Owing to the high number of standard universities and lower tuition fees, in contrast to other Anglophone countries, Canada is a prominent study destination for both domestic and international students. Access to several of the world’s finest research institutions, moderate living costs, and the chance to explore life in a multicultural society are all benefits of studying psychology in Canada.

In terms of post-graduate opportunities, psychologists are not just in high demand, they are also some of the highest-paid workers in Canada. Psychology is a discipline that is concerned with human behavior, emotions, and mental patterns.

With the understanding of mental health and well-being, psychologists are more important than expected. Clinical, counseling, industrial, and cognitive psychology are just a few of the many subject areas within this enormous and ever-changing subject.

Numerous reputable universities in Canada provide budget-friendly, high-quality psychology education to international students from all over the world.

When you study psychology in Canada, you will receive extensive training in both basic and advanced psychology which includes; communication psychology, labor psychology, educational psychology, family psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, school counseling, and life situation handling.

Note that each profession has its own set of specifications and difficulties. Psychology seems to be more demanding and highly skilled, necessitating extensive knowledge and comprehension of cultural and social fields.

According to the QS World University Rankings, the following psychology universities in Canada are the most popular and favored by both local and international students. As such, if you are looking to study psychology in Canada, here are the top universities to consider.

Top Universities to C0nsider in Canada for Psychology Studies

  1. University of British Columbia

Renowned as the core of Canada’s think tank, the University of British Columbia receives almost $650 million in research funding each year. In recent years, UBC has received Nobel Prizes and has been noted as an international university that welcomes students of various nationalities.

The psychology department is also the foundation of the University of British Columbia’s successful research in Learning Enhancement, Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, and numerous other sub-disciplines of psychology. Whether you are a domestic or international student, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Sciences degree to become a psychologist.

  1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the most reputable universities in Canada for psychology studies, and it offers various career opportunities and routes after earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology.

It is one of the outstanding campuses in St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough, as well as its over 45 libraries, all contribute to this university’s top ranking in Canada. The experimental psychology laboratory, provided by the Department of Psychology, helps students gain experience for further development in their future careers.

  1. University of Montreal

UDEM is a hub that draws international students to learn at over ten faculties, focusing on the Faculty of Arts and Science. The research program in psychology studies enables learners to intuitively assess scientific problems of psychic nature.

In terms of undergraduate programs, this university prepares students for scientific careers, professional careers, and careers in psychology-related fields.

Aside from graduate studies, keen psychologists can advance their careers by wrapping up programs such as Ph.D. in Psychology – Research, Ph.D. in Psychology – Clinical, Ph.D. in Psychology – Research and Intervention, and Short Graduate Program in Clinical Neuropsychology.

  1. McGill University

McGill University which has been in operation since 1821, has developed a stable environment for thousands of students who have enthusiastically believed in its educational system. The Department of Psychology, one of 300 fields of study and 11 faculties at McGill University, offers two bachelor’s degrees.

And those programs are divided into three faculties: the Faculty of Arts – B. A program, the Faculty of Science – B.Sc program, and the Faculty of Arts and Science – B.A and B.Sc programs, respectively. The McGill Psychology Students’ Association is again part of the Psychology Department and is responsible for different educational events, seminars, and research journals authored by undergraduate students, among other things.

  1. McMaster University

The Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior at the Faculty of Science adopts cutting-edge scientific methodologies for observing human and animal minds. During their studies, students at the university are expected to carry out research in various fields including Animal Behavior, Cognition and Perception, Development Psychology, Evolution and Social Behavior, and many others.

Among many other programs in Canada, McMaster University’s Health Sciences program is regarded as the most ruthless. Aside from that, it allows learners to choose electives from a broad range of studies.

  1. Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke

The liberal arts university in Lennoxville has been named the best college in Canada for three years in a row based on students’ sense of achievement. Maclean’s magazine listed it as the seventh-best college among Canadian undergraduate universities.

Bishop’s University provides a four-year bachelor’s degree course in psychology that allows students to study child and adult development, social psychology, cognitive psychology, statistics, experimental psychology, and motivational psychology. It also offers clinical and health psychology as applied psychology subjects, with a practical training course that encourages subject-based learning.

  1. Western University

Western University, with a library holding 5.7 million books, outperforms many other Canadian dynamic universities in providing international students with comfortable environments for a career advancement action plan. Aside from that, UW is well-known for its outstanding faculty, comfortable campus living, and helpful academic staff.

Students at Western University have the chance to pursue graduate studies in a wide range of psychology fields. The psychology internship program assists students by trying to encourage and locate pre-job opportunities during their studies.

  1. University of Ottawa

Ottawa University is housed in Canada’s capital city, 75 Laurier Ave. E, and ranks 10th among research-intensive universities. The Department of Psychology, which is a core component of the Faculty of Social Science, continues to offer a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with major and minor studies.

The Major in Psychology consists of 42 units, while the Minor in consists of 30 units. Career Counselor, Case Manager, Laboratory Assistant, Market Researcher, Child Care Worker, and others are among the career paths that psychologists pursue after wrapping up their bachelor’s degree at U of O.

  1. University of Calgary

There are loads of reasons why international students want to study at the University of Calgary; however, tuition and track record are usually at the top of the list. The interactive nature of leadership development in wide and varied areas such as science, medicine, arts, sports, and so on elevates this university.

The University of Calgary requires five years to finalize your psychology studies whether in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation.

As a result, you can create your own career paths in educational institutions, civil service, non-profit organizations, and a diverse range of other convenient jobs. With this degree, you are not limited to working only in the jobs listed above; you can use it to advance your studies in veterinary medicine, law, etc. thereby broadening avenues for them.

  1. Queen’s University

You will receive high-quality education regardless of the program you go through at Queen’s University. This university has received more awards and medals for academic achievement than any other higher institution in Canada.

Cancer research, geoengineering, data analytics, surveillance studies, and a variety of other fields are examples. Clinical, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental, and Social-Personality are some of the four areas of study available at the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels in psychology.