West Jet flight through Flight Network

Canada Travel Review

by Ed
(Halifax, N.S.)

I had used Flight Network several times in the past however the last time I used their service I was VERY dissatisfied. I had tried to book tickets for a return flight to St.John’s from Halifax, N.S. I had done this numerous times in the past, as I had previously stated. I located the tickets that fit my requirements on the Flight Network site and thought I had completed the necessary steps to recieve the tickets.

I never recieved anything from them. No booking reference number, no confirmation e-mail. I rebooked. Looking at my credit card statement I was suprised to find that they had charged me for 2 set of tickets. Within days Air Canada refunded their protion of the ticket but West Jet had failed to do so. On several occasions(approx.12 times) I contacted Flight Network about this.

All they gave me was a promise to get back to me. They never did. I recieved one e-mail after several months saying that they were going above and beyond what they were required to in order to assist me. That is just hooey.

They have been of no help to me and at times they have been just down right rude. Bottom line is, they took my money and I recieved nothing in return. I will never use Flight network agan and I continue to spread the news of their deplorable customer service.

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