Trip Central Hamilton- Jackson square location


by Brittany & Derrick
(Hamiton, Ontario)

My partner and myself visited the Hamilton Trip central in Jackson Square inquiring about an all inclusive vacation to Jamaica for one week. We had already searched the trip central site so we knew exactly what we wanted, and what the price would be.

We went in with the money in cash ready to put it down. We had to request an extension of 2 weeks on the air because we were staying on the island for a total of 3 weeks. The agent called to get a quote on how much it would cost but she couldn’t get a quote because the date was so far out.

She did not let us at least put down the deposit to lock in on the price we had seen online. Anyway, she told us she would get back to us by the Monday. and we never heard A THING FROM HER! I waited until the Wednesday and sent her an email to remind her, which was when she responded saying she got one quote and was waiting on another.

She said she would get back to us and TILL this day we have not heard A THING FROM HER. I consider this VERY BAD customer service and will not be returning to this location! Please find people who are actually interested in helping customers!

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  1. Jackson square agent.

    Just A note to say my wife and i used the Jackson square location to book at least 15 island vacations and we had no problems with the agents at all good job and we will be back . Thank you.

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