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by Trendsettaz iNC

Trip Central Travel Agency has no Customer Service what so ever – a very good example of a big company getting greedy with your money and not taking any responsibility for their at fault action!

I don’t leave reviews often so for me to do this would mean am very frustrated at this company Trip Central.

Let’s get to the point, had some issue getting my flight confirmed. I was told by Trip Central that my reservation couldn’t go through because head office was closed in Toronto. Got Told 2X No we can’t do anything. SO than we called American Airlines and they told us there was no reservation at all in the system for us.

At that point being told No 3X than of course like any other customer go somewhere else because you simply can’t rely on one agency. An hour later got called back from Trip Central they said they TRY to get us on the Flight.

SO we said okay Try they said they call us back to let us Know. We waited about hour and half and then we seen a great deal on Orbitz so we booked ourselves. Ten minutes later Trip Central called and said they booked us in. “So wait a min “,I Don’t know how many people that read this travel a lot but weren’t they supposed to reconfirm with us that we indeed Still wanted the flight just to make sure we didn’t go elsewhere?

Its AS SIMPLE AS Calling me on the other line to Make Sure that I wanted it since we came to close door with TRIP CENTRAL 3 times! After we had to deal with RUDE Service, hanging up and them telling me that this is Serious Business Not KID BUSINESS! lol..I know unheard of!

Couple more things, How do you go from telling Us No there is No reservation for us and that head office is close to we will try. OF course you knew the Western head Office was OPEN and they can and will indeed accept my payment especially If I Still have my conformation number.

Just seemed like they were lazy to make the sale and than about 2hrs later decided to make the deal half fast. They could have called the Western Office right off the top after finding out that the eastern office was closed. But it took them couple hours to figure that out. I Guess Sitting on the phone is hard work these days, they definitely need a taste of the 3rd world.

That’s it. So if that’s not Bad Customer Service I don’t know what is. I will not be traveling with TRIPCENTRAL Again. Go somewhere else!! You won’t receive any service especially if something goes wrong! I know I Travel every 3months to Asia! Flight Centre is Awesome GOOD DEALS AND THEY DO PRICE MATCH!!


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  1. Tripcentral is Awesome!

    I am really shocked that you experienced this with Tripcentral Customer Service. I had a Family Vacation booked with Tripcentral and we had serious last minute emergency and I found that they went Above & Beyond to help us. The trip was non refundable and no changes permitted. My first mistake was not purchasing Travel Insurance! I will not make that mistake again! After about 10 phone calls made by Tripcentral on my behalf they got the Tour company to change the dates of our trip UNREAL…I don’t know how they did this but TRIPCENTRAL WAS AWESOME AND HAS OUR BUSINESS!

    In reading your blog I find it interesting that you wanted them to book your flights but then you went to another company and booked the flights …..Really what a waste of time for Tripcentral if you were going to do this why not just be honest and tell them that? Were you trying to “Test” them?? After many dealings with them their Head Office is actually in Hamilton Ontario and they do not even have ANY offices out west (I found this information on their homepage under store locations). I really feel it is a shame that you are saying these things about a company and you are only speaking half truths. I felt I really had to share our good experience with the rest of you as I feel it is only fair. “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance!”

    Keep up the great work Tripcentral!

  2. blowing off steam

    There is always one, and usually they do it to themselves and blame others.
    I hope that blowing off steam at least made you feel better because otherwise you wasted your time.

  3. I totally agree with you!

    I experienced the exact same lack of customer service through Trip Central and I will never book through them again. They don’t stand behind their service and once you’ve paid they wash their hands of you. If you don’t want to lose money then don’t book through Trip Central.

  4. Great Service with Trip Central

    I’ve booked with Trip Central quite a few times and love the service I’ve received. Debbie McGuire is a great agent and she always sends me lots of choices to pick from. As far as I’m concerned Trip Central is #1 in my book.

  5. TripCentral advertising

    What they adverstise isn’t what you get. No use in complaining because they will just blow you off!


  6. Trip Central Customer Service – awesome

    I have to disagree with the people who said trip central have bad customer service. I have just had an issue with some upgrades for my up comming trip to Punta Cana. I contacted Trip Central and my concerns were handled swiftly and to my satisfaction with very little effort on my part. I explained my concerns in an e-mail and it was taken care of. So i would recommend anybody who is planing a trip in the near futre I would recommend Trip Central and my agent Nancy Goodale.


    I had booked a trip to Jamaica and booked well in advance. I see that closer to the date of my travel, the packages had gone down in price. I contacted customer service and asked if any upgrade could be offered as I had paid more than their current advertised price. And, I will add that they were offering the deluxe ocean view packages at a lower amount than what I had paid. So, I wasn’t asking for a refund rather an upgrade to the ocean view suite. They responded (rather rudely) that they don’t offer refunds and nothing can be done. I replied that I wasn’t asking for a refund, but just an upgrade. They then said that package was no longer available. I said the ocean view is still being advertised at a lower rate than I paid and I don’t understand why I couldn’t be upgraded. They finally said that for an extra fee I could upgrade. I couldn’t believe that they were asking for more money?!! I asked to speak to the CEO and he was even ruder. He said that they make next nothing on these packages and nothing could be done. As well, he basically said I should stop bothering his staff. I WILL NEVER USE TRIP CENTRAL AND HIGHLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO UTILIZE THEIR SERVICES!!!

  8. 25th Anniversary Get-Away Ruined

    Oh my goodness! I thought it was just us. We booked through our local Trip Central. They did a last minute change as where we were going over sold. (The agent did not call and check with us first). When I picked up our confirmation – they had changed out the accomodations. We flew to Florida – uneventful. Went to get our rental car – none that we paid for were around – alamo clerk made us pay for an upgrade. ** side note – alamo reimbursed us within 24 hours of me calling once we were home ** Our accommodations were absolutely horrible. We did not stay. We paid for our trip prior to leaving and they didn’t even return our phone calls. We ended up staying with Hampton Inn & Suites for the week. We got home on March 5, March 6th I have placed calls, and documented such, no return calls. I have gone in and spoke to our local agent, he shrugs. BAD, BAD, BAD Trip Central. Will NEVER EVER use you again and will TOTALLY not recommend your services.

  9. Just aweful!

    I am not sure this site posts comments anymore, as my previous comment didn’t appear.

    Trip Central is simply aweful and also dishonest. I tried booking with them last September. They quoted me a price, and I asked for them to reserve it (travel agents can hold a ticket for 24 hours). Not only they didn’t hold the price, but even after I gave my credit card number and went ahead, the ticket wasn’t booked. And the ticket price increased by a $100!! Since the confirmation wasn’t immediately emailed (and didn’t appear the next day either), I called them. No, the agent hadn’t sent it, they couldn’t send it since it was her file, and then after that it was sent to the ticketing department and it is in line to be issued!! I have never had to deal with any company who didn’t immediately confirm the ticket and the price and sent a confirmed itinery! When the travel agent finally called me back, she started it by saying, “I have been told to call you as you were panicking” typical! not taking responsibility for her own dishonesty and unprofessionalism and saying I was impatient! It was a nightmare, as I didn’t have much time, I already had taken time off, and I had to get a ticket within 14 days or so. Tickets were getting more expensive by the hour. I had to go ahead and book it with them unfortunately. But I absolutely don’t recommend them.

    Oh, she also said, that ticket is no longer available, so she changed my route as well, and I had to fly by an airline that I didn’t want to. So I paid more, got a different (and bad) route, and had to wait for about 36 hours (AFTER confirming and giving my credit card number) before I got confirmation of my ticket.


    I recently booked a trip to Las Vegas with this company. It’s my boyfriend’s first time and it was a surprise, so you can imagine how thrilled he is! We are leaving in 1 week. Keep that in mind.

    I booked the trip over 2 months ago. When I booked the trip, the airline (Air Canada) had a promo on, with each Vegas booking between the certain dates (which my booking fell under/qualified) you get 2 free vegas show tickets!! And then it gave you a list of shows to choose from. How fantastic is that!

    So I emailed my sales rep and she said yep yep yep those tickets will be sent to you in an email attachment and you need to book the show 72 hours before the show so you can confirm your seats. Perfect.
    So I wait, and wait, and wait. And try to get in contact with her regarding the tickets. She keeps saying they will come closer to when you’re ready to leave! Ok, great.

    We leave in 1 week from today. No tickets. No booking. No responses back from agent.

    So I take matters into my own hands and call Air Canada, THEN I call Las Vegas Cirque reservation line. They BOTH tell me that the way this promo works is that you have to book the show 72 hours after you book the trip. So now my blood is boiling, and still getting no response from my agent. I thankfully have kept all emails where she states the false information, so I better have 2 tickets in the next few days or a nice refund off my trip price for the price of the tickets.

    I have never experience this ridiculous and embarrassing customer service in my life. I will never be booking a trip with them again!

    Thanks tripcentral for taking the fun out of planning an exciting vacation.

  11. bad experience with trip central

    I had a bad experience with trip central as a company than with the sales rep.( although she make it worse) We booked a trip to Cuba all inclusive for family of 4 ( 2 adults and2 kids) all paid for and the last minutes we found out my wife couldn’t go because of some legal issue. We call up the trip central explain our problem,the agent advise my wife to stay back and not risk by going. After a few more phone calls with the agent she told us we have to pay extra room charge since now only I and the children are going.( the room occupied by one adult is cost more, that is their reason) *** a reminder we already paid for two adults
    I’m very disappointed with this company the TripCentral

  12. Booked us in wrong hotel

    Trip Central booked me in wrong hotel for an over christmas Holiday. We took bus to hotel assuming it was one I booked over phone only to find out I had no room booked there. Must of had a sales incentive on the one they put me into instead?

  13. FYI

    Bahia Principe Cayocoa, Samana, Garbage in ocean after heavy rain day before was so extensive it made being in ocean impossible. Told by staff that river that runs through town cases this. Before this happened would of returned and recommended this resort to family and friends

  14. Agent hung up on us !,,,,,,,,

    We went to a agent in halifax and half way into booking 8 people the agent in Toronto hung up on our agent because she was off at 6pm Toronto time well let’s see that looks BAD all around my agent was upset . Policy should be if you pick up the call they should have to finish all the bookings not nice left me very pissed off if we miss out on the deal I will follow up with another email to someone else that my want to listen . Halifax office on nov15th around 5,.28 when we where on the line in case you read this from head office and my want to follow on you gave up 8 people’s money

  15. Awesome Customer Service!

    Hello Trip Central.I am writing to let you know, that as a person, who has worked in PR and CS for many years, I was getting a bit jaded.My husband and I travel 2 times per year, and have been doing so, for many years.We have always given our business to one of your competitors,in fact we followed one young manager to various Mall locations, because We were impressed with his CS.Lately, this CS dropped to zero.Yesterday, Saturday November 29/14, we walked into your store in Conestoga mall in Waterloo Ontario.Sight unseen, we were introduced to one of the lovliest guys, and TA, that We have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Nathan D, sat us down, got us talking,It was very clear, that He is in the right job, as his face and eyes lit up, when talking to us,and sharing His travel experiences.Even showing Me pics on his I phone! LOL..We were just booking a cheap trip to Cuba, but He made us feel very important.I appreciate this, and We will be back to book our Dream vacation, in 2015 for our 35th wedding anniversary!.Nathan, just brought Trip Central, 2 new avid customers! He deserves a huge pat on the back, and I hope that He realizes just what a shining star, he is..Thank you, Very much! Trip Central Conestoga Mall! We look forward to our future travel dreams, with You..

  16. Trip from Hell!

    Dear Pam.
    Hi My name is Karen we booked a 2 week holiday in cuda Dec18th to Jan2 we stayed at Roc Barleverto we paid 2100.00 worst holiday l ever had 40.00 for safe we never new mold in rooms yes rooms bugs in both rooms l was sick for 3 days from bug bites the food was well you don’t want to know our beds were awful our air conditioner leaked all over my pill bag and was very noisey so l couldn’t sleep we put towels under the doors so bugs won’t get in but they still got in!The bathtub was painted and pealing and l sliped OMG!Tolit never stopped running Bugs everwhere! I asked the rep to go home she said it would cost me 250.00cu to fly home are you kidding me and that was just a week in what about the other week!Please

  17. bad experience

    Two weeks before my departure I got a call from trip central that my hotel was closed and I had to either accept another hotel , get the refund or book for the current prices which were $900 more than what I had paid. I would have never booked the hotel they offered me as I was there and did not like it at all. To make the long story short the customer service rep made no effort to accommodate me in any other hotel and threatened that I would be treated as “no show” if I did not accept. She told me that she was very sad that my vacation was ruined but reassured me that it happened to their customers all the time. I took the refund which I can’t buy anything with now. It is also difficult to reschedule vacations at my workplace.

  18. Former loyal customer

    Bad experience with trip central Toronto customer service. I found out that my hotel was closed two weeks before departure. Everybody was relocated to another hotel . I knew this resort and really did not like it. Prices for 3.5 stars hotels were about $900 more than at the time when I booked. I could not find anything reasonable for two weeks I had taken off work. Customer service supervisor pressured me to take the hotel they offered or the refund. She said that if I didn’t decide until departure it would be no show. We had two weeks to departure so it sounded more like a threat. I took the “refund”. She ridiculed me that Sunwing representative “was taken aback” by how little I originally had paid and what did I expect for this money. When I booked I found a great deal but 3.5 hotel prices were comparable then. She told me that the hotel they offered costed $1800. I asked if they could move me to another one. She said that it costed $1900 and it would be $900 difference. Strange math. No help, disrespectful treatment and no effort to accommodate me. I told her that my vacation had been ruined. She reassured me that it happened all the time to their customers and she was used to their complaints. I booked with tripcentral for ten years on the average one month vacation per year. I will look for another travel agency.

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