Will use Hola Sun again

Canada Travel Review

by Ella
(La Salle, Ontario)

I have flown with Hola Sun twice. Hola Sun didn’t have any hidden fees the way that Sun Wing does. The most recent vacation was last year. The only disappointment I had was that when I booked, very early in the year, the airline was Cubana. I was very happy about this. When it got closer to the departure date the airline was changed to Canjet.

I must say that Canjet was VERY good but I had been looking forward to the generous luggage allowance with Cubana because I bring lots of things to give away in Cuba.

Canjet was right on time with departures. The flight attendants were great and the food was OK as far as airline food goes. I am planning my trip right now for Feb, 2010 and I am looking to Hola Sun first.


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