Trip was a horrible nightmare!! Sears Travel

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(Sudbury Ontario Canada)

My girlfriend and I booked our trip thru Sears travel. We did our research first regarding the resort we wanted to stay at, I decide to check the reviews on this resort before leaving and was concerned with some of the reviews I read.

I approached our travel agent at Sears and voiced my apprehension about this resort. Cheryls response was well you can’t beleive all of the reviews and if you there are problems with this resort just call us and we will arrange something else. Or if you have want to be accomodated elsewhere just pay the additional fees out of your pocket and we will re-emburse you. So off we went to Le-Sport in St-Lucia.

When we arrived at the resort @ 6pm on Saturday Jan 29th we knew we should have changed our plans. The resort is extremely run down. Our rooms were filthy and our duvets and covers were covered in MOLD SPORES. It being so late we could not contact our Sears rep and we had to wait till the next morning to speak to our Air Canada rep.

We proceeded to go to check out the restaurants because by this time we were famished. While waiting to be seated something flew past me. I was startled out of my mind. It happened again another animal ran by. There were cats running around in the restaurant.I am petrified of cats and highly allergic.

Needless to say we were totally fed up and spent a sleepless night. We went thru all of the proper procedures with our air canada rep and with no solutions we took the next flight out on Mon Jan 31st.

We put together a complaint pkg and submitted it to out Sears travel agent. Our complaint to you is of the ignorant, unprofessional,cold and rude service from Sears travel in Sudbury ontario Canada.

The manager for one does not speak french. When my friend Paulette asked her who she submitted our complaint pkg to she refused to tell her. We had sealed our pkg to be opened by the Air Canada complaint dept only. This manager rifled thru our pkg and now we have great concerns as to whether our pkg was sent to air canada in its entirety.

We are very disappointed with the way Sears Sudbury handled our complaint and we are asking for a full refund or a trip of equal value. Our Travel agent Cheryl Corbiere has taking a week to answer my friend Paulette’s e-mail. She has been very vague as to her answers to our questions.

The manager is as unprofessional and rude as they come. we will never ever book another trip with Sears travel if this matter is not dealt with satisfactorily. We intend to take our complaint to consummer protection as well as our attorney if not dealt with properly.


Joanne Osinkowski
Paulette Chartrand

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  1. Sears Travel issues

    Sears Travel is not professional, especially all of the agents & manager, we booked several trips with them, not satisfied with the agents, we moved to in Sudbury, the service & one to one is excellent.

  2. Sears Travel St. Catharines

    This was the first time I had ever used a travel agent to book our trip. Everywhere else we have gone, I just booked online myself.

    However, because I had never been to Cuba, I wanted to make sure we were going somewhere decent. The day we got back, I wrote a very detailed letter with pictures explaining how disappointed we were and requested a refund (long story on how many issues).

    That was January 2, 2014 and I have not heard any reply from her other than passing the buck. I reiterated to her of our disappointments and she replied: “unfortunately Cuba has different hotel standards and the US embargo (as well as shipping difficulties) makes it difficult to provide certain food and alcohol choices on a regular basis –which means guests may not receive the same choices from one week to the next” – we were complaining about simple things, not out of the ordinary. She has shown me that she doesnt care about her customers.

  3. Sears Travel lied about the hotel category

    We booked a trip through Sears Travel (Surrey, BC) this March to Maya Riviera, Mexico. The travel agent waived a 5-star brochure in front of us, and showed us the page containing room details. We paid $5200 for two adults and 1 child (for one room)!

    What we actually got, when we arrived there, was a filthy, dilapidated room which was at most 2 stars! The walls were bubbling off, only 1 light bulb was working, and the toilet wouldn’t flush. We went for a deluxe garden view room, and that actually was a view to a stinking bog full of mosquitoes.

    WestJet rep called to ask how our room was two days before we were checking out, by which time there was no point changing rooms. After the shocking experience, we complained to our travel agent (at Sears Travel) when we got back.

    Her reply was all innocence, that we “misunderstood” what we were going for, and that other hotels were not within our budget!! At the time of booking, we did not even mention budgets!! She sold us a 2-star accommodation at the price of 5-stars! Oh, and she forgot to tell us that there are 2 ‘sections’ of the hotel, one ‘standard’ (the one we got) and one 4.5 star (what we paid for)! We have submitted a complaint to Consumer Protection BC, and demand a full compensation.

  4. Don’t Book with Sears Dartmouth

    I totally agree. Sears travel is horrible and their agents are just as horrible. I booked a few trips at the Dartmouth Penhorn Plaza. The agent talked us out of things we were interested in and pushed us into things only she seemed interested in. Then lied saying we would have a fantastic time.

    We hated every minute of it and will never book with them again. Not to mention the agent smelled horrible, the whole time we were sitting there we had to endure this awful smell of body odour and french fry oil. Disgusting, be professional please!!!

  5. Sears Travail and no customer service

    I booked a flight with a Sears Travel agent and it cost me 60$ for the opening of my file as she said. Less than a week after, I had to cancel my fligt for business reasons and I called her in order to rechedule it. She said that I had to pay 60$ again! Less than 1 week!

    I send an email to the regional manager for Québec City area, telling my story, and she NEVER replied! My email was polite and I am a professional used to work with cliens, but I realized that these people have a strongly lack of sense of customer service and in fact, this is a really cheap service.

    I wrote to the PROVINCIAL Sales Manager of Sears Travel just for fun because I was curious to see if that person would at least reply to me and I NEVER received a reply! There are many other travel agency and because this lack of savoir-vivre, I do not recommend Sears travel and of course, will never make any business with this travel agency.

  6. Horrible Customer Service

    I wanted to book a cruise trip for my parents but I have never being on a cruse before. I did my own research but thought getting help from a travel agency might be better to find deals and promotions.

    I approached Sears Travel at Fairview. A travel consultant named Vera Kolahal was extremely unprofessional and useless. She was googling cruises the same way I could’ve searched at home and she was giving me quotes way higher than what I searched online.

    I’m not sure if she was just plain stupid or she really did not want my business. Above all else, she spoke to me in a very condescending tone which I found extremely disrespectful. Isn’t customer service #1 rule in sales? No wonder Sears is closing down.

  7. Baffled

    I have read and re read your complaint about the hotel in St Lucia, First off that resort is one of the best rated properties out there.

    Secondly you can not fault your agent for teh fact that there was cats there…
    Lastly the travel agent acts as a representative for the supplier and hotel if you are not satisfied with the condition of the hotel it is the responsibility of the hotel to fix what needs fixing.

    I must say to ask for a full refund or a trip of the same value is outlandish. Did you take a flight ? Did you stay at a hotel ?

    Did you look or research the hotel at all before you went on your trip?

    Your demands are those of someone who wants something for nothing and has very unrealistic expectations..

    Captain Obvious

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