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Canada Travel Review

by Lori
( Dartmouth,Nova Scotia, Canada)

It was so easy to get to talk to agents when I called, they are thoughtful and good listeners. I was never made to feel bad about my situation which was difficult because I had to do TWO name changes through them and Air Canada.

Barb Vacon was the agent I was in close contact with. She is excellent, professional and worked very hard at helping me to get to go to Cuba with my friend. Thanks so much to tripcental and Barb. I will never forget what you did for me. I recommend Tripcentral to get good prices and EXCELLENT service to everyone.

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    You may have had one of the few “caring ” agents.. If you ever encounter any problems post-trip , you may find a completely “different agent”. You know…once the “sale” is a done deal! Just sayin’.

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