Information for Travelers with Disability

Information for Travelers with Disability

Travelers with disability are no longer a rarity in the touristy hotspots of the world. Increased conveniences and accessibility have enabled travelers with disability to enjoy the charms of tourism like any one else. Limited mobility or vision impairment should not keep people from the beauty and invaluable experiences that travel can bring to their lives. This is especially true in the 21st century when the world has learned to share space with the disabled among them.

Travelers with disability may easily find their way around European cities due to the extensive measures that have been taken to make it accessible to those with limited mobility. London is a pioneer in this respect and a vast majority of theatres, art galleries, museums, and even pubs are wheelchair accessible.

Even public transport systems from airports to buses are frequented comfortably by travelers with disabilities. Landmarks such as the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre are easily accessible by wheelchair bound visitors. Paris is not as easily accessible, but major sights such as the Louvre, Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower up to a certain level, can be negotiated by travelers with disability.

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Most hotels around the world now have turned accessible to accommodate travelers with disability. Disabled travelers struggling with wheelchairs or other equipment can be safely stated to be a thing of the past as more of them are prepared to travel and have gained a high rate of visibility in the public sphere. Modern buildings and infrastructure come with accessibility measures incorporated. People are willing to help, and together with the vast improvement in technological assistance, travelers with disabilities do not have to worry unduly about going abroad.

Travelers with limited mobility intending to go on tours would do well to get in touch with travel and tour agents who specialize in this category of travel. If you plan to go it alone, make sure you always let them know the nature of your disability whether you’re booking a hotel accommodation, an airline ticket, or a theatre event.

Always find out what provisions they have in place to assist you. When booking flights, do so well in advance and make certain you will receive assistance to get from the airport to the plane and have provisions to stow your equipment safely on board. Just because some carriers do so, it doesn’t guarantee that others will. Some carriers may insist that you be accompanied. It is worth noting that toilets in aircrafts are not wheelchair accessible.

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Easy Access Europe
Easy Access Europe is a new travel Guidebook for travelers with limited mobility. People who are wheelchair users and others with limited mobility finally have a resource designed just for them to make Europe’s highlights easy to enjoy.

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