Truth be told, Edmonton remains one of the best places to raise a family in Canada as it brings together the wide array of amenities found in a bustling city with the quiet suburban life people with families love and appreciate. Coupled with a number of smaller towns and flourishing communities, this city is, without doubt, a fantastic place to live.

Edmonton boasts of the largest urban greenbelt in North America (the river valley), and this remains an attractive place to spend a weekend and raise a family near. Properly structured around the city are beautifully maintained parks and public spaces, and a good number of these have facilities for children to play sports in, and others are just for scenic relaxation.

If you are looking to relocate to Edmonton Albert primarily to raise a family, then it is imperative you find the most ideal neighborhood in the city. Ideally, we all have varying reasons for preferring one neighborhood over the other. It could be different amenities, schools, crime rates, property prices, or even the type of properties in the area.

Note that some neighborhoods in Edmonton Alberta are renowned for families and should top your list of the best family Neighborhoods. But just like with any city, don’t forget that prices will be at a premium the closer you are to the city center. Therefore, you should strive to balance your choice between budget and practicality.

What is the Best Family Neighborhood in Edmonton in 2023?

  1. MacEwan

Well fitted with numerous multi-family dwellings such as apartments and duplexes, this community with average prices in the mid-$300s remains one of the best places to raise a child in Edmonton. Close to transportation routes and with quick freeway access, MacEwan is very accessible and also convenient for families.

Why Choose MacEwan?

This community is quite close to Victory Christian School, and this school serves Kindergarten through Grade 12, and it’s near George P. Nicholson Public School. You can also enjoy evening strolls through green spaces and stop at the massive playground in the heart of the community. If you also love golf, then you can easily assess Jagare Ridge Golf Course, which is quite close to MacEwan.

  1. North Ridge

Popularly in the Northwest side of St. Albert, North Ridge offers single detached homes starting in the $300s. Note that people in this area can escape the city life and enjoy the sweet serenity of suburbia, without missing out on convenience. As with most of St. Albert’s newer communities, great emphasis has been placed on green spaces and walkability. Although there are little or no commercial zones in North Ridge, there are numerous parks to visit and enjoy. Close to schools, shopping, and a number of recreational facilities, North Ridge is a great escape.

Why Choose North Ridge?
  • Outdoor fitness circuit
  • Walking trails
  • Parks
  • Outdoor skating rinks
  • Lots of young families
  1. The Hamptons

The Hamptons remains one of West Edmonton’s best-designed, family-focused and modern neighborhoods. Located in the west end, just off of the Anthony Henday and 62nd Avenue, this is a good location to enjoy a quiet suburban life.

According to reports, the Hamptons are close to everything you need. All the residential streets of The Hamptons Edmonton properties are well-lit, adequately catered for, with planned walking paths and a collection of lakes and ponds.

Why Choose The Hamptons?

Note that this family-oriented neighborhood is close to shopping centers, cafes, a medical center and there are two schools that serve the community — Bessie Nichols Public School and Sister Annata Brockman Catholic School. In addition, the Black Hawk Golf Club is just somewhere around the corner for golf lovers to enjoy throughout the summer.

  1. Heritage Lakes

Heritage Lakes is a family neighborhood with ample parks and walking paths located on the southwest side of St. Albert. With homes starting in the $300s, this neighborhood is renowned for promoting community with its abundance of playgrounds, nature spaces, and walkways to enjoy.

Also, note that this neighborhood has quick access to Highway 2, and commutes into downtown Edmonton are just about a half-hour. It is also home to a very active Community Association that puts together a range of community events that are fun for the whole family.

Why Choose Heritage Lakes?
  • The median age is 45-55
  • Newer, quiet neighborhood
  • Lots of walking trails and green space
  1. Jamieson Place

Jamieson Place, situated in Edmonton’s West-end, is a well-noted neighborhood for families; especially those with younger children since a popular elementary school is housed there (Michael A. Kostek) and another close by (Good Shepherd). Also note that the neighborhood is bounded on the west by Anthony Henday Drive, on the north by Callingwood Road, on the east by 184 Street, and on the south by Lessard Road.

Why Choose Jamieson Place?

In this neighborhood, there are ball diamonds, soccer fields, playgrounds, and green spaces for families to enjoy. It is also close to grocery, gas, pharmacy, restaurants, etc.

  1. Cumberland

Situated in North West Edmonton, this community is perfect for young families looking to settle down. Cumberland is one of the newer communities in North West Edmonton where residents enjoy access to open space and recreational opportunities with a massive park as well as assorted pathways and parks that run through the neighborhood, coupled with a natural, preserved tree stand, and the central lake.

Why Choose Cumberland?
  • Cumberland has a Livability Score of 81/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Cumberland crime rates are 9% lower than the Edmonton average
  • The cost of living in Cumberland is 1% lower than the Edmonton average
  • Cumberland real estate prices are 2% lower than the Edmonton average
  • Rental prices in Cumberland are equal to the Edmonton average
  1. Brintnell

Have it in mind that this is one of Edmonton’s newest neighborhoods, having been developed at the beginning of the 2000s. The neighborhood has gradually become a family favorite. Also note that the neighborhood is more or less a cul-de-sac, making it quiet and limiting through traffic. Locals still love their privacy, as well as a strong community atmosphere that promotes friendship amongst families in the area.

Why Choose Brintnell?

This neighborhood is close to great schools, including Dr. Donald Massey and Edmonton Christian Northeast School, enticing shopping complexes, fantastic dining, and there is quick access to the freeway making travel to downtown quick and easy.

  1. Wild Rose

This neighborhood is situated in southeast Edmonton in the area between 34th Street on the west, 17th Street on the east, 38th Avenue in the north, and Mill Creek Ravine in the south. It got its name from the rosaacicularis, better known as the wild rose, the official flower of Albert.

Wild Rose has an abundance of green space, including the nearby Mill Creek Ravine. While it does not have any commercial space within its boundaries, note that a large shopping area is located just north of 38th Avenue, with massive retail stores including Home Depot, Petsmart, and Best Buy.

Why Choose Wild Rose?
  • Wild Rose has a Livability Score of 76/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Wild Rose crime rates are 20% lower than the Edmonton average
  • Rental prices in Wild Rose are equal to the Edmonton average
  • There are a number of schools serving the community covering all age groups.
  • There is never a dull moment in Wild Rose and the active community hosts a number of events that are friendly for the whole family.
  1. Terwillegar Towne

Regarded as one of the most unique neighborhoods in Edmonton, this community offers families everything they need. Well structured to resemble a small town built within the city, Terwillegar Towne barely disappoints. With enough green spaces and walking paths in the neighborhood, residents can get out and get to know their neighbors and also create a tight-knit community spirit.

Why Choose Terwillegar Towne?
  • Terwillegar Towne has a Livability Score of 82/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Terwillegar Towne crime rates are 27% lower than the Edmonton average
  • Rental prices in Terwillegar Towne are equal to the Edmonton average
  • Terwillegar Towne also has convenient road access to the Anthony Henday, getting back to the real world is just as easy.
  1. Hazeldean

This neighborhood has a lot of recreation options, and it is suitable to raise children and also fun for adults. In addition, you’ll never be short of plans for quality family time! Also note that this neighborhood has a relaxing side, offering scenic strolls down the tree-line streets or by the North Saskatchewan River Valley

Why Choose Hazeldean?
  • Hazeldean has a Livability Score of 81/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Hazeldean crime rates are 5% higher than the Edmonton average
  • The cost of living in Hazeldean is equal to the Edmonton average
  • Hazeldean real estate prices are 4% lower than the Edmonton average
  • Rental prices in Hazeldean are equal to the Edmonton average

Edmonton is gradually becoming a top location for young families. Aside from the availability of jobs in the city, there’s also a glut of affordable housing. However, the only setback is the crime rate, which is on the high side in the city in general and in certain neighborhoods in particular. Nonetheless, to avoid as many issues as possible, it is advisable you seek safe family-friendly areas with lower crime rates, like the neighborhoods mentioned above.