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Canada Travel Review

I booked a trip for two with Flight Network from Toronto to Beirut. On the night of the return flight, we tried to go check-in online, only to find out that our names were not on the flight. The flight was with Middle East Airlines (MEA) and it was solid booked.

We spent hours in front of the airport trying to get a seat but couldn’t. MEA told us that Flight Network did not forward our booking (Did not do their only job basically).

My only option was to turn on my Canadian cell phone and call Flight Network help desk. THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I spent two hours trying to tell my story and waiting on hold.

THEY KEPT CUTTING OFF ON ME so I had to call back every time and go through their call holding process on ROAMING!!!!! Finally they were able to get us other tickets on a different flight.

Once back in Toronto I received my phone bill, $350 IN ROAMING CHARGES!!

I called them and tried to get to their customer support, NEVER GOT AN ANSWER!

I called every day, I emailed and emailed again until their customer support executive responded and credited me back $25 for my suffering.

Flight Network

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