Trip Central Lied and has zero customer service

Canada Travel Review

by Tanya

My husband and I were booked to go to Acapulco for our 20th year anniversary. He wasn’t able to make it as he couldn’t get the time off of work. Trip Central advised us that we could simply put his ticket on hold as long as we booked it before the expiry of the date booked the previous year for an additional $150 charge to rebook. I spoke with them on several occasions and reiterated the conditions to them and wrote them down which they confirmed was correct.

When I called to rebook the tickets they said that the ticket was expired because it had to be booked before the time that I had origonally booked it which was 5 months before the departure date as mentioned above. I had bought the tickets for my husbands birthday to go and celebrate on our anniversary.

I gave them the name of the operator I had dealt with on every occasion and told them what their customer service had told me and they would not move on it at all. They told me to write their customer service, which was two months ago, and I still haven’t heard a reply.

This little fiasco cost me $600 and a lot of grief. Did I mention that the person that I dealt with a year earlier who gave me all the detailed information to rebook our trip was not with Trip Central any longer?? That was not their problem. My suggestion…stay away as far as you can. I too don’t complain about much when it comes to customer service. I always give the benefit of the doubt.

But when their manager yelled at me on the phone and pretty much hung up on me like he owned the company and wouldn’t listen to any of my requests..that pretty much did it for me 🙁

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