweet corn, cabbages, and broccoli accounted for over half of the total value of field-grown vegetables in Canada.

  1. Event Planning Service Business

In Canada, people who have the resources to put together an event most often have a hectic daily life and won’t always have the time to plan and organize parties or functions. This can be a lucrative opportunity for you to start your business as a professional event manager.

Note that you can help to put together different parts of a party, from selecting the venue, to taking care of food, catering as well as décor and gifts. To successfully start and manage this business, you will need a good management capacity, aesthetic sense, an eye for detail. As an event planner, you can plan various kinds of events like corporate, social, or media events.

  1. Animation Studio

For Immigrants with advanced graphics skills, consider starting an animation studio business. Most often, businesses in this field get involved in the production of animated media. While it is not capital intensive, you will need to be hardworking and also have the right network in place. Truth be told, you can generate your start-up capital from just one business deal.

  1. Fencing Contractor Company

Fencing contractors are known to install permanent and temporary fences, gates, screens, and other barriers on domestic, commercial, and agricultural property. This is genuinely another business to consider as an immigrant in Canada, and you can also grow it to become very profitable as long as you can partner with businesses that require fencing services regularly.

  1. Senior Home Care

Families everywhere are eager for senior home care services to help take care of their family members right in the comfort of their homes.

By 2030, one-quarter of the Canadian population are expected to be seniors. While this massive shift in demographics will come with a lot of challenges for the country, it also creates a massive business opportunity, especially for Immigrants. Note that you can choose to offer services like residential senior homes, day programs, rehabilitation care services, and hospice services.

  1. Property Maintenance and Renovation Business

No one likes the idea of their investment and properties declining into a state of disrepair, therefore they wouldn’t mind working with a business that can help them manage their properties by providing maintenance and renovation services.

As an immigrant in Canada, note that you can start this business as long as you understand housing and tenancy policies and can also adhere to necessary regulations while dealing with both landlords and tenants.

  1. Travelling Agency

Canada has a very massive tourism industry and as a product of the system, you can leverage your experience and start a traveling agency in Canada. You should also consider offering other services like Visa booking, buying flight tickets, hotel room reservations amongst others. However, ensure you obtain the right permits for every service you intend to offer. You can also collaborate with other service providers that your traveling agency business needs.

  1. Handyman Service

This is another business idea for Immigrants in Canada with technical skills such as plumbing, painting, carpentry, electrical skills amongst others. If you are experienced and can carry out some repair work around the house, this is a sure side business to consider.

Note that it is better to have these skills already. As an immigrant in Canada, you can easily start this business by working for family and friends that know you, who will then refer you to other people if you do an outstanding job for them.

  1. Landscaping and Lawn Care Business

This is another very simple and easy business to start in Canada. Always note that this business requires patience and hard work before you can make a lot of money out of it, therefore don’t venture into it if you don’t have such qualities. This is also another business to consider as your side hustle in addition to any other job you have and it is easy to start with just word-of-mouth advertisement.

  1. Franchise Business

A good number of immigrants in Canada who have the resources choose to go through the franchise route. A good franchise is more or less a proven business system. Proven in the sense that the franchisor has been able to help numerous franchisees take the same business model and implement it successfully in other locations.

The average initial franchise fee in Canada is $23,000. This fee covers costs like support, training, franchisee recruitment, grand opening launch, franchise development, and site identification.

  1. Headlight Restoration Business

This is another lucrative business an immigrant should consider doing in Canada. Have it in mind that starting a headlight restoration business requires automobile electrical training, low startup capital, and the amount you can make will most often vary depending on the number of headlights you can fix in a day or a month.

  1. Mobile Car Wash Business

A mobile car wash business is indeed much simpler to start than a brick and mortar store and can also become profitable quickly. However, right before you start a mobile carwash, it is imperative to learn the basics of car detailing and washing.

Don’t forget that the best way to learn is by practicing than just reading or watching videos online. Go out and experiment. Take your time to watch videos on YouTube and try detailing your car or a friend’s car. Keep practicing until you master the techniques.

  1. Gift Solutions

There are numerous opportunities in this sector for an immigrant in Canada. Note that from making customized gifts to innovative corporate merchandise, this is a very good business to consider. According to reports, the gift industry has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years and is expected to attain $700 billion globally. However, you will need to find a good location for your storefront and ensure you develop it over time as your customer base grows.

  1. Interior Designing

In Canada, the job of interior designers includes color selection, finishes, window treatments, furniture, and more. Aside from the aesthetics of a space, you also need to consider the safety requirements and ergonomic needs of the space you are designing. To ensure you set yourself apart in this business, create a unique brand by focusing on your strengths.

  1. Dentistry

Owing to the rise in the country’s general population, plus an aging population, and technological advancement in diagnosis and treatment across the country, there is a massive increase in the demand for dentists.

If you have trained as a dentist in a country not recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) or the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and wish to practice in Canada, you have to complete the Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS) to be able to take the national licensing exam (National Dental Examining Board) to become a practicing dentist.

If you are already qualified in another country, you can join the International Dentist Advanced Placement Program (IDAPP), which puts you in the third year of the four-year DDS.

  1. Solar Water Heater Installation Company

According to reports, Canadians use an average of 75 liters of hot water at home each day. Have it in mind that with a solar domestic hot water system (SDHW), people can make use of the sun’s energy to heat water.

In Canada, these systems help to generate about 60% of the hot water needed for the average home, depending on local climate and hot water needs. If you have the necessary expertise, this is genuinely a good business to consider in Canada as an immigrant.