Unhappy Hola Sun Customer


by Mandy

My daughter & I (as double)and my 71 year old dad (as a single) purchased a HolaSun vacation package through Redtag in March of 2009.

We did not receive the vacation we paid for.
We were not informed prior to leaving Canada that our hotel was over booked.

On our bus trip from the airport to our hotel, the HolaSun representative informed 8 travellers that our accommodations would be different than the ones we booked & paid for.

We were placed in an alternate hotel which for many reasons (I will detail if you’re interested)was not suitable.

After I spent 3 days struggling to secure adequate lodging we were finally provided one family room to share at the resort we booked.
My dad paid a premium price for accommodations as a single.

I have written to and sent many many emails to Redtag who claim to be in touch with and waiting for a response from HolaSun.

To date neither Redtag nor HolaSun has made any offer to compensate any of us in any way for the inconvenience & distruption of our vacation.

Do you happen to know how I can contact HolaSun directly or to whom they answer to???

I was not satisfied with any aspect of this HolaSun vacation, and am not happy at all with their non existent customer service. It does in fact seem quite impossible to contact them directly.

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