Trip with Selloff vacations


by thom

Last night my wife and I had a trip out of Windsor cancelled and moved to Toronto. The flight was to leave from Windsor and go to Cuba. Sunwing decided to bus all of us to Toronto at 10 pm and then fly us to Cuba at 6 in the morning. My wife and I have decided to not take them up on the offer, so did not go on the trip. I have just received a phone call from Sell-off and they are not going to give us any compensation at all.

We would like even a small credit to be used in the future or rebook anytime( we are retired )This company has stated that by offering a bus ride in the middle of the night in a severe winter storm that they had given us the option to get to Cuba.

Trip insurance would not of covered this item. We are out a lot of $ and have used Sell-off to book many trips,but this will be the last.

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    Well, this is a very unfair claim against tour company puts the trips together,owns the airline and makes changes and CANCELS(not the travel agent) flights.

    Selloffvacations is a retailer,who acts on behalf of SUNWING-if sunwing cancels a flight-it is up to sunwing to refund or compensate a passsenger,they have YOUR MONEY-the travel agent DOES NOT have the customers money.You threatening not to use this travel agency again proves you do not understand who is to BLAME in your situation.

    You are wrong in blaming the travel agency and are writing undue negative comments….very UNFAIR.You don’t even mention talking with the very people who cancelled your flight…(sunwing…WHY???

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