Winnipeg is the capital and the largest city in the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is centered on the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, near the longitudinal center of North America. There are officially 236 neighborhoods in Winnipeg. Downtown Winnipeg, the city’s financial heart and economic core, is centered on the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street.

As of the Canada 2016 Census, there were 705,244 people living in Winnipeg proper, with approximately 778,489 living in the Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). Thus, Winnipeg is Manitoba’s largest city and Canada’s seventh largest city. Furthermore, the city represents 54.9% of the population of the province of Manitoba, the highest population concentration in one city of any province in Canada.

Winnipeg is a thriving business hub and an economic base and regional center. In 2012, Winnipeg was ranked by KPMG as the least expensive location to do business in western Canada. Like many prairie cities, Winnipeg has a relatively low cost of living.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average house price in Winnipeg was $260,000 as of 2013. As of May 2014, the Consumer Price Index was 125.8 relative to 2002 prices, reflecting consumer costs at the Canadian average.

Winnipeg has one of the country’s most diversified economies, with major employment in the trade (15.2%), manufacturing (9.8%), educational (7.7%), and health care and social assistance (15.2%) sectors. There were approximately 21,000 employers in the city as of 2012. So, if you are looking for business opportunities that exist in Winnipeg, here are 50 you can choose from.

What Business Investment Opportunities Exist in Winnipeg?

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    Screen Printing Business

The printing industry is indeed a very large industry with many subsets and screen printing is one of the active lines of business in the industry. Screen printing basically is a printing technique in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate.

The process works in such a way that a blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, and a reverse stroke then causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily along a line of contact. This process causes the ink to wet the substrate and be pulled out of the mesh apertures as the screen springs back after the blade has passed through it.

  1. Open an Animation Studio

An animation studio is a company that is involved in the production of animated media. The wide-ranging of such companies conceive of products to produce, own the physical equipment for production, employ operators for that equipment, and hold a major stake in the sales or rentals of their animation works.

This type of business is not capital intensive and you can start the business from your savings and from your home office. If you are hardworking and you have the right network in place, you can generate your start-up capital from one business deal. One good thing about this type of business is that you can combine it with other business without over working yourself.

  1. Taxi Business

Several taxi companies serve Winnipeg, the largest being Unicity, Duffy’s Taxi and Spring Taxi. Fifty percent of Winnipeg residents use a taxi at least once during the year. Ride sharing was legalized in March 2018 and several services including TappCar and Cowboy Taxi operate in Winnipeg. So, if you are considering starting a thriving business in Winnipeg, then you should consider starting a taxi business.

With comfortable taxis, the right location, top-notch service and good marketing, you can serve large customers who require the services of taxi companies to be able to move from one location to another. It is important to note that starting a standard taxi business with over a handful of taxis also needs a significant investment capital, solid planning, and concentration to detail in order to keep your business profitable.

  1. Open a Bicycle Dealership and Repair Shop

A biotech company is one of the businesses that is bound to thrive in Winnipeg. This is so because cycling is popular in Winnipeg, and there are many bicycle trails and lanes around the city. Winnipeg holds an annual Bike-to-Work Day and Cyclovia, and bicycle commuters may be seen year-round, even in the winter.

Active living infrastructure in Winnipeg encourages bicycling through the inclusion of bike lanes and sharrows. The basic things you need to have in place to succeed in this type of business is technical training on how to fix bicycles, repair tools, a good location, easy access to wholesale bicycles and bicycle spare parts and good customer service skill.

  1. Biodegradable Plastic Bag Manufacturing Company

The retailing industry has now fully embraced the use of biodegradable plastic bags due to the fact that the world is going the way of climate change. This goes to show that there is indeed a very large market for biodegradable plastic bags; hence loads of investors cum aspiring entrepreneurs are pitching their tent in the biodegradable plastic bag manufacturing industry.

Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers are part of the bioplastics manufacturing industry and players in this industry manufacture bioplastics, which are organic plastics derived from renewable biomass sources. Designed to biodegrade, bioplastics are made from sources such as vegetable oil, cornstarch, pea starch or microbiota.

  1. Biodiesel Production Company

If you are looking for a green energy business to start in Winnipeg, a business that can easily get support and even funding from the government, then one of your options is to start a biodiesel production company. Biodiesel which happens to be a good substitute for the conventional diesel is a renewable fuel that doesn’t pollute the environment (i.e. clean burning) and it can comfortably work on any diesel-powered machine. Biodiesel is produced from cooking / vegetable oil, animal fats, soybean oil and any other reliable source of fats and oil.

  1. Bitcoin Mining Business

If you love working from home and you want to start a business in Winnipeg, then you should consider starting an internet-based business. One of the businesses that can easily be started with the use of computer is bitcoin mining. You might ask ‘what is bitcoin? Simply put, bitcoin is a digital currency that operates independently of any country’s central bank.

In order to get an updated value of the worth of a bitcoin, you can make use of Google’s currency converter; it is a reliable platform to know the value of bitcoin per time. The current value of a bitcoin is 150 British Pounds and a block of bitcoin which is 25 coins is worth 3, 750 British Pounds.

  1. Open a Botox Clinic

A large percentage of those who consider their facial outlook not not to be to their taste would always want to go for cosmetic surgery and one form of that is Botox. This goes to show that Botox businesses are a thriving and profitable business.

Botox is a drug that is prepared from botulin, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. A Botox clinic is a clinic that provide non – medical services to clients and primarily assist their clients with cosmetics related surgery or plastic surgery as it is known in some quarters.

  1. Open a Car Assembling Plant

A car assembling plant business is of course one of the many businesses that an accredited investor can start in Winnipeg and the owner of the business can still penetrate the global market by simply exporting his or her cars. Please note that starting a car assembling plant business needs significant investment capital, solid planning, and concentration to details in order to keep your business profitable.

Car assembling plants assemble cum manufacture cars and automobile chassis. In some quarters, they are referred to as automakers, they typically produce cars (compact and subcompact cars, midsize sedans, large cars and luxury cars), including electric cars, in assembly plants.

  1. Car Customization and Modification Business

Another thriving business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Winnipeg is car customization ad modification business. Car customization and modification garages engage in customizing and modifying cars by altering some parts or the whole car to improve its performance, often they alter or replace the engine and transmission and also they work on the body, paid and sound system.

Please note that starting a car customization and modification business also needs significant investment capital, solid planning, and concentration to detail in order to keep your business profitable.

  1. Security Camera Installation Business

In Winnipeg, you will notice that a good percentage of banks, homes, offices, public facilities and government facilities have security cameras (CCTV) installed in strategic positions because in some cases it is made compulsory.

This goes to show that there is indeed a large market for security camera installation business in Winnipeg. Despite the fact that security camera installation is a technical business, that does not in any way rule out the fact that an entrepreneur with zero technical skills can learn the trade within few months if they are smart.

  1. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulb Manufacturing Company

A compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb manufacturing company can come in handy if you have the business exposure and financial requirements and you are looking towards starting a business in Winnipeg. If you choose to start this type of business, you will be involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of products, which includes electric light bulbs, tubes, parts and components amongst others.

  1. Start Cloud Computing Company

Another thriving business that an entrepreneur can start in Winnipeg is cloud computing business. Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm computing concept that enables both information technology infrastructure and software to be delivered directly over the Internet as a service.

This is an arrangement that enables companies to expand their network capacity, and run applications directly on a vendor’s network, offering a host of advantages with the most primary being radically lower IT costs. The lower budgetary requirements and commitments allow even smaller companies to piece together an IT project without spending on purchasing legacy server, and storage systems.

  1. Commercial Drone Delivery Business

Commercial drone delivery business is one of the many businesses that emerged with the advent of new technology and can comfortably be started in Winnipeg. A commercial drone delivery business helps clients deliver their packages or goods via drones to any destination of their choice.

With this type of business, you can choose to own a store (online or offline) or you can choose to operate without one. The bottom line is that you should know how to get goods delivered to your customers via drones.

  1. Start and ICT Consulting Business

Another business that can be started in Winnipeg is ICT consulting business. As an ICT consulting firm, your core responsibility is to improve your client’s business by effecting changes in response to your analysis; you should be able to change the fortune of the business within an agreed timeline. Corporations are willing to pay expensive fees as long as they are going to get results.

No business person will be willing to pay you for an IT consulting service if you don’t have a track record that shows that you know what you are doing. It is one thing to convince a client to patronize your IT consulting service but another thing for you to deliver solutions as agreed.

  1. Start a Courier Service

If you are looking for a business to start in Winnipeg, one of your options is to start a courier service. As a courier service, you will provide air, land, sea or a combined delivery service of parcels, documents and packages for individual and corporate clients.

Courier and delivery companies generally provide services between metropolitan areas or urban centers and form a network that includes local, national and international pickup and delivery to serve customers’ needs.

  1. Credit Card Processing Company

As an aspiring entrepreneur with vast experience in the financial industry, one of the business opportunities that you can leverage in Winnipeg is a credit card processing business. Although you would need ample hands-on experience with good track records to be able to attract well – paying clients, but that does not stop you from still making headway in this line of business.

As a credit card processing company, you are expected to offer financial transaction processing, reserve and liquidity services and check or other financial instrument clearinghouse services.

  1. Data Mining and Analytic Company

If you are a data enthusiast and you are looking for a research-based consulting business to start in Winnipeg, then one of your options is to start a data mining and analytics business. The fact that everyone in business has a product or services to sell makes this line of business viable and profitable.

As a data mining and analytics company, your job responsibility is to develop software for data mining. Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from large data sets.

The truth is that this industry is highly profitable because every business would want to increase sales and make profits. Your level of profitability is dependent on your ability to come up with useful data that will help your clients experience growth in their business.

  1. Dental Handpiece Repair Business

A dental handpiece repair business is yet another business that can be started in Winnipeg. Dental handpiece repair business requires detailed technical skills. The fact that loads of people are not involved in this type of business does not mean it is not a thriving and profitable business. Dental handpiece is an instrument for holding dental burs to remove tooth structure or to smooth and polish restorative materials.

  1. Start a Diamond Cutting and Polishing Company

If you have a penchant for diamond and jewelries, you can indeed make good money if only you can be willing to start your own diamond cutting and polishing business in Winnipeg. Diamond cutting and polishing business is one business that is not common in countries with rich deposit of diamonds, but it has a very high profit margin.

People that are involved in the cutting and polishing of diamond would admit that they are making huge returns on their investment. If you intend starting your own diamond cutting and polishing business in Winnipeg, then you must take out time to learn the trade.

  1. Start Electric Bike Hire Service Business

Actually, there are businesses that someone with little schooling, little training and no serious business background can start in Winnipeg. One of such businesses is to open an electric bike hire shop. An electric bike, which is also known as an e-bike, power – bike or booster bike, is a bike with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

The basic things you need to have in place to make success from this type of business are reliable electric bikes, technical training on how to fix electric bikes, electric bike repair tool box, a good location, easy access to wholesale supply of electric bikes and electric bike spare parts and good customer service skill.

  1. Open an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Another profitable business that can started in Winnipeg is electric vehicle charging station. The fact that electric vehicles require charging either at home or at public charging stations gives room for entrepreneurs to start electric vehicle charging station business.

An electric vehicle charging station, also called EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point and EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of electric vehicles, such as plug-in electric vehicles, including electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

  1. Start Engineering Consulting Business

If you have ample experience in any of the engineering fields and you want to start a business in Winnipeg, one of the businesses that you should consider starting is an engineering consulting firm business. One good thing about this business is that if you are well – grounded in the engineering industry and you have been able to provide solutions to engineering challenges, then you are likely going to get referrals and work for top clients even government agencies.

The truth is that as an engineering consultant, there are loads of industries that you can consult for. You can work for the construction industry, water resources industry, oil and gas industry, production industry, engineering industry, and a host of other industries.

  1. eWaste Recycling Business

There are diverse areas of specialization in the recycling industry and one of them is e- Waste Recycling. It is a business that is highly profitable especially as electronic – technology continues to advance. All you would need to launch an e – waste recycling business is the machines and equipment needed and how to operate them, a good knowledge of where to collect e – wastes and where to sell them, the legislations guiding the industry as well as strong entrepreneurial skills and perseverance.

  1. Start Equipment Rental Business

An equipment rental business is yet another thriving business that can be started in Winnipeg. There are loads of technicians, and artisans who don’t have the required capital to acquire all the equipment needed to run their business but can afford to rent such equipment if they can find a place to rent from.

Much more than technicians and artisans, some organizations also rent equipment to carry out a project or job because it is cost effective for them to rent as against outrightly purchasing such equipment. Ideally, people would prefer to rent equipment to do a one-off job.

  1. Glasses & Contact Lens Manufacturing Company

Another ideal business that is bound to thrive in Winnipeg is glasses & contact lens manufacturing business. Glasses & contact lens manufacturing are involved in the manufacturing of ophthalmic goods, comprising of eyeglass frames and lenses and contact lenses. Just ensure that you explore the international market because there is indeed a large market for a wide range of eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses and protective eyewear.

  1. Start Fire Protection Manufacturing Company

One of the businesses that can be started in Winnipeg is fire protection manufacturing company. If you start a fire protection manufacturing company, you will be involved in the manufacturing and installation of fire safety equipment or devices such as fire alarm, sprinklers, fire blanket, fire signage, fire hose reels, fire extinguisher, firewalls and fire rated floor assemblies to form fire compartments intended to limit the spread of fire, high temperatures, and smoke.

  1. Start Fruit and Vegetable Retail Store

If you are considering starting a fruit and vegetable retail store business in Winnipeg, the good news is that you can’t get it wrong. This is because various types of vegetables and fruits are consumed by almost everybody in Winnipeg.

It is important to state that starting a vegetable and fruits retail store business comes with its own fair share of challenges, but that does not rule out the fact that it is indeed a profitable business, especially if you locate the business in good location and you know how to source for fresh fruits and vegetables that are generally consumed in your location.

  1. Start Fruit Processing Plant

Another thriving business that can be started in Winnipeg is a fruit processing plant. A fruit processing plant business is one the businesses that can’t go out of fashion because people eat or drink processed fruits in different forms on a daily basis.

Depending on the scale you want to start, the startup capital for this type of business can range from moderate to high. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to run a fruit farm/plantation alongside your fruit processing business if indeed you want to maximize profits in this business.

  1. Home Energy Audit Services Firm

In case you didn’t know, there are loads of households and small businesses that don’t have the faintest idea of how to cut down on their energy fees. Hence, they pay their energy bills from their nose. If you are an energy consultant, then you can leverage on the gap in your city to launch your own home energy audit services business in Winnipeg.

You can be certain that your services would always be in demand by households, and small businesses within your coverage area. One good thing about it is that you can handle more than 20 clients per time depending on how organized and hardworking you are.

  1. Hydroponics Crop Farming

Another ideal business that is suitable to start in Winnipeg is hydroponics crop farming business. Hydroponics crop farming is classified under hydro – culture; it is a technique of cultivating crops by making use of mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without the support of soil.

Crops that are basically cultivated on terrestrial soil can successfully be grown with their roots in the mineral solution only, or in an torpid medium, such as perlite or gravel. The nutrients in hydroponics farming can be generated from fish waste, normal nutrients, or duck manure et al.

  1. Start an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Company

If you are ICT inclined and you have the startup capital and you are looking towards starting a business in Winnipeg, one of your best bets is to start an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company. There is indeed a huge global market for the services rendered by Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies.

All you need to do to attract clients and maximize profits as a newbie in this industry is to ensure that your business is well – publicized, you reduce downtime to the barest minimum and your fees are affordable.

  1. Open a Laser Cutting Workshop

One prolific and fast raising business that an aspiring entrepreneur who has background in laser technology can start in Winnipeg is a laser cutting business. If you intend starting your own laser cutting business, then you must take out time to learn the trade because it only takes someone who has the technical skills to be able to make it really big in this line of business.

What you would need to put in place in order to successfully launch a laser cutting business is the machines and equipment needed and how to operate them, a good knowledge of different designs, the legislation guiding the industry as well as strong entrepreneurial skills and determination.

  1. Laser Hair Treatment and Removal Salon

If you are tinkering with launching a hair loss treatment and removal business in Winnipeg, then one of your best bets may be to launch a laser hair removal business. The right time to start such business is now because the hair loss treatment and removal industry is presently at its growing stage.

Setting up a laser hair removal business could be a fun, profitable and interesting business for someone who is skilled in the trade and with business perseverance and smartness. With the right location, top-notch service and good marketing skills, you can serve varieties of customers that cuts across individual and corporate clients, celebrities and regular people.

  1. Open a Laundromat

Another business that is bound to thrive in Winnipeg is laundromat. As the name implies, a self-service laundry or coin wash / laundry or laundromat is a laundry facility where people come in to personally wash and dry their clothes; technically, customers provide their own labor and still pay the for making use of the laundry equipment available.

Customers have the option of paying with coins which is the popular payment option and they can also pay via swipe cards that subtract the cost of the wash or dry or even via mobile money. Despite the fact that customers provide their own labor, some owners of laundromat still employ staff to man or provide assistance to customers.

  1. Start LED Screen Advertising Firm

LED screen display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display hence when you make use of led screen to advertise your goods or services, it is easier for your target market to be attracted.

The truth is that; this line of business is highly profitable in Winnipeg because every business would want to increase sales. Even though your level of profitability is dependent on your ability to come up with workable solutions to advertising cum publicity challenges for various businesses.

  1. Start Medical Device Development Business

Another thriving business that can be started in Winnipeg is medical device development business. Medical device development business develops and manufactures various devices that are used in the healthcare industry. Just like most businesses, the medical device development business is open to as many people that are interested in the industry as long as they have the required experience and qualifications.

  1. Start a Medical Waste Management and Recycling Business

A medical waste management and recycling business is yet another business that can be started in Winnipeg. Medical waste comprises of wastes generated in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and diagnostic centers, and this waste can be harmful to humans if not properly disposed and recycled.

You will quite agree that handling used disposable handle gloves, face masks, blood-soaked cotton wools, needles and syringes etc. can’t just be handled with levity because of its potential danger to both humans and the environment.

  1. Open a Mobile Phone Assembling Plant

If you are looking towards leveraging on the technology advancement in Winnipeg to start a business, then you might want to start your own mobile phone assembling plant. Please note that you don’t necessarily need to own your own mobile phone brand before venturing into this business. You can partner with a mobile phone giants to start assembling their mobile phones.

This is why it is easier to find Nokia being assembled in Finland, Thailand, China and other countries. It is important to state that starting a mobile phone assembling plant business also needs a significant investment capital, solid planning, and concentration to detail in order to keep your business profitable.

  1. Open a Mobile Spray Tanning Salon

As an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for a profitable business venture to start in Winnipeg, you can consider opening your own mobile spray tanning business. But first of all, you should go and learn the trade. You can actually learn spray tanning at beauty schools, and also you can work as an intern in a well – established spray tanning salon or beauty spa around you.

In as much as starting a mobile spray tanning business may not require huge startup capital, it is important to mention that it requires solid planning, and attention to details in order to keep your business profitable.

  1. Start a Nano Brewery

If you are interested in the brewery industry in Winnipeg and you don’t have the financial capacity to launch a full-fledged brewery or even microbrewery, then your best option is to start a Nano brewery. The truth is that starting a nanobrewery is the shortest cut to owning your own brewery business and it affords you the opportunity to experiment with different flavors of beer. Experts define nanobrewery as a scaled-down microbrewery, often run by a solo entrepreneur, that produces beer in small batches.

  1. Open a Naturopathy Clinic

Another business that is bound to thrive in Winnipeg is a Naturopathy clinic. Naturopathy is a complimentary medical practice that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

This includes therapies from the sciences of clinical nutrition, botanical medicines, homeopathy, physical medicine, exercise therapy, lifestyle counseling, and hydrotherapy, which is the use of water to treat a disorder or disease.

  1. Start Nutrition Consultant Business

Another thriving business that can be started in Winnipeg is nutrition consultant business. The fact that people want to live healthy means that they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal including eating right and that is where a nutrition consultant comes in.

Nutrition consultants are knowledgeable in how foods affect the healthy, physiology and wellbeing of a person. They help guide people not only into better eating habits, but also for people to know how their body processes the various food they eat.

  1. Body Piercing and Tattoo Studio

If you are looking towards launching a body artistic related business in Winnipeg, one of your best bets is to launch a body piercing studio business. The right time to start such business is now because the body piercing and tattoo studios industry is presently at its growth stage.

Body piercing and tattoo studios are known to provide body piercing services, which involve puncturing the skin in order to display ornamental jewelry. The major activities in this industry revolves around navel piercing, cartilage, rook, nostril, eyebrow, daith, lip, tragus, and earlobe piercings. We are not ruling out the fact that most players in this industry also provide tattoo services.

  1. Open a Casino and Game Center

If you are looking for a business to establish in Winnipeg, you should think towards opening a casino and game center. Starting a casino and game center in an area that has loads of gamers and gamblers but fewer casinos and game centers can be very lucrative. Casino and game center is a universal concept that is not restricted to Las Vegas alone and people who love playing games and gambling will always look for ways to play their games.

  1. Open a Martial Arts School

If you are a professional and a warrior in martial arts, you can generate huge profits from your passion by simply establishing a martial arts schools to teach people the art. In recent time, it has become highly necessary for children and young adults to learn martial arts not just for the fun of it, but to participate in sports competitions, as well as for self – defense.

With the growing rate of crimes like kidnapping, rape, and so on in our society, it has become needful for the skill of martial arts to be learnt from an early age. It is important to state that starting a martial arts business is for someone that has practiced the art for at least 10 years, someone who understands the industry, posses’ business skills and someone who has enough money saved up.

  1. Open a Yoga Studio

A yoga studio is yet another thriving business that is highly suitable to start in Winnipeg. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that focuses on breath control, flexibility and strength. The Yoga and Pilates industry covers dance and exercise facilities that offer Yoga, Pilates and in some cases dance related instruction to individuals or groups.

  1. Start an Aquaponic Farm

Aquaponics business essentially talks about any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.

In standard aquaculture, excretions from the animals being raised can accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity, while in an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture system is fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrification bacteria into nitrates and nitrites, which are utilized by the plants as nutrients, and the water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system.

  1. Start Car Rental Services Business

Another good business that can be started in Winnipeg is car rental service. Car rental business generally is a competitive business and any entrepreneur who intends to go into this business should ensure that they carry out thorough feasibility studies and market research so that the risks in the business can be greatly minimized. The first thing to consider before launching this business is the niche of car rental business you intend to operate.

You will have to know the niches available – contract hire and daily hire et al, and decide which you want to go on. Contract hire is usually for business customers who hire the vehicles for a set period of time, while daily hire is for individual customers who hire the vehicles usually for a shorter period of time.

  1. Start Green House Commercial Farming

Lastly, Winnipeg is one ideal location to start greenhouse commercial farming. Greenhouse commercial farming is rapidly gaining entrance in our world today. Greenhouse farming gives room for greater control over the growing environment of various crops.

Dependent upon the technicality and specification of a greenhouse design, some of the important factors which may be controlled include temperature, levels of light and shade, irrigation, fertilizer application, and atmospheric humidity et al.

Basically, Greenhouses are used to overcome shortcomings in the growing qualities of a piece of land, such as a short growing season or poor light levels. In essence, they are designed to improve food production in marginal environments.