Wedding Group booked with Sears Travel

Canada Travel Review

(Kingston )

I chose to book with Sears Travel in Kingston mainly for the convenience. My trip was for my wedding which included 17 people in total. The trip is Jan 10-17 2010 Dreams Resort and Spa Punta Cana.

I had contacted Sears to get a quote in June 2009. I went in to put a deposit down for the ‘group booking’ on a Saturday. She gave me a contract with a receipt for my deposit which was for the entire group.

By Monday morning, I received a call from Sears saying they had made a mistake and amount had changed…even though I had already paid a deposit and had a contract in my hands….this was just the beginning! After arguing with not only the manager but her manager..they agreed to allow ten guests to pay at the original rate.

After everyone paid their deposits…because there was such a confusion and many mistakes..Linda the manager was the only one who would deal with our group. Therefore, everytime anyone would call to find out any sort of information for this trip…no one would give any information.

And it seemed that Linda was always on vacation so needless to say…it was frustrating because no one could ever get an answer from anyone else.

Basically, Sears travel has never been consistant, mistakes have been made over and over, they are definately not convenient by any means. And to top it all off…Tickets don’t come in untill a week before you leave, 2 tickets had mistakes with the names..and it took 3 Times to fix one!

Not a good idea to book through these people

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