Vancouver is a coastal seaport city situated in the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. This city is noted as one of the best places to live in the world. In recent times, it was ranked as the best city to live in North America. According to experts, there are numerous foodies and wanna-be chefs in this city, and this has opened up a vast range of places to carry out serious food shopping.

Food is very crucial for life, but depending on your situation, the type of food you’re looking for can extensively vary. If you are bothered about your health, quality will serve as a pertinent factor. There are places in Vancouver to source healthy food free from pesticides, hormones, and refined artificial compounds.

Have it in mind that a good percentage of the people in Vancouver are more concerned with price, and therefore prefer to shop with stores that have lower overall pricing. A good number of big-name Vancouver grocery stores offer additional services like a florist, pharmacy, or coffee shop, however, if you’re looking for just the basics, here are some of the best grocery stores in Vancouver.

Top Supermarkets in Vancouver

  1. Nesters Market

Established in Whistler’s village in 1987, Nester Market remains the community’s first real full-service grocery shop. With time this store quickly became residents’ preferred store and it has maintained that pace for almost 30 years.

According to reports, Nesters Market was bought by the Jim Pattison Group in December 2001 with the sole aim of adding an award-winning neighborhood grocery store to the Food Group’s portfolio and expanding the brand across Western Canada. Overall, their items are priced better than a lot of Downtown Vancouver grocery stores.

  1. Safeway

One of the biggest grocery stores in Vancouver, Safeway has all the necessary departments (meats & deli, bakery, seafood, fruits & veg, household items, etc.) and also offers a pharmacy and even an in-store Starbucks, in case you get tired from shopping and need a coffee break. They are also very committed to conserving the environment by carrying out their business in an ecologically friendly manner.

  1. Kim’s Mart

This is a very unique place in Vancouver to shop Korean products, including fresh produce. While this store might be small, it is well fitted with Korean goods at considerable prices. You can easily find large tubs of kimchi, fresh soba noodles, and other ingredients you will need to cook authentic Korean dishes at home.

In addition to Korean items, Japanese and other Asian products are also sold here. If you’re famished after work, you can also stop by to enjoy ready-to-eat Korean meals such as kimbap (Korean sushi) and sausages.

  1. Marketplace IGA

You can find their supermarkets in Downtown, Kitsilano, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Coquitlam. Established in 1955, the name alone brings up images of a meeting spot where the food has always been fresh and where business dealings can be sealed.

While a good number of things have changed over the years, have it in mind that their dedication to making available an appealing local shopping experience and the quality of the items they carry have not. For a very long time, they have ensured they stay grounded in their communities and also bring basic kindness to them.

  1. Nourish Market

Nourish is more like Whole Foods, but with a wide array of local charm, fresh local produce, kombucha, and beauty products. Residents of Vancouver who love meat and are looking to avoid Larry’s Vegetarian identity can always visit this store to enjoy all, plus local grass-fed meat and dairy. A super convenient, one-stop shop.

  1. H-Mart

H Mart is well known in the Korean grocery scene in the West. This grocery store is popular for carrying various authentic Korean snacks such as tteokboki (rice cake) and instant ramen cups of varying sizes, colors, and flavors.

A great place to stock up on Asian ingredients at affordable prices, this store is located in the heart of Downtown, on the corner of Robson and Seymour. While you only have to take the escalator from the street level to get to H-Mart, note that it is quite easy to miss since it’s located on the second floor.

  1. T&T Supermarket

This is another well-noted grocery store in Vancouver, especially in terms of stocking Asian food. Very popular among the Chinese community, it boasts a very long line of produce section carrying Chinese produce, live seafood, a full Chinese bakery, and an Asian take-out section.

  1. Harvest Community Foods

Situated in Chinatown, this grocery store carries only the best organic produce. They boast of being community orientated, and they claim to understand exactly what their neighborhood needs. Note that by leveraging their ‘This Space’ project that surveys locals about what businesses they want in empty community spaces, this business has witnessed massive growth in recent years.

Coupled with providing excellent groceries, they also run a small ramen shop inside. The ramens are known to be fresh and delicious, with the secret being the quality of ingredients.

  1. No Frills

No Frills is a chain of what is referred to as deep discount supermarkets. Named no frills, this supermarket chain is a subsidiary of the Loblaw Companies Ltd. Note that this remains one of the basic Vancouver grocery stores for individuals eager to get the best value for their dollar. No Frills Supermarkets features the freshest bakery, deli, produce, meat, and seafood selections every day.

  1. Whole Foods

Established over 20 years ago, Whole Foods is Canada’s leading natural and organic foods retailer. With a vast range of products and prepared foods, you can easily find specialty sandwiches, salads, and baked goods fit for any dietary restriction.

Extensively grounded in the community, Whole Foods supports local non-profit organizations and helps bring sustainable, organic, and local ingredients to the table. They also have a bakery section to die for and lots of fresh, high-quality food items to go. Also, note that you can find environmentally-friendly household and toiletry items here.

  1. NADA Grocer

This is a zero-waste Vancouver grocery store where you can purchase what you need and nothing else. Things in the store are sold in bulk, with zero packaging. Customers are always expected to bring in their own containers/bags and pay by weight. The store strives to carry health-conscious items, such as local produce and house-made nut milks.

selection is massive and very reasonably priced. This store was founded by marine biologist Brianne Miller who was getting more worried about the amount of plastic plaguing our oceans. She noted that our grocery store system tends to produce more waste, not less. From this, NADA was established.

  1. Choices

This store is much more like Whole Foods but much smaller in scale. It remains one of the best places to go if you have dietary restrictions, as they have a bakery specifically catering to those looking for gluten-free goods. Choices Markets is a local, BC-owned and operated retailer of natural, organic, and specialty foods with eleven locations.

Choices have been a key supporter of local groups that are looking to develop healthy, sustainable communities, whether via food, education, health, or environmental efforts, in addition to farmers and food producers. Most notably, they believe that successful communities require more than just delicious cuisine.

  1. Larry’s Market

One of the newest grocery stores in North Vancouver, this is a choice to consider when shopping for groceries in Vancouver. Well noted as an all-vegetarian grocer with a gourmet café inside, Larry’s Market and Café has in recent times put the hot food section at Whole Foods to shame.

According to reports, their menu is curated by the industry-renowned Acorn chef (Brian Skinner) and executed by Hayley Parrent. The market section is equipped with everything from your veggie basics to kombucha slushies.

  1. Walmart

Just like any other Walmart store, this major superstore in Vancouver remains one of the best to tick various tasks off your to-do list. It’s another of the largest Vancouver supermarkets, where you can easily purchase garden tools, household electrical items, kitchenware, clothing, and of course, groceries. Also, note that they offer delivery services.

  1. Assi Supermarket

Aside from selling Korean and other Asian food items and fresh produce, have it in mind that you also purchase many other different household products in this grocery store, such as cooking wares. Also, note that this grocery store is a good place to shop for fresh seafood.

They sell octopus, seashells, shrimp, squid, live lobsters, and a wide array of fish. You can also find made-to-order meat sets especially if you are planning to host a Korean barbecue party at home with friends and family. This supermarket also sells Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai items.

  1. Costco

Costco remains a very massive warehouse that caters to a lot of the key day-to-day items. However, you will need a Costco card to shop here, but have it in mind that the savings come by buying in bulk, and you can easily find very high-quality meats, produce, and toiletries. Also, note that this is a good place to go if you’re looking to buy a new flat-screen TV.

  1. Hodori Market

According to reports, this is currently the only Korean grocery store situated in North Vancouver. Have it in mind that this little shop is a perfect location not just to find Korean food but also to enjoy the warm welcome of their friendly staff.

They also have a section dedicated to Korean spicy instant ramen and other unique noodles such as sweet potato noodles. The store also sells different Korean drinks and frozen delights. You will find fresh meats and other Korean and Asian products that may be very difficult to find elsewhere. The storeowners of this grocery are very warm and welcoming.

  1. Urban Fare

If you are looking to buy specialty items, then this is the right shop for you. However, note that their products can get quite expensive if you’re purchasing day-to-day items. It makes available local and imported gourmet cheese, meats, and deli section, coupled with artisan bread.

Its Vancouver supermarkets are in Yaletown, Coal Harbour, False Creek, and Alberni Street. All their stores are perfect for your work lunch hour especially if you want high-quality hot lunch.

  1. Hi-Mart Centre

Truth be told, this is another well-noted Korean grocery store to check out. Have it in mind that this well-designed store sells Korean snacks, coffee mixes, canned meats, and Asian condiments. You will easily find fresh meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables in this market. However, right before you visit their supermarket, you should check out their website to check the prices of items, including the ones on sale.

  1. Meinhardt Fine Foods

This grocery store was established by Linda Meinhardt in the South Granville neighborhood in 1996, and over the years it has gained prominence for culinary excellence as Western Canada’s first gourmet grocery store of its sort. Owing to its fresh and engaging setting, you can easily find a vast selection of freshly prepared meals and trademark products at Meinhardt Fine Foods.

Meinhardt Fine Foods has long been noted as Western Canada’s culinary destination for as much as two decades, and it is more popular for its specialized and imported food products, gourmet offers, ready-to-eat meals, and exquisite desserts.

  1. Stong

Aside from a physical store, this store offers daily grocery delivery to Vancouver & North Vancouver and weekly deliveries to Bowen Island, West Vancouver, North Burnaby, and Lion’s Bay.

Note that by leveraging their online grocery shopping, you will get all the same great grocery products available in their store, delivered directly to your door! Stong believes in being a good neighbor. Note that their support of local Vancouver communities and charities dates back to the first store opened by Carson Stong in 1931.

  1. Fresh St. Market

This is a place to shop, explore, and discover all things fresh and delicious. Have it in mind that this store offers top-of-the-line products in an atmosphere of discovery and exploration where new, authentic, local, organic, and exclusively sourced becomes everyday shopping.

  1. Save-On-Foods

Just like Safe way, this store offers the same departments but fewer locations. You should consider getting a Save-On-Foods More Rewards card because items can be expensive here. Save-On-Foods are well recognized for customizing their stores to perfectly suit the needs of the neighborhoods in which they operate.

In each community, they invest time and resources to listen to locals and make available the services they’re looking for. Save-On-Foods supports Western Canadian food producers by carrying more than 2,500 locally-made products from more than 2,000 local growers and producers.

  1. Real Canadian Superstore (often simply called ‘Superstore’)

Just like Costco, this is another well-known supermarket in Vancouver where the savings come to the consumer by buying in bulk. Unless you don’t mind carrying 40 rolls of toilet paper under your arm back home, then you should probably take a car with you. Note that its Vancouver supermarkets are located in North Vancouver (Seymour Blvd), Grandview Highway, Metropolis at Metrotown, and SE Marine Drive.

  1. SPUD

Vancouver-based SPUD is well noted as a fast-growing local online organic food delivery company servicing six urban areas in Canada. According to reports, the company’s proprietary logistics platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, leverages artificial intelligence to make arrangements and deliver grocery orders faster and better—and with little or no food waste.

  1. Mi Tierra Latina Grocery

This is a well-noted Downtown Vancouver’s new Latin American specialty grocery store. According to reports, most of the store’s products are imported from Brazil and around Latin America, and you can easily discover some unique finds during your visit. Mi Tierra is officially open at 1104 Davie Street (Davie and Thurlow), and they make available all the specialty Latin American grocery items, foods, and drinks you want.

  1. Organic Acres

Not minding its unique name and rustic style, this grocery store is noted as a part of the Be Fresh and family. Note that you will enjoy visiting Organic Acres to purchase your high-quality groceries and fresh variety of organic produce. In addition, you’ll find Be Fresh to-go entrees and salads, coupled with The Juice Box cold-pressed juices.